Wednesday 3 January 2018

Family walkies today!

I asked Steve to post a letter for me while he was out yesterday but he forgot so he promised to do it today instead.

Me and Mitzi walked up the road with him and waited for him.  Mitzi started getting restless so I brought her back then we walked back up and waited for him again.

When Steve came around the corner, the pup went nuts and greeted him as if he'd been gone for hours instead of minutes bless her.  We came home and I fed her then the three of us collapsed in the living room and we'll all be asleep by the end of The Bill!  lol

Steve said that the post box and back is the furthest he can safely go right now 'cos his knees were starting to get wobbly but he walked through all the corridors and stuff of the hospital yesterday so it's understandable that he's feeling it this morning!  I am too!  lol

Keep it up Steve... you'll get there in the end!

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