Thursday 25 January 2018

Review: Rowse honey

✰✰ out of 5

Definitely not worth the money! :-(
I've got a cold right now and I'd read online that honey was a good way to ease colds.
We already had some runny honey in the house so I tried it with that first and it was a miracle! Within minutes of taking my first taste of it I'd stopped coughing for the first time in 4 days!
Maybe there really was something to the natural cough easer after all?
I finished off the first bottle of honey yesterday and couldn't wait to try this Rowse honey... more expensive and bigger bottle so faster results, right?
I've been coughing all day and the Rowse honey drink hasn't stopped it at all!
Didn't do anything different to the previous mugs of hot honey I'd had all weekend but I couldn't taste the honey at all. Even double the amount of honey in the second mug was barely detectable!
I've used up a third of the bottle just in one day and I've given myself a headache because I've been coughing so much.
I've learnt my lesson though... gonna put Sainsbury's own brand squeezy honey on next weeks order.
Better value, better taste and it actually stopped me coughing all day after only 2 mugs, but I've had 4 or 5 mugs using the Rowse honey today and haven't stopped coughing at all!
I've used almost triple the amount of Rowse honey in 10 hours without any kind of ease.
If you've got money to burn and you like tasteless honey, then get this one... if not, avoid it! I was hoping for too much after reading the 5 star review!
I won't be buying it again, it's a total waste of money!

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