Thursday 25 January 2018

Mitzi's supposed to be on a diet, but...

Mitzi has been on a diet for 2-3 years now and she is *this close* to being her ideal weight.

She's just been outside for a wee and Steve gave her 2 treats as a reward.  He also gave her a couple of quarters of his slices of ham that he had for his tea.  He also lets her lick the crumbs off his plate whenever he eats anything.


"It's our little routine!" according to Steve.  "Besides, we went on a hike this morning so she'll walk it off in no time!"

That's not the point of a diet though!

She gets very occasional treats when she poo's in the back yard from me and she very occasionally licks pasta sauce or rice off my plate, but that's it.

Every time Steve eats (twice a day) she licks his plate.  Everytime she asks to go outside she gets a treat.  If she poo's in the yard she gets 2 treats as well as getting human biscuits off him.

He only takes her out for walks when it's dry out there and then expects to be knighted every time.  If it's raining or snowing or hailing or even looking like it's going to rain, it's down to me to take her or she won't be walked at all then he wonders why I catch so many colds and he doesn't!

He gets the credit if she loses weight or she walks a little bit further, yet it's all my fault that her poo isn't cleared up or that she's put on weight or that we haven't arranged this or that.

I've been asking Steve for weeks to help me to get the pup into the bath to make her white again instead of her current grey.  "Yeah, maybe later or tomorrow or something" says Steve.




Well I've had it now.  Starting tomorrow I'll do exactly what Steve does for a week with the pup so that he can get the blame for the first time since we've had her if something goes wrong!

Bet he'll turn it around and make it my fault for not looking after her properly though!

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