Saturday 13 January 2018

7 days

If we'd said to each other a week ago that Steve would be having a bowl of chips and 2 sausage rolls for his lunch as well as willingly wanting to walk the pup every morning and being willing to take the pup to the post box on his own, neither of us would have believed it!

Now that he's got the motivation to take the pup out with me and he's ready to take the pup out before I've even come downstairs, hopefully he'll still be willing to do it for the rest of the year!  He's already aiming for the chippy, but I think he should take things a lot slower than that!  lol

He's just said about getting to the garage to get us a Subway roll each and it's an amazing thing to aim for, he just needs to take it a lot slower though... I just don't want him to try to get to the garage next weekend and get stuck and lose all the confidence he's starting to build up is all!

I want him to build up slowly and the first target should be getting to his GP and back first, then taking it from there... it's like he's expecting to run a marathon after only jogging for a mile first off is all.  He'll do it, just not as quickly as he's hoping for!

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