Wednesday 30 December 2015

Typical! *sigh*

Been trying to use Poser 10 since I got it through the post from Amazon but can't get the flippin Download Manager to work so I've just emailed the producers and I'm hoping it'll be a quick fix but knowing my luck it'll take forever to work out what the problem is and fix it!


Tuesday 29 December 2015

So tired!

I'm completely done in so I'm going to have a really early night for a change!

Monday 28 December 2015


I've just had my first half cup of the mellowest coffee available since early childhood.

I put 2 sweeteners and a small amount of cold water in it to cool it down and sweeten it a bit.

It wasn't as bad as I'd been thinking for the last 3 decades... still bitter but hopefully the soya milk will take the edge off it.

Apparently the coffee that Steve got is the mellowest you can get and the whole jar is mine because Steve doesn't like it!  lol

It'll take a lot of experimenting but I'll hopefully get there in the end!

Sunday 27 December 2015

Just bought 100 batteries and 24 colouring pencils on eBay and... only cost me £7.33!

Loyalty schemes are so worth it!  lol

Think I'm becoming...


Saturday 26 December 2015

Just added PSP X8 to my Amazon wishlist...

...ready for when I get my new laptop.  Until then I'll keep using X2... it'll be a steep learning curve again but hopefully it will be worth it!

Just installed Manga 5 and...

... it looks a lot like PSP X2 which is comforting but I'm no good at drawing and the examples weren't immediately obvious so I'll have a bit of a play with it today and hope that I get the hang of it by the time Poser 10 and Manga studio for dummies arrive tomorrow.

Assuming I can make Manga Studio work I'll use that for my picture books and early readers and Poser for novels and stuff.

Wish me luck!

Friday 25 December 2015

We've got a spectacular little puppy!

We left our little girl alone for 10 hours today and she had plenty of toys, food and water as well as a chew but we were expecting to find puddles of wee all over the floor, poo everywhere and everything ripped to shreds out of frustration at being left alone all day.

She was a spectacular little girl and didn't leave us any nasty surprises at all!  She just greeted us with her little tail wagging into a blur!

We both missed her like crazy but she was an amazing little girl all day!

Thursday 24 December 2015

Thank you Steve!

My wonderful hubby has just put the Amazon table together for me, so I can now use my laptop on it and have a bottle of water or whatever on it too so that I don't have to keep bending over my laptop or reaching to the floor to get the drink!

Expensive but worth it already!

Yucky weather out there! :-(

Took Mitzi for her walk this morning but she wanted to come home after we'd been out for the first third so I'm going to try and take her out again now... wish me luck!

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Just got another rejection email *sigh*

I think I'm getting used to all the rejections now but 2016 will be my year to be taken on by an agent - there's nothing to hold me back now!

2016 will be the year I...

...concentrate on my writing.

January to March I'll finish the Toni trilogy
April to June I'll edit all my novels
July to September I'll email agents
October I'll plan my 2016 NaNo novel
November I'll write my NaNo novel
December I'll have a break and get ready for Yule and Christmas!  lol

The table from Amazon

The wheely table I ordered a couple of days ago arrived this morning and I'm not waiting for any other deliveries now so I can relax until after Christmas and only answer the door to Steve's carer now!  Yay!

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Hope you're all having a blessed Yule today!

I was wrong to think it was Yule yesterday... it was Mother's Night overnight and Yule as of this morning... oops!

Given up on the defragging now

Only 2% was analysed overnight so I've given up now and I'll try again at the start of 2016 then I'll defrag, virus scan and malware scan every month after that!

Monday 21 December 2015

After more than 24 hours, the defragger is still analysing!

If it doesn't start the defrag by lunchtime today I'll give up on it!

Sunday 20 December 2015

Just started the defragger again, and...

...I'm going to keep it going all day this time!  lol

Saturday 19 December 2015

After trying to get it done all day...

I've given up trying to defrag my laptop until tomorrow now.

Doing a defrag, so...

I may not be able to post here for a few days... sorry!

Friday 18 December 2015

From Facebook

Mitzi's walk this morning

I took the pup for her walk this morning but every time we passed the front door, the poor girl wanted to come in and sent me on a huge guilt trip every time I carried on walking... she couldn't get in the door fast enough the last time, bless her!

Thursday 17 December 2015

Just ordered the ice cream maker

Just used the Amazon voucher for the ice cream maker which'll be here on Saturday then I can start practising making my own ice cream ready for Summer!  Yay!

Me mum's Amazon voucher will be used for...

... an ice cream maker so that I can have home-made sorbets and ice creams using soya milk at a fraction of the price of supermarket ice creams and I'll be able to use whichever flavours I want instead of boring vanilla!

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Only another single clothes size to drop before I'm a perfect 10!

Just looked at the label in my trousers because they are sliding down just in the few steps it takes to go between the living room and the front door.

They are size 14 which means that I'm now size 12 and the only exercise I do is walking Mitzi up and down the street 3 times every morning and I'm not even on any sort of diet either!

I'm slowly loosing my bum too because my bum was holding up my size 16 clothes when they fell off my waist when I first dropped the clothes size down to 14 but the size 14 is only just held up by my bum now!

So, starting after Yule, I'll be buying size 12 skirts and trousers which will hopefully mean that I'll be back to being size 10 by the end of 2016!

It also means that I've now dropped 8 clothes sizes without even trying since coming out of hospital in 2003!

I really can do this!

That's all today's deliveries sorted now

There is a huge but light box which I'm guessing is the tinsel and 2 small boxes which will be Steve's lightbulbs and the rest of the decorations for the tree and I found the other white stars in my tidy-up earlier on so that really is it now.

No more buying until Christmas Day when I top up my Amazon vouchers now!

I've got 3 deliveries today and Steve's got 1 so...

...I'm going to be up and down to the door all flippin' day!

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Total waste of money

The tree is obviously fake, poorly made and doesn't look anything like the picture.

The tree topper is battery powered and there's no way to remove the battery pack to make it just a star.

The purple glittery stars don't come pre-threaded and the knot holding all the bits of string together is so tight that I can't undo it.

The bauble wreath is the best made bunch of crap that was delivered today!

I just hope that tomorrow's deliveries are better quality than today's!

Already causing arguements

The Yule tree arrived this morning and it's already causing arguments!  It'll have to stay where it is now and I'll just decorate it a bit at a time.

I'd planned for it to go in the main bedroom or at the top of the stairs but Steve decided this morning that it would go on top of my set of drawers.

If he'd said that a couple of days ago I would have got a 3 foot one and no fairy lights!  But no, everything happens in a rush again!  *sigh*

In less than 5 minutes...'ll be blast off for the first Brit in space!

Monday 14 December 2015

Just ordered a 5foot Christmas tree and decorations so...

... that really is it now, no more spending on anything until next year!

Sunday 13 December 2015

Saturday 12 December 2015

I can *so* do this!

I get £750 a month in benefits.

Bills come to £550 a month

Which leaves me with £200 a month, yeah?

I'm going to put at least £50 into each of my savings accounts every month

Which leaves me with £100 to buy whatever I want

I'll move any spare over to my secondary account each month so I only have £100 max to play with each month and I'll still be able to increase my savings.

Just got to learn to say no to charities now!  lol

Friday 11 December 2015

That's Yule sorted now...

My mum's gifts are on their way to her, Steve's is wrapped up and the gifts are all ready to hand over to C and H next time I see them.  I've got enough in my bank account to cover my bills and I'll still have £200 to spend how I like!  I can now officially enjoy the festive season until little H's first birthday in April and still be able to put £75 in each of my savings accounts.

I haven't been stingy with the gifts either!

2016 will be my year, starting right now!

Expecting DHL to come and pick up... mum's Yule gifts today, just got to remember to find out when it'll be delivered so that I can tell me mum when to expect them!

Thursday 10 December 2015

Wednesday 9 December 2015

I've got my symbols and sounds back now! Yay!

It's amazing what changing one thing can do!  My symbols work and I have sounds back just from changing from American English to UK English can sort out!

I'm currently running a virus scan then I'll run a malware scan tomorrow and hopefully I'll remember to do it every month to keep things running smoothly!

That's the keyboard issue sorted out and hopefully...

...the sound works now too but I'm going to run a scan for viruses overnight just in case one has slipped past AVG then I'll run a Malware scan and a Firewall scan just to make sure everything is groove and cooly with my machine still.

Wish me luck!

Tomorrow - can someone remind me please

I'm going to make easy, low-fat treats for Mitzi tomorrow... can someone remind me that to convert temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit you just double the C to make the F so the 180C will be 360F please?

Got my mum's Yule gifts arranged to be collected on Friday

Just paid for DHL to collect my mum's Yule gifts on Friday and I'm hoping it'll be delivered at the weekend or maybe Monday but that's it now... it was only sixteen quid but that's it now until April!

That's Yule sorted, just need to send off my mum's gift and I can relax!

Just added the bubble wrap to me mum's fragile gifts and re packaged them so just got to send it off now then that's it until Christmas Day when we'll go over to Steve's family on Christmas Day then that's it for spending money (other than to top up the Amazon vouchers I'll get) until April when it's my nephew's first birthday!

Tuesday 8 December 2015

So sleepy!

I'm definitely having an early night tonight... I'm thinking I'll head to bed as soon as the shopping has been!

Sound problems on my laptop

Been having issues with the sound on my poor old laptop.  I've asked Steve and he can't find a way to fix it either so it might be my laptop dropping rather large hints that I need to replace it soon!  *sigh*

Sunday 6 December 2015

So proud of our little girl

I bought our pup, Mitzi, a couple of games from Amazon and Steve's just given her one of them and filled it with her food... she was right into finding it straight away, using her nose to move the pieces on the first side and she just gently moved one the pieces on the other side with her mouth... such a clever little girl!

Steve's just said we'll do it again tomorrow... she's such a clever little girl!

Saturday 5 December 2015

Another one from Facebook that's so true!

Yule gift buying is all done and dusted now!

3 of them will be delivered tomorrow, prolly while I am out with C and H then the other 2 will be here next week.  Just got to send my mum's gifts off now then that's it for another year!  Yay!

Thursday 3 December 2015

Wearing ankle boots for the first time since childhood right now!

My Amazon ankle boots delivery arrived literally a couple of minutes (if that) after I'd finished talking to my mum on the phone.

I used to love my pixie boots as a child but stopped wearing them when I got to secondary school because they rubbed my ankle bones raw and I haven't worn them since.

Until now!

I love my new ankle boots - just got to break them in and they won't be off my feet now!  As soon as they are broken in I'll be wearing them when I take Mitzi for her morning walk and I'll only take them off when I have a bath or shower or go to bed!

I don't believe what the effing council are doing to my mum's village next year!

While I was living in MB there was 2 buses a week to Banbury and one every day to Oxford, there was a village shop and 2 pubs as well as a health bus to the nearest GP surgery.

By June my mum will be stranded with no buses to any where, no shop, no health bus, and not even a pub.  She will be totally stranded and my arsehole of a brother who has a car and lives a lot closer to her than we do, doesn't seem to give a damn about our pensioner mum who isn't exactly healthy or young any more!

I've just asked Steve about suggesting my mum moves over to Gloucester - she would have a choice of GP surgery, a hospital, pubs and a shopping centre if she lives close to us and a bus every 10 minutes to Cheltenham every day of the week as well as being able to order things online and knowing they will reliably be delivered too!

Next time I talk to her, I'm going to suggest to her about moving over here... it'll be a huge shock to her system but at least she would be safe and healthy and able to see a GP or hospital whenever she wants to!

More than 200 quid!

I'll be £212 better off than I am now come January 'cos that's what I've spent on gifts in the last month!  It's an expensive time of year for me is December!


We are currently having a discussion on a Pagan forum about Yule and one of the moderators, Moonhunter, has written an amazing blog post about it in a way that I never could.

Basically there are 6 celebration dates over the festive season for us and Moonhunter's blog post explains it brilliantly! 

  • 11th December
  • 12th December
  • Solstice Eve
  • Solstice
  • Christmas Eve and finally for the season is, of course,
  • Christmas Day
Moonhunter has explained more about it in her blog so go and take a look!

Apparently we are at war again

Steve's just said that we are now at war again, with Syria this time.  Apparently it'll just be a "small war" like with Iraq but any war, no matter the size, is still too big!

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Yule is very nearly sorted now

All the gifts are wrapped up, just gotta send me Mum's off and get something for C and H et voila!

The sellotape thing has just arrived so I'm going to...

...go and wrap the Yule gifts up now and it's only the second of December!  lol

Expecting 4 Amazon deliveries in the next 8 days then that really is it until next year

Still waiting for the sellotape dispenser which should be here today, the ankle boots which should be here tomorrow then that's it until next week when I'll get the amethyst bed and quartz geode so that I cleanse my crystals then that has to be it so that I can save up for the new laptop next year.  I can't see that being all that I buy though!  lol

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Apparently, at this time tomorrow...

...we'll be at war again.

Why do the higher-upperers feel that war is the only way out... why can't they just get around a table with a mug of hot chocolate each and a plate of shortbread and, you know, talk?

Why do they always resort to violence?  It's a pointless "who can piss higher up the wall" that kills hundreds or thousands of innocents and it creates more problems than it solves!  It's a dick measuring contest that they should have grown out of by now!

I found this on Facebook this morning and...

...if Steve agrees, I'm going to start another blog to chart his progress and support him in any way I can!

It's a really long video (more than 20 minutes!  Yes, seriously) but it's so worth it!

You can do this Steve... I believe in you and I'll do whatever I can to help and support you!

From Facebook again - how I now feel about M

From Facebook - animals

From Facebook - Karma