Thursday 3 December 2015

I don't believe what the effing council are doing to my mum's village next year!

While I was living in MB there was 2 buses a week to Banbury and one every day to Oxford, there was a village shop and 2 pubs as well as a health bus to the nearest GP surgery.

By June my mum will be stranded with no buses to any where, no shop, no health bus, and not even a pub.  She will be totally stranded and my arsehole of a brother who has a car and lives a lot closer to her than we do, doesn't seem to give a damn about our pensioner mum who isn't exactly healthy or young any more!

I've just asked Steve about suggesting my mum moves over to Gloucester - she would have a choice of GP surgery, a hospital, pubs and a shopping centre if she lives close to us and a bus every 10 minutes to Cheltenham every day of the week as well as being able to order things online and knowing they will reliably be delivered too!

Next time I talk to her, I'm going to suggest to her about moving over here... it'll be a huge shock to her system but at least she would be safe and healthy and able to see a GP or hospital whenever she wants to!

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