Sunday 31 December 2017

So tired this morning!

Already squirted the B12 spray into my mouth but I'm still yawning!

Saturday 30 December 2017


Just got back from seeing my little nephew and his name for me is Amanana.  Such a little cutiepie!

Apparently I should become an Amazon personal shopper where customers email me and say "my aunt/uncle/cousin/friend etc is [insert age here] and they like [insert preferences here] but I don't know what to get for them" kinda thing and I send suggestions to them 'cos apparently Andrew and Jacki liked their gifts and my little nephew was more interested in the tube the poster came in than the poster itself lol

That's totally normal though... you give a child a box and set of crayons and they will turn it into a boat or a car or a train or a kitchen or a shop... their imaginations will run wild and all you've paid for is the arty things!

My little nephew will be 3 in mid-April and today proved to me that sometimes the simplest things are the most appreciated and worth more to a toddler than an expensive gift.

Gonna start researching making my own playdough for him at some point soon... just need to get an airtight container for it first!  lol

Happy birthday Marie!

It's Marie's birthday today, so we're going over to Steve's parents to celebrate again.

I'm expecting a delivery before 3pm though, so I hope it turns up before we leave!

Friday 29 December 2017

Review: cardigan

**** out of 5

The cardigan arrived this afternoon and I couldn't wait to try it on... it looked chunky and suitable to wear instead of a coat in Autumn and Spring.


I'm wearing it now and I'll definitely need a coat with it... on an Indian Summer's evening you could get away with just the cardi instead of a jacket, but you definitely won't get away with no coat if you're hoping to be warm outside in cooler temperatures!

It's good value for under a tenner, just not as warm and cosy as I was hoping is all.

The in-house geek said this morning that...

Steve said this morning that his laptop had only done half of the updates last night so he's got the other 50% running now  lol

Thursday 28 December 2017

There's a reason that you're a geek and I'm not, Steve!

Steve's just tried to explain what he'd done to fix his laptop and it all went flying over my head when he started talking about BIOS and partitions and stuff!  lol

His machine seems to pretty much be fixed now though so I don't need to worry about him kicking it off the table overnight lol

My in-house geek has decided to...

Steve is my in-house geek and he hasn't been able to use his laptop since about March and has just been using his Surface to do geeky things since then.

He decided this afternoon would be a good time to try and fix his laptop and he's been messing around with it for about 45 minutes so far.  He totally blatted everything he had on it and reinstalled Windows or something.

Whatever he did has worked 'cos he can now use his laptop again... just gotta download and install the 3GB cumulative Windows update or something.

Apparently whatever it was that had screwed up his laptop has gone now and he's back into his machine now and just reinstalling everything now.

Totally beyond me, but Steve is relieved and happily playing with a bigger screen, hard drive and memory now, so he's just gotta be patient with the updates and stuff then he can go back to using his laptop again!

I just hope he doesn't accidentally kick it off the table while he's asleep is all... expensive mistake if he does!!

Wednesday 27 December 2017

Review: credit and debit card holder

***** out of 5

If you've got a lot of cards (business cards, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, library cards etc) then this is what you need to keep them all together!

There's so many places to keep everything together that you really don't need any more room!

There's only one negative and that is that it's not that easy to get the cards in the slots, but this is quickly and easily overcome by carefully rubbing the top of the slot so that there's a slight gap that you can easily pull open and there you go!  Sorted!

Review: small leather purse

***** out of 5

Perfect little purse!

This has just arrived and I've put everything into it... it's half the size of my previous purse but still has room for everything in it... I had high hopes for it and it's exceeded them!  The only slight negative is that business cards, credit cards etc don't fit into all the slots, but if you've got slightly smaller keyfob type cards that are too big to go on keyrings but too small for normal sized card slots, these are ideal!

My first 2 Chrimbo pressies have just arrived

C got me an Amazon voucher for Christmas which I dutifully spent on 7 different things.  The first two have just arrived and I'm really happy with them, so I wrote a review of them on Amazon and I'll put them into 2 blog posts on here in a bit.

The expensive Namehog year has just started

2018 is going to be an expensive Namehog year 'cos that's when most of my hosting and stuff will come out.

Had the 16 day auto renewal invoice come through this morning, which was due mid-January, but I'd already saved £100 by buying all the Christmas gifts in September so I used that for the Namehog stuff due in January, got 1 in February for my writing site, a load of them in April (OK, 4 lol) and that's it until July when I've got 7 domain names to pay for, then the writing year's name and hosting at the end of October then 2 domain names and WHOIS privacy in November et voila!

It's January, April and July that are the most expensive months next year, but if I don't buy anything that isn't truly necessary it'll be OK hopefully.

In theory I can put £50 aside a month to cover it on top of my bills and the groceries and if I move that money into B I won't be tempted to spend it!

Basically I need to keep a tight reign on my money next year - wish me luck!

Tuesday 26 December 2017

8 days

As a continuation from this morning's rant, Steve's just said that we've sort of been invited over to his parent's place on New Year's Day too, which means that there are only 3 of the 8 days that we haven't seen his family... today, Thursday and Sunday!!!

Steve also said that my brother could bring my mum over to see me but that's not the point... I see the in-laws at least once a week, every week, and every other day over the festive season.  If I'm expected to be the dutiful daughter-in-law, then why can't he just occassionally play the dutiful son-in-law too?


Hardly fair, is it?!

I've seen my mum 3 times in 7.5 years.

Steve will see his family more than that amount in less than a week.

He saw his family yesterday, he'll see his sister tomorrow, his dad on Friday and his whole family again on Saturday.

I haven't seen my mum since the Summer of 2010 but Steve sees his dad twice a week, his sister once a week and his mum every 6 weeks, but I haven't seen my mum since early July 2010!

When I very first moved to Gloucester, it was on the understanding that we went over to see my family regularly.

It lasted less than a year.

Steve wouldn't put up with it, so why should I?!

Monday 25 December 2017

Pup walked, supplements taken

The pup and I did 200% this morning as a Christmas bonus and my supplements all went down with no problem at all!  Yay!

Sunday 24 December 2017

Why I start shopping for Yule/Christmas in September

Just worked out that in the last 3 months, I've spent £321.73 on gifts and another £625 on groceries so it's no wonder that I haven't spent anything on myself!

That's it until Valentine's Day now though, so I'll be able to save up £250 every 3 months and still be able to afford my bills and the groceries as well as starting to save up for H's birthday gift in April, my mum's birthday and our anniversary in June as well as the Namehog bills which is so totally awesome!

As long as everyone else is covered, I don't matter, right?  👎

Pup walked and fed

Just like yesterday she only wanted to do 100% of the walk before we came home today.

Saturday 23 December 2017

Barely let rip at all today!

I was expecting to make Steve and Mitzi gag after my egg sandwich yesterday lunchtime, but didn't even let out a single SBD today!

Friday 22 December 2017

My arse is gonna be rancid tomorrow! lol

Just had egg mayonnaise sarnies and a Mugshot for me lunch... if the egg affects me like last time, you'll need gas masks around me tomorrow!  lol

Debt at this time of year

While everyone else is running up debts on their credit cards to decorate their houses and buy gifts for everyone and getting stressed out, I'm not.

I bought all the gifts in October, wrapped them up in November and sent them off in early December.

I'm now £100 in credit after all my bills have come out and I've got £50 a week to spend on the groceries as well as putting a tenner a week into B to cover my Namehog bills this year and I haven't been stressed out about it once!  I'm just sitting here totally relaxed and watching everyone else get stressed out about not having enough cash!

I've been buying Christmas/Yule gifts in October for the last 20 years and wouldn't have it any other way now - so much less stressful this way and it's spread out over 3 months rather than 3 weeks and I can just concentrate on watching the telly and listening to music and planning out my next novel and stuff like that!

Means I can relax and know that I'm not starting 2018 in debt again... yay!  😄

250% this morning!!

Just got back from taking the pup for her walk and I was happy to come home after 100%, same as every morning, but the pup carried on walking... and walking... and walking!

She flaked out at Steve's feet as soon as we got back which is totally understandable given her age (8.5 years old) but I'm so proud of her for more than doubling her usual length walk!

Mitzi is ace!

Thursday 21 December 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements... just waiting for the multi to kick in quickly again now.

I hope any fellow Pagans...

I hope any fellow Pagans who read this blog have a truly blessed Yule today!

Pup walked and fed

The pup only wanted to do 100% of her walk this morning... I could see her debating on another 50% but she decided against it and I didn't want to force her so we came home instead.

Put the pup's food in her bowl, ready for whenever she wants it.

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Pup walked, poo cleared up

Walked the pup and she now has a friend in our neighbour!

Up until this morning, the pup wagged her little tail every time she saw our neighbour but maybe he didn't like dogs or something?  Not this morning though!

Our neighbour walked around the corner, Mitzi spotted him and started wagging her little tail.

Mr neighbour crossed over the road and let Mitzi sniff his hand - already a huge step forward... the pup was in heaven.

As soon as the pup had sniffed his hand he took it a step further and stroked her head a couple of times.  The pup was officially over the moon.

Brought the pup home and took her harness off while Steve fed her.  What an awesome morning!

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Puffer fish V Dolphins

Got no idea if this is true or not, but to quote Steve when I read it to him just now "maybe they kill poor sharks while they are high from puffer fish toxins!"

Apparently dolphins kill sharks and now they get high from puffer fish... way more intelligent than people have ever given them credit for!

Just taken me supplements and...

Just taken the 3 supplements and the multi is slowly kicking in to wake me up.

Steve's made me a mug of coffee too, so, in theory, I'm all set for the rest of the day now!

Pup walked and fed, but...

Same routine as every morning: take the pup for her walk then come back and feed her.

So tired right now though and have only just remembered that I haven't taken me supplements yet, so I'll take them now and hope that the multi wakes me up!!

Monday 18 December 2017

7.5 years

I saw me mum three times in 2010 and haven't seen her since.

First was at me father's funeral.

Second was just to see her 'cos I wanted to check she was coping as best she could as a widow.

The third and last time I saw her was at the end of July 2010 to introduce her to the pup.

I haven't seen her since.

In the last 7 days Steve's seen his dad 3 times and his sister twice.  He's due to see his sister again this coming Wednesday, his dad on Friday and his whole family on Christmas Day and again on 30th December for his sister's birthday.

I haven't seen my brother since my father's funeral and I've seen my mum twice since then.

Basically I've seen my mum the same amount in seven and a half years as Steve's seen his family in less than a week.

Hardly fair, is it!

I've been looking for job openings for Steve to apply for but he hasn't even looked into any of them either.

Basically I gave up everything for Steve and he gave up bugger all for me!

My fault for letting him get away with it for decades without complaint I suppose  👎

Me supplements are kicking in again

Went down pretty easily this morning and the post has just come so I'd best go and pick it up.

Took the pup out for her walk this morning

The pup was a good girl on her walk this morning.  We did 150% and I could see her debating on another 50% but she decided against it so we came home.

Gonna have me mugga tea then take me supplements and that's me sorted for the rest of the day.

Sunday 17 December 2017

Just the usual boring stuff from me again.

Took the pup out for her walk again this morning and met our neighbours as they were getting into their car.  The kids said hello to me and the pup, but I think the youngest child is scared of dogs for whatever reason.  Might ask if they want to say hello and stroke the pup next time I see them... you watch me forget though!  lol

Saturday 16 December 2017

Completely forgot to write in here today and I'm...

Just the normal stuff today so I won't bore you and it's bedtime now so I'll see you all tomorrow now!

Friday 15 December 2017

Supplements taken

The Iron and Multi were a nightmare to swallow today, but all 3 are swallowed now!  Yay!

200% this morning!

Pup walked and fed already and she did 200% this morning!  It's morning's like this that I forget she's a senior pup!

Thursday 14 December 2017

Supplements taken too

Just taken me supplements for the first time in a few days and the multi is kicking in fast again so I'm obviously low in something again... hopefully the old age blood test will show what that is... maybe B12 again or something, but I definitely feel a difference when I take the multi!

150% again

The pup only wanted to walk 150% of her walk this morning so I didn't force her to keep walking.

Fed her and she went straight to her bowl and started eating, thankfully.

Gonna take me supplements now.

Wednesday 13 December 2017

150% this morning

The pup only wanted to do 150% of her walk this morning, which was fine by me!  As long as we do at least 100% every day, that's fine by me!

Tuesday 12 December 2017

200% this morning

Took me half an hour to persuade the pup to go for her walk and she waited until I'd taken me coat off and put her lead back on the side before deciding that she wanted to go!  Grrr!

After we got out there though, we did 200% of the walk.

Monday 11 December 2017

I must be getting old lol

Just had a letter from my GP surgery inviting me for a health check to assess my risk of getting various things like stroke and diabetes.  It's a 5 yearly check for 40-79 year olds so I'm gonna go for it... apparently I need to make a 20 minute appointment 1-2 weeks after the appointment for the results.

I'm gonna do it, just need to see when my FIL can take me is all... might try doing it online instead of phoning 'cos I've got online access now!

Wish me luck!  lol

150% and a poo this morning

The snow has started melting, so Mitzi wanted to do an extra half this morning and she poo'd on the way back so I brought her back home and went to clear it up 'cos I is a responsible dog owner!

Sunday 10 December 2017

Only 100% this morning, because...

It's been snowing since first thing, so I was slipping and sliding all over the place and we were both freezing our bits off too!

Saturday 9 December 2017

Supplements taken, backup started

Remembered to set the weekly virus scan going yesterday morning.

It had finished by the time I came down this morning, so I started the backup going and I took me supplements while it was backing up One Drive.

Gonna take the pup for her walk as soon as the backup has finished then I'll feed her et voila!

Friday 8 December 2017

In theory, I've got...

Just checked me bank balance and hope I've worked out that I've got £101 left over after all my bills have come out which is totally awesome and means that I can afford the groceries for the next 2 weeks and still have £230 left over that's coming in on 18th take off £100 for the 2 weeks after that and I'll have £100 left to move over to B to help to cover my Namehog bills in April.

This is why I get all my Yule shopping done in October - it means that I'm nicely in credit when everyone else is getting into debt!

150% this morning

It is so cold out there this morning and the pup was waddleing so we came home after 150% of the walk then she went out the back and poo'd then ate her breakfast and came back in here just in time to say goodbye to Steve.  That's it for the day now though 'cos I've already taken me supplements and started the virus scan so we can all warm up and relax when Steve gets home from seeing the nurse.

Just a couple of degrees lower and there will be snow I reckon!

Supplements taken

The multi was a bit of a PITA to swallow and the calcium seemed harder to crunch up, but other than that, everything was fine and dandy.

Thursday 7 December 2017

Supplements taken

Took the pup for her walk first thing, tried to work out how to get Mitzi onto my lock screen, had me lunch (jacket tatty, cheese and beans) and just taken me supplements.

Given up on the lock screen picture now though!  lol

Wednesday 6 December 2017

Live in the UK? Appreciate our NHS?

Dear blog reader

Have a look at this:

Our NHS is being pushed to the brink. NHS bosses say it simply can’t meet the promises to patients that are written into its constitution - that’s the legal guarantee that says what care we’re all entitled to. It could mean waiting months for treatment you need, all because the NHS has been starved of cash.

The bombshell is splashed all over the papers. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will be keeping a close eye to what happens next. If there’s no public backlash, he’ll think he can get away with underfunding our NHS. A huge petition will prove otherwise: together we can show that we won’t let him break our NHS.

Will you sign the petition and demand that Jeremy Hunt gives the NHS the money it needs to meet its promises?

Thank you so much!

Taken the pup for her walk

Only 200% today and she already had food in her bowl so I didn't add any more to it... just need to remember to give her half the amount of food from now on!

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and I'd forgotten how much better I felt so quickly after taking the multi!

Gonna try and remember to take them every morning now!

You watch me forget tomorrow!  lol


Tuesday 5 December 2017

I've been wrong and I'm sorry

I've been feeding Mitzi the wrong amount for a few weeks without realising it!  I've been feeding her double what she should have been having so no wonder the food has only lasted a couple of weeks before needing the next one!

Steve's stuck a plaster onto it now so I'll go by that instead of my crappy memory now!

Sorry pup!

That's Yule totally sorted now!

Just wrapped up Jacki's gift so it's all totally sorted now and I can relax until 2018 now!

300% this morning!!

I was happy with the 100% like normal but the pup carried on walking so I followed her and we *tripled* the length that I was happy with!

The pup is a senior so 300% is like walking a half marathon or something for humans!

Such a good girl!

Monday 4 December 2017

I'll need some new clothes in the New Year! lol

Me trousers are getting really loose on me now so when I've recovered from all the spending at Christmas, I'll have to go on a spending spree just for me... mind you, I'll prolly have a big belly from Christmas over-indulgence though!  lol

200% this morning

We cleared up the pup's poo then I took her for her walk, came back home and fed her.  I would have been happy with just 100% today but the pup carried on walking until we'd doubled the length!

Sunday 3 December 2017

Pup walked and fed

150% of her walk this morning then she refused to go any further!

Saturday 2 December 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and I'm thinking I'll spray a couple of squirts of B12 too to hopefully wake me up a bit.

Only 100% of the pup's walk this morning, because...

Only did the normal length of Mitzi's walk this morning 'cos it was cold and rainy out there, so we both agreed not to do any more than the usual 100%.

Friday 1 December 2017

200% of Mitzi's walk this morning

Took the pup out for her morning walk and we did 200% this morning.

Something had been next door overnight though, cos the pup sniffed the leaves and recycling box every time we went past it, bless her!

Thursday 30 November 2017

Plastic pollution

Dear blog readers,

I just signed the petition "Introduce a tax on throwaway plastic"  and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.

This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Thank you!


P.S. Can you also take a moment to share the petition with others? It's really easy – all you need to do is forward this url or share this link on Facebook or Twitter:

150% this morning, but...

Just got back from walking the pup.

She wanted to come home after 100% of the usual walk length but I "encouraged" her to do an extra 50% which she did, but I didn't want to force her to do any more than that in case she was in pain or feeling her age or something this morning.

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Yule gifts

Still waiting on Jacki's Yule gift to turn up, but everyone else's is wrapped up and ready to go... just gotta find a way to send me mum and Melanie their gifts now 'cos the rest are for Steve's family so I'll take them over there closer to Yule.

Steve wrapped up the gifts today so we've both wrapped up about half the gifts each... just gotta get 'em sent off now!

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and the multi is kicking in again - it's definitely a fast worker!!

200% this morning

Just got back from the pup's morning walk.

200% this morning.

I could see her debating another 50% for a few seconds but she decided against it and came home instead.

The poor pup is a senior so it's a long walk for her when I'd have been happy with the 100% but after that, I just take my lead from her.

Tuesday 28 November 2017

If you're in the UK and agree that animals are sentient...

Dear blog reader,

Stopping animal cruelty has always been a priority for the British public. Yet this week, our MPs voted to scrap the law recognising that animals can think, feel, and suffer pain - so should be treated well. It's a setback in the fight against animal cruelty, and one that only a big public outcry can reverse.

In less than 72 hours, over 300,000 have signed a petition demanding the government keeps this vital protection for animals. Can you add your name now?

You can find it here:

The petition is working - it's made headlines across the newspapers, and the environment minister Michael Gove has been forced to respond. He's ‘clarified' that the government will now look at alternative ways to recognise animal sentience in UK law. That's a real step forward, and a great sign that our pressure is making a difference.

But a promise from Michael Gove isn't the same as a legal protection, written down, enshrined in law. So we need to keep the pressure up!

If you agree animals can feel pain and emotion and should be treated humanely sign the petition now. It takes less than 30 seconds to add your name.

Many thanks.

Only 150% this morning

Took the pup out for her walk this morning and I've been happy with just the 100% after yesterday but the pup did an extra 50% before coming home... yesterday cream crackered both of us!  lol

Monday 27 November 2017


Nope, I didn't type the title wrong.

Yep, we really did do 250% of the walk this morning!

Yep, we are both totally cream crackered now!  lol

Sunday 26 November 2017

200% this morning!!

Took the pup out as normal first thing, we did 100% so I would have been happy to come home but the pup kept walking and did another 100%!  There's no way I could have done any more so I persuaded the pup to come home then fed her and started my backups going!

WTG pup!  💗

Saturday 25 November 2017

Just waiting for one more Yule gift to arrive now, then that's it!

I was waiting for one last Yule gift - Andrew's turned up yesterday, my father-in-law's this morning, so I'm just waiting for Jackie's now then I can finish off the wrapping up and that's it for another year!

I prefer getting organised early on so that I'm not rushing around like a headless chicken in the week before like a lot of others!  Means I can relax and enjoy myself watching Christmas films and things like that without beeding to worry about anything!

Another 150% this morning

Pondering on making the 150% the new normal for the pup, just to stretch her a bit.  It'll help us both to lose weight quicker!

Friday 24 November 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements.  The Iron disintegrated on me tongue, which was really yucky, but other than that they all went down fine and dandy!

150% again this morning

The hubby joined me and the pup on our walk this morning!  At last!  We did 150% today too!

The pup wanted to make it 200% but our neighbour wanted to put her kids in the car to take them to school so we only did 150% this morning.  As long as we do the 100% every morning, anything else is a bonus.

Thursday 23 November 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and they all went down really easily this morning!

150% this morning

Just got back from taking the pup for her morning walkies.

I was happy to come home when we'd done our normal length walk but the pup kept walking so I joined her and she did another half longer.

She seems to want longer walks as a senior than she did as an adult!

Remembered to ask her to walk to heel this morning and something clicked in the pup's head and that's exactly what she did!

Bless her tiny little puppy socks!

Wednesday 22 November 2017

That's all the Yule gifts bought now

Just bought the final three Yule gifts, so when they turn up it'll just be a wrapathon next week and then I can send off me mum and Melanie's gifts then that's it for another year.


Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements and they all went down pretty easily today, thankfully!

Tuesday 21 November 2017

No blog posts for 3 days because...

This is the first day since Saturday that I've been able to log on!

Was doing a stoopid Windoze update that took 3 days and 2 nights to sort itself out!


I'm back online at last now though and I've just taken me supplements.  One of the lenses on my glasses came out because the screw came out so Steve's dad took them to get a new screw in and they replaced the nose foot thing too!


Saturday 18 November 2017

Supplements taken

All 3 of them went down OK today, so I don't know why they caused such an issue for me yesterday!

Pup walked and fed

Only managed 150% of the walk this morning... took my lead from the pup after we'd done the normal length and she only wanted an extra half today, then waited at the door so we came home.  Maybe tomorrow?

Children in Need total for 2017

I watched Children in Need and donated a tenner witin the first 10 minutes of the telethon.

They raised a record-breaking £50.1million on the night which is awesome!  The total on the night total was £50,168,562

Well done Children in Need and thank you so much to all my fellow donators!

Friday 17 November 2017

Supplements taken

The multi was a nightmare to get down my throat today for some reason!

Awesome adding up by me!

Got £55.97 left in my bank account.

Monday's groceries come to £55.90, which leaves me with 7p!

Payday on Monday too so I can get the last 3 Yule gifts and send of my mum's then that's it until the first week of December when I'll be paid again and other than my monthly bills I'll be able to spend £50 on groceries every week!

I can so do this!

Pup walked and fed, but...

 Walked and fed Mitzi, the same as we normally do every morning, but she wanted to double the distance and keep walking this morning!

I was happy with the normal 100% but Mitzi carried on walking so we did an extra 50% and she still kept walking so we did 200% this morning.  Mitzi wanted to keep on walking but there's no way I could have walked any more than that, sorry pup!

So proud of her though, she's a senior now so to double her walk is impressive for any pup her age!

If she wants to keep walking tomorrow I'll go for it, but I'll take it at her pace and go as far as she wants tomorrow... wish me luck that I can keep up with her!  lol

Thursday 16 November 2017

Pup walked and fed, supplements taken

Normal Mitzi stuff this morning, but I've just taken me supplements for the first time in November and I obviously needed them 'cos the multi is already kicking in again!

Just need to remember to take them every morning now!

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Blimey Charlie!!

Just checked me bank account and worked out that I've spent £353.77 in the last 6 weeks!

That means, in theory, I'll be able to pay for me S4C logo to be created for me at £50 and still be able to put £300 into B over the next 6 weeks too.

Take off £100 for the last 3 Yule gifts and sending off me mum and Melanie's gifts and all will be good for starting the New Year off nicely in credit, ready for an expensive Namehog year!  lol

I collect domain names so if you ever want to buy me something without going to Amazon, pay for a years domain name or hosting or whatever for me!

I'm using my all spelled out email address on Namehog or PayPal the money to me and let me know it's payment for a Namehog domain name or hosting or whatever.

2018 is just an expensive Namehog year is all  👍

Just had me Tesco clubcard delivered

Thought I'd lost me Nectar card until I found it hiding!  lol

Need a card holder or summat so that I don't break the slots in me purse!  😑

Monday 13 November 2017

Our little puppy said hello to me this morning!

Me and Steve have conversations with the pup every day - we speak to her in English and she replies in woofs.

Not this morning though!

I was sitting on the bottom of the stairs, chatting away to her like we normally do first thing while I'm putting her harness on and she goes "rerro" to me, very obviously not in growls or barks but as a very good attempt at English!

I realise you may be thinking that I'm lieing to you 'cos Steve did too, but it was a very obvious attempt at saying hello to me... 'onest!

Such a clever little girl!

She took herself on her regular walk this morning too... went ahead of me, stopped, sniffed, turned around and came back.


Then waited outside our front door for me to open it!

Such an intelligent little girl!

Sunday 12 November 2017

Back to normal tomorrow

Finished my NaNo novel this afternoon and have been trying to get yWriter to come up with the synopsis for me without any luck so I'm going to bed now and I'll try again tomorrow.

Nite nite orl!

Saturday 11 November 2017

Normal routine this morning

I'm sure you're getting bored of my daily posts about walking the pup!  lol

Just had me lunch and I've hit a wall with my writing now  👎

Friday 10 November 2017

Pup walked and fed, supplements taken

Just my normal daily post about the pup and supplements, nothing even remotely interesting!


Worked out why last week's scan was so quick and how to solve it this week...

Last week AVG did a computer scan that only took a couple of minutes, this week I'm doing a deep scan and it's going at the speed I was used to two weeks ago, so I've just gotta remember to do the deep scan every week instead of just using the button now... you watch me forget though!  lol

Thursday 9 November 2017

Pup walked and fed

Didn't wake up at 4am like I thought, so I took the pup out for her walk then fed her and booted up me laptop.

Gonna write until 10am then watch The Bill and keep writing.  I've got 4 bottles of J2O as a reward if I write at least 7 chapters and a big fizzy bottle of J2O that I'm going to have in celebration of eventually finishing the first draft.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Taken me supplements now

Taken all three supplements so the multi will be kicking in soon.  Not going to take me neck bag today so won't be able to squirt the B12 into me mouth if I need it, but hopefully the supplements will see me through.

Getting our hair cut this morning so I'll work on me NaNo novel when we get home.

Just ranting!

Steve see's his family several times a week.

I haven't seen my mum since the summer of 2010.

Hardly fair, is it?


Pup walked and fed, but I haven't taken me supplements this morning

Just the daily morning post about the pup going for her walk and having her breakfast... nothing spectacular happened this morning.

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Pup walked and fed, supplements taken again

Our little bin has disappeared since yesterday morning so the pup's walk this morning was... an experience!

It'll get me used to using my quad cane more than I do atm though!  lol

Took me supplements and they went down nice and easily this morning, even though the squash could do with being stronger!

Monday 6 November 2017

Sprayed me B12 oral spray into me mouth too

I love the oral B12 spray 'cos it kicks in almost instantly, wakes me up and gives me a burst of energy too!  Gonna get the multi-pack next time!

Pup walked and fed, supplements taken

Took the pup out for her walk and it's so cold out there that she didn't even squat, let alone wee, bless her!  Fed her then took me supplements and they all went down OK this morning.  As normal, the multi is kicking in nice and quickly so I'm gonna write at least 7 chapters today so that I can relax on Wednesday without coming up with ideas and forgetting them before we get home!

The groceries are booked to come tonight so I'll keep writing while we're waiting for that to arrive and if Marie comes to help Steve put it away I won't take me prescriptions until she's gone, finish off the chapter I'm working on then head to bed.

Sunday 5 November 2017

Supplements taken, pup walked and fed

Just taken me supplements and I can feel the multi kicking in again already.

Walked and fed the pup first thing - she wanted to come back in after 50% of the walk today, but I encouraged her to go on the second 50% and she's fast asleep in her bed now, poor thing!

Saturday 4 November 2017

Supplements taken, pup walked and fed

Took me supplements as soon as I came down and the multi kicked in almost immediately.

Took 3 attempts to get the pup out because she was too tired but we went out eventually and she wee'd a huge amount more than her normal volume which is normally huge anyway but this was at least double the volume!!

Friday 3 November 2017

Just given Steve my birthday money

Me mum sent me some cash through the post for me birthday.

I was saving it for our next 2 hair cuts.

Steve's just asked for it for the taxi so that he doesn't have to get out of the car.

I gave it to him on two conditions:

  1. He gets out of his dad's car to get the hair cutting money both times
  2. He works on the writing software a bit more today
Taking bets on him not doing either and denying that I gave him the money at all, just like he does with the software that was supposed to be ready in a week and cost £100.  Three months and £365 later and it's barely started yet!

Impressive speed x2!

It's Friday today, so that's my virus scanning and backing up day.

The scanning usually takes over 12 hours and I get angry because of accidentally pulling the lead out of the external hard drive several times.

Not today though!

The virus scan was finished in less than 5 minutes which made me suspicious so set it going.  Yep, it scanned my entire machine in less than 5 minutes instead of the hours that it took last week.

I set the backup going and that was finished within half an hour instead of the hour of frustration that it usually takes too!

Steve's got a medical appointment so I won't put the music on before he gets back either.  Just gotta walk the pup then the entire day is mine to write in!

Thursday 2 November 2017

That's a relief then!

Just had someone from an Asthma charity on me mobile.

I explained that I had £3 a month after all my bills came out.

She said it didn't have to start until December if that was easier for me.

I said nope, not really.

She said OK, no problem, thanked me and wished me a good afternoon.

No pressure or anything like that, just accepted that I couldn't afford it and said goodbye!

Makes me more willing to donate to them when I've paid off my 2 credit cards though!

Supplements taken

Didn't take them yesterday 'cos I didn't have any squash left until bed-time but I've got squash this morning so I've just taken 'em.

The multi is kicking in super-quick now, thankfully!

Pup walked and fed

The pup was too sleepy to go for her walk first thing but after about 10 minutes persuasion we went out and met our neighbour on the other side this morning.  The pup's little tail was wagging into a blur but one of the boys that lives there seems to be scared of dogs, bless him!

When we got back, I fed the pup and booted up my machine... hoping for another 6 chapters today!

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Pup walked and fed

Woke up at 6am to start on NaNo so took the pup for her morning walk as soon as it got light outside then we came home and I fed her.

Gonna be a lot quieter between now and the end of November because of NaNo but I'm still about!

Tuesday 31 October 2017

Just heard from ASDA about the 1 star review I left them yesterday

After the balls-up last night, I left a 1 star review on their site.

Someone has just phoned to talk about the review.  Said they would refund the cost of the shopping but didn't want to refund the delivery and bag charges until I started getting angry at him again.

"I can give you voucher codes for £10 off your next five shops with us" he says.

"I just want a full refund" says I.

"How about I give you a six month delivery pass then?" he says.

"Too little too late.  I just want a full refund" says me.

"OK, I'll put that through right now and it'll be back in your account as soon as your bank has cleared it" he promises.

Don't expect to see it any time soon and I'm not going to change my review.  ASDA are cheaper than Sainsbury's and they charge what you paid for last time you checked out the order so that's OK, but they've left us without food for a week now so I can't see us going back to them ever again and I certainly won't be recommending them to anyone!!


Another 150% this morning

I was happy with the normal length but the pup carried on walking so we did another 50% this morning!

She's walking more as a senior pup than she did when we first got her!


To save a bit of money we went with ASDA for our groceries this week.

Was emailed a URL to check up on where the delivery was yesterday afternoon.

We'd booked the 6-7pm slot but were both in after 3pm.

The URL said that the delivery would be here between 5.05pm and 5.15pm.  No problem at all.

Kept checking the URL when the shopping hadn't been delivered by 5.30pm.

The page still had the same time on it even though it was past that time now.

5.45pm came and it said the shopping had been delivered.


We waited until 7pm and still no shopping so Steve phoned them to find out what was going on.

The person said that the shopping had been delivered at 5.45pm.


They rescheduled it for between 9am and 10am today but wanted to take the payment again.

I've got £3 to last me until Monday so there's no way I could have afforded almost £50 to be taken twice!

The refund will take 5 days so they'll have £100 of my money that I can't afford for a week.

Never again.

ASDA have lost 2 customers in me and Steve now.  Back to Sainsbury's from now on - more expensive but more reliable.

Screw you ASDA!

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and they all went down without a problem at all this morning!

Monday 30 October 2017

Supplements taken

Thinking I need to invest in vitamin C or something... don't like the taste though!

The cold season has started then!

Got my first cold of the season now.

Yay.  😒

Spent £253 on gifts this month

There were 2 birthdays to buy for and Yule too, as well as wrapping paper and annual malware protection.

Just got 3 more gifts to get then I can send them all off and relax.

Means I'll be able to put extra into B starting in November!

I moved some over from B to cover the gifts and stuff so won't be able to afford the entire amount every month, but I'll be able to move about £100 a month over instead of the current £40 as long as we keep doing our shopping at ASDA instead of Sainsbury's mostly.

I'll work it out one day  lol

Sunday 29 October 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements.  Taking them wasn't too bad this morning other than the coughing fit!

Saturday 28 October 2017

Did a bit of deleting this morning

Deleted all my downloads and all the documents that I hadn't looked at or used in 2017 so hopefully the backup in a week from now will be quicker and maybe the virus scan will be quicker too?

Back to the normal 100% this morning

Just got back from Mitzi's walk and when we got back to the door, she was pondering on doing another 50% again but decided against it this morning.

Taken my supplements for the first time in 3 days

My prescriptions made me feel so good that I didn't need the boost of the multi for the last 3 days but I've just taken them again.

The calcium crumbs were a nightmare this morning and the multi was iffy too, but that's only 'cos I hadn't taken them for a few days so my mouth and throat weren't used to it.

Gonna take my supplements every morning from now on though, just to be sure my body is getting everything it needs.

Friday 27 October 2017

Beans on toast for lunch today

Simple but yummy.

Really softened the bread to butter it first though!  lol


Just got back from walking and feeding the pup.

Some days it's a struggle for her to cope with 50%.

Most days we are both happy with 100%

This morning we did the 100% and I was about to open the door but the pup carried on walking so we did an extra 50%.

I could see the pup debating on doubling her walk but my legs were starting to ache so we came home instead... the family walk must have inspired her to want to walk further today!

The pup is 8 years old now which makes her a senior and an even more spectacular pup for doing so much more this morning!

I was wrong about my prescriptions

It's 12 hours after I go to bed, not 12 hours after taking me pills, so I'll keep taking me prescriptions at 6.30pm and heading to bed at 8pm so that I can be down at 8am the next morning.


Thursday 26 October 2017

It's 6.20pm and I've just taken me new prescription again, so...

Just taken me new AD and AP, so if this morning's (very) early calculations are right, I'll be asleep by 8pm tonight and I'll wake up at 6am tomorrow.

We shall see!

The AD is shaped like a mini capsule which I was paranoid about yesterday 'cos I've never been able to swallow capsules, but it went down with barely any squash this evening!

The AP took 6 minutes to disolve and it definitely speeded things up by putting it under my tongue to disolve instead of on my tongue like the instructions said yesterday... the taste wasn't as bad as I was dreading either!  If I'm asleep for 12 hours again I've probably found the combination and doses that I need right now!

Might still ask about reducing the dose of the AD though 'cos I'm taking the maximum dose of that too!

£3 to last me until 4th November

Got £138.89 in my account right now.
£50 for my medical records makes it £88.89 yeah?
£50 for the groceries on Monday is £38.89 yeah?
£10 for a direct debit every Friday takes it down to £28.89
£25 for a bill coming out on the 1st leaves me with £3.89 yeah?

After I've got Andrew, Jacki and my FILs Yule gifts on my first November payday, I'll have £ 150 to move into B and my savings accounts until after NaNo when I'll send off my mum and Melanie's gifts via DHL then I'm good to move £150 a month over that I spent this month that I can either use to go back to Sainsbury's for our groceries and get the basic own brand essentials every week, or go to Asda each week and be able to spend the same amount but get more.

I'm happy either way... Monday will decide who we go with from the week after onwards!

Not worrying about that yet though, Monday will be the deciding factor... if it goes OK then we'll stay with ASDA normally and just get treats from Sainsbury's to celebrate or treat us or something.


I'm wide awake, full of energy and motivation, but...

... my body doesn't know how to cope with it!  Typical!  lol

Haven't felt this alive for decades... even the B12 jabs didn't make me feel this good and they made me feel fantastic!

I'm loving my new prescriptions!!

Took my new brand AD and AP yesterday at about 4pm 'cos I was so tired, then went to bed.

Was still awake at 6pm but didn't want to worry about it in case something new was happening in my body.

Woke up at 4am this morning and I've never felt better... I was wide awake, loads of energy, loads of motivation, clear-headed, the works.

So, what I'm going to try tonight is taking my prescriptions at 6.30pm, heading to bed at 8pm and hopefully falling asleep soon after which, in theory, will mean I'll be awake and ready to go at 6.30am tomorrow!

Thank you to my GP for taking my feedback into account about me not being willing to take the previous prescriptions because of the nausea - I thought the previous combination was good but this combination is even better!

Wednesday 25 October 2017

I'm the only one awake in this house right now! lol

Steve's snoring away in his chair and the pup is fast asleep too... got to post another letter too but Steve doesn't want to go again tomorrow  lol

He's definitely losing weight though... the t-shirt that used to be tight on him is now very baggy when he's upright which is so totally awesome!

Me replacement prescriptions have just arrived

They look different to the normal ones that I usually have but the AD is made by the same manufacturer so hopefully I'll be able to take those on an empty stomach... the AP is a different manufacturer again though so I'll take the new ones tonight and hope for the best!

Just taken me supplements

The iron was a bit of a PITA to swallow, but other than that everything was fine and dandy... yay!

Family walkies again this morning

We both took the pup out for a family walk this morning.  Me and the pup waited at the end of the road for Steve to go to the post box, post a couple of letters and come back to us then we all came home again... a few months ago that just wouldn't have happened, but Steve's done it twice in the last couple of months so hopefully we'll be able to increase the length of walks all three of us do and we'll do it more regularly too by the end of the year!

So proud of you Steve!

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Just got 3 more gifts to get now

Got everyone's gifts except Steve's dad, Jacki and Andrew now.  Gonna order those after I finish NaNo though... when the gifts arrive I've got to wrap them up and send them off then I can relax.  Not going to worry about that until the end of November at the earliest though  lol

Pooch and Mutt food

Just bought the pup some senior salmon food from Pooch & Mutt as a back-up just in case she needs it before she comes off the vet food which will hopefully be before the end of the year 'cos she was only 500g overweight so I want to be prepared to move straight on to the non-diet food as soon as the vet is happy with her weight!

Monday 23 October 2017

That's Marie's gift bought as well

Just bought Marie's Yule gift as well as my nephew's gifts.  Hannah's is coming with the shopping and I've already got Steve's and know what I'm getting for Chris, so just need to get Melanie's ready to send off to her and me mum's Yule gift bought, wrapped and sent off then it's just the rest of Steve's family after that.

Yule this year

Hannah's Yule gift will be here tonight, my nephew's by the end of the week and Chris' next week.  Already got Steve's bought and wrapped up and know what I'm getting for everyone else too, as well as having £150 to spend on the gifts in November after buying birthday gifts and stuff at the start of the month.

It's NaNo during November so I'll get me mum's gift and send it to her first, then Melanie's so that it'll be there in time, then Steve's family when I've finished NaNo.

A month delay on the usual September pressie shopping but I've got it all written down and I've got a list of things to get so I won't be stressed out.

Got a couple of boxes of mince pies coming with the shopping next week too and I've got a box of tinsel in the spare room as well as 13 rolls of wrapping paper too, so I can take things at my own pace and I'll use DHL to send me mum and Melanie's gifts to them as soon as I've got them so that I don't have to take them down to the Post Office in Patrick and risk dropping them in the middle of the road or whatever.

Wish me luck!

Pup walked and fed, recycling been and gone

Took the pup out for her walk and she was mostly to heel even though I didn't ask her to and didn't know she knew it!  Came home and fed her and a few minutes later our recycling box was emptied so I brought it in and I've found what I'm going to get H for his Christmas present too!

Sunday 22 October 2017

Pup walked and fed

Took the pup out for her walk and she was a good girl... wasn't as blowy as yesterday thankfully!

Saturday 21 October 2017

Review: My name necklace products

I bought a keyring and a ring in memory of my twins from My Name Necklace.

I'd never even heard of them before I saw an ad on my Facebook page the week of the 21st anniversary of their loss.  It was like my twins were giving me a message that I should order from them, so I did.

The order has just arrived and the keyring is everything I was hoping for so I had high hopes for the ring.

I ordered "the most popular size for ladies" on the site... size M½, with the hope that I'd be able to wear it on my middle finger.


It's waaay too small to fit on any of my fingers except my left hand little finger and even then I had to push it on hard!

That really let me down.

Took forever to arrive and the names on the ring are tiny too.

My scores on the doors?

Delivery time:  ✰✰✰
Keyring:  ✰✰✰✰✰
Ring:  ✰✰
Overall:  ✰✰✰

If you want a unique piece of jewellery and don't mind waiting for a few weeks for it, definitely go with them, just don't expect their rings to fit unless you have personally measured the size of your finger before you order it.

Pup walked, supplements taken

It's blowing a gale out there!!  The for sale board on the house next door was barely attached when I took the pup out and it had totally blown off by the time we got to the other house... literally seconds later and the board would have come down onto our heads and split us in two!

When we came home I fed the pup and took me supplements for the first time in a few days and all three are kicking in quickly again... I'm used to the multi kicking in quickly, but the iron and calcium is too right now!


Finished the backup without getting into a bad mood too, which is awesome too!

Friday 20 October 2017

12 hours later and...

Took the AD and AP 12 hours ago and I still feel sick!

Thursday 19 October 2017

They made me really ill though

Didn't think to check the ingredients before I took them, but both the AD and the AP have lactose in them which I'm allergic to  😒 👎

Steve's going phone the pharmacy tomorrow to urgently get last months pills to me urgently 'cos Steve doesn't want me to get depressed or psychotic again, I don't want to scare the pup and I couldn't cope with having to start fresh again!

Got 12 cans of ginger beer on the shopping order just in case and I've got 6 cans left in the kitchen too... I just don't want to have to have ginger beer every night again!  👎

They went down easier than I was expecting

Feeling really proud of myself right now!  The capsule-shaped AD went down with no problem at all and the AP was a little bit bigger than last nights but that went down OK too!


Wednesday 18 October 2017

Hmmm - different brands of AP and AD tomorrow

Same ingredients and dose and stuff, but they are easily double the size of the ones I've just taken.

Never been able to swallow capsules after almost choking on one as a child.  The AD is a mini capsule which I'm really not looking forward to taking tomorrow!  👎

Last night was weird

At about 8pm someone knocked on our door.

We looked at each other in total confusion and I went to answer the door.

A big family of total strangers with a small child that was no more than 2 or 3 years old asked if the child was ours.  I said nope.  Then they asked if we recognised him.  I said nope again and offered to let them call the police.  They said they would keep looking up and down the street.

I came back in and told Steve.

He asked if the child was deeply black.  I said nope and described the child.  Steve said that it might be someone a couple of doors down, so I went back to the door and passed it on to them.

Haven't heard anything more about it, so I hope the little boy got home safely last night!

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and they all went down OK today!  The multi is kicking in quickly and the iron seems to be working it's magic too.  The Calcium is working too, 'cos my nails are definitely stronger so I is a happy bunny with all three of them!

Pup walked and fed

Walked the pup and met our neighbours on the other side this morning!

Came home and fed the pup and I'm about to take me supplements too, then we'll watch The Bill then I'll go alongside Steve to the postbox then carry on into town to validate my library card then come home and hope it doesn't rain while I'm out otherwise I'll get wet!  lol

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Pup walked and fed, supplements taken

Mitzi was a good girl on her walk this morning.  There was a mum and small child coming out of the parking bit meant for the flats at the end of the road.  The child spotted Mitzi and Mitzi spotted the child.  Mitzi's tail started wagging and the child wanted to come over and say hello to her but the mum just told the child to hurry up.

The pup's wee was tiny compared to her usual morning ones, and Steve said she hadn't been outside since the early hours so I hope she's OK!

Fed the pup and topped up her water, so hopefully she'll want to go out for a bigger wee soon.

Just taken me supplements too.  They went down OK this morning... the Calcium went down with 2 mouthfuls of squash and the Iron and Multi went down with a mouthful each.

Gonna go down to the library this afternoon to fully become a member, see if I can get into the pet shop to get a small packet of treats for the pup then come home.

Busy day today!

Monday 16 October 2017

Thank you Marie!

I'm aware that I'm usually pretty negative in my blog so just wanted to say a big thank you to Sainsbury's and Marie while I think of it.

The shopping came nice and early... only 5 minutes into the delivery slot which is awesome.

Marie was wonderful putting everything away for us so we've got enough to carry us through for another week now!

Thank you Steve!

I asked Steve to sort the plastic bags that were on the side which he's just done, then we worked as a team to clear up the pup's poo from the back yard.  He's hopefully going to put the food processor on the side for me now then that's it!

It's amazing how easy it is to do it all!

Recycling's just been and gone too!

Not even 10.30am yet and already three things have been done and dusted!  I could get used to this!  lol

Pup walked and fed

Walked and fed Mitzi so I'm all ready for the rest of the day now!

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements... they were a PITA to take this morning 'cos the Calcium crumbs went everywhere in my mouth and took three mouthfuls of squash to eventually swish them all out and swallow them.  The Iron disintegrated and made me retch and the Multi kept swimming around my mouth instead of down my throat!


Sunday 15 October 2017

Review: The Journey of Special Education: Informational Posts to Get You Through by Nicole Bovell

  ✩✩✩✩ out of 5

This is a good book as long as you're an American mum because it talks about the American education system instead of the British and talks about homeschooling your child who has special needs.

It also uses a lot of abbreviations that get confusing after a while but it gives me a total respect for parents of special needs children all around the world and teachers of special needs kids are so totally awesome.

It seems to forget about single parent families and dad's being part of the child's life too 'cos it only talks about moms or you which might unintentionally hurt those who read it for other reasons or in other countries.

Definitely give it a read if you're a mom in America with a special needs child but if you're not, be prepared to feel excluded... sorry.

Just taken the recycling out and...

...put Mitzi's harness and lead back in the kitchen.

I'm not physically able to do any more for the rest of the day now... I just haven't got the strength or stability any more.

Literally all Steve has done today is hold onto the pup while I cleared up her poo, picked up the scoop and rake when they fell over and used his grabatron to pick up 3 bottles to go into the recycling.

He won't do anything else today except go for a wee whenever he needs to and he'll make a big deal of how tired he is, expecting glowing praise and concern from me each time.

Hardly fair, is it!

Just got back from the pup's walk

Took the pup out for her walk and she met a lady then poo'd right on the kerb outside our neighbours door.

I brought her home to get a nappy sack and the poo scoop and rake then went out to clear it up 'cos I'm a responsible dog owner like that.

T'was a struggle 'cos I didn't have anything to support me and keep me upright while I cleared it up then forgot to bin the full nappy sack and brought it into the house with me!  Luckily I remembered before I locked the door so went back out to bin it.

The scoop and rake fell over and there was no way I could have picked them up and stayed upright, so I called for Steve's help to come and pick them up for me.

I'm now shaking like a leaf and my legs are going "you're not moving for the rest of the day now" and I won't!

She's supposed to be a joint responsibility but all he's done in the last month is hold on to her lead today when I went to pick up her poo and reluctantly holds a plastic bag open for me to put her poo in once a week, the rest of the time it's me doing it all!

Hardly fair is it!

Saturday 14 October 2017

Vlog about Freegle

Just recorded a video about Freegle - I've given away loads of stuff since I joined and given away things from a pair of crutches that I bought and used once so they were literally gathering dust, an almost new cordless phone and a bike tyre pump that wouldn't bend enough to pump Patrick's tyres up, all the way up to 2 smartphones, a broken laptop and a 3-in-1 printer that I couldn't get to work any more!

It's free and easy to use and I've read about people even offering and receiving beds and sofas and things like that!

If the item doesn't work, it's still offerable, you just have to say that it doesn't work in the post you offer it in so that people know before you give it to them!

I advertised my previous laptop on there a few months back when the computer repair shop said they couldn't fix it because it didn't have a cereal number or something.  I put it on Freegle and said that it had blue screened on me and the receiver said that wasn't a problem, he would use it to build another laptop and he's re-offered it in the last few days for spares, so instead of going to the tip, 3 people have used it so far and that's just one thing!

The crutches went to someone who was going to have surgery soon so wanted to practise moving about on crutches before they went in to hospital and they would be able to go home sooner because they already had the crutches and were stable using them already!

The phone went to a mum who wanted to surprise her daughter and reward her for consistently doing her homework and keeping her bedroom tidy.

The printer went to someone who was happy to tinker with it to try and get it working to help with his University course or something.

They would all have gone to the tip if it wasn't for Freegle, but those people are using things that we didn't want any more and they've saved themselves some money on things that they really didn't need to be brand new!

Here's the video... don't laugh too hard and I hope I'm not too hard to understand with overly fast talking!

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements again and other than a few pesky crumbs of the Calcium they all went down really easily!

If the calcium was half the size that it currently is, all three pills would go down really quickly and easily!  I only crunch the Calcium up because it's the size and shape of a capsule which I've never been able to swallow anyway, so I always crunch up big tablets like that!

The most recent recipe of Dr Pepper

I used to love the unique taste of Dr Pepper.

Had a can with my tea yesterday and noticed the different look of the can.

Didn't think anything of it.

Opened the can and had a drink.

No different from sugar-free cola now!

What a disappointment!

They had a gorgeous, unique taste last time I drank it... something that made them stand head and shoulders above their rivals... there wasn't a single other drink that I've ever tasted that even came close to the taste of the Dr Pepper.

Not any more.  It's flat cola now and they've lost a customer in me now  😕

Friday 13 October 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and they all went down OK.  Had to have an extra mouthful of squash to get rid of all the last crumbs of the calcium, but other than that they all went down first mouthful which is good!

Walkies as soon as I came down this morning!

Usually we go for walkies when Mitzi wants to go.

Not this morning!

I came downstairs and got the pup's harness and lead and called "walkies" same as every morning.

The pup shot out of the living room and danced around at the bottom of the stairs for me to put her harness and lead on.

She was a good girl on her walk too... wanted an extra 50% but there's no way my legs would have coped with that after the extra long walk at the start of the week so we came home instead.

Awesome puppy dog!

Thursday 12 October 2017


Had garlic and mushroom escallops, hash browns and baked beans for me lunch today... yumsk!

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Supplements taken

All three went down reasonably easy today, thankfully.

Family walkies this morning!

Steve joined me and the pup for her morning walkies so that he could post a couple of letters for me.

We waited at the corner of the street and the pup met a traffic warden and a big dog that wasn't on it's lead... the pup didn't know how to react to the dog initially but after a few seconds her little tail started wagging and she wanted to say hello!

Steve said he only stopped once today instead of the previous 3 or 4 times that he did last time which is awesome!  WTG Steve!  😁 💑

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Heard about my PIP appeal

Apparently they didn't have enough medical evidence so they wanted to know if I wanted it to go to an oral appeal.

I've just written to them to say I do want my appeal to be heard orally and included C's letter and eventually persuaded Steve to write his letter too.

Just need to get my medical records from my GP and post off the letter now!

Supplements taken, but...

...they were a PITA to get down!

The crumbs from the Calcium went into all the nooks and crannies of my mouth but it eventually went down.

The Iron disintergrated so there were bits of it all around my mouth again. 

When I got the Iron down I took the Multi and that took several mouthfuls of squash to get down too!


The wrapping paper has just been delivered, so...

I can now wrap up all the gifts that have already arrived and the rest of them as I buy them.

So starts the festive season for me... a few weeks later than usual but I can safely start slowly buying and wrapping gifts now.

Last night's shopping

We do our weekly shop online with Sainsbury's purely because I've got a Nectar card.

Yesterday was a nightmare with our shopping delivery.

We'd ordered a pack of 9 toilet rolls and it was substituted with a pack of 4.

That wasn't the worst of it though.  All our chilled stuff was missing, so Steve phoned the number on the receipt.

Was promised they would contact the driver and get him to come back with it within the hour.

Steve phoned again at 8pm and was told that they would leave a voicemail with the driver.

An hour later, we hadn't heard anything so Steve called them back for the third time.

They said that they would get the manager involved this time and would definitely call us back "no matter what".

8am this morning and we still hadn't heard anything so Steve called yet again.  The person he spoke to promised to have the missing stuff delivered between 3pm and 4pm today.

I've just put in a complaint with Sainsbury's 'cos it's just not right that we should have to wait for 20 hours for something I've been charged for and we were expecting to arrive with the rest of the shopping!

We'll see what happens this afternoon I s'pose.

Monday 9 October 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken my supplements and they all went down easily this morning, so I'm all set for the day now!

Pup walked and fed

Just got back from walking and feeding the pup.  She was a good girl today so it's time for me supplements then onto the surveys again.

Sunday 8 October 2017

Live in the UK? Want your voice heard?

If there are things you are passionate about and don't know how to voice those opinions without getting into trouble, there are surveys you can take totally anonymously (but set up a separate email address especially for service invites if you join up with more than a couple) and petitions you can sign within seconds after you've first joined up with 38 Degrees.  They ask for donations after you've signed each petition but I never have and they've never pressured me to do it either.

If you want to give your opinion anonymously, then definitely join a few survey sites.  The survey's aren't allowed to collect personally identifying details about you without your permission and you can choose which surveys you take.

A great one to join as long as you don't mind getting 10-20 survey invites a day, is Green Panthera - the survey rewards are in $'s but they are free to join and quick to pay out too... I took 3 of their survey's last night and less than 24 hours later the reward has landed in my account!  The pay out is usually somewhere between $0.60 and $0.75 per survey so just last night I got $2.15 just from those 3 surveys so it quickly adds up!

If you're an Amazon or PayPal customer who doesn't mind not being paid in cash (PayPal) or vouchers (Amazon) immediately (you have to build up a certain amount in your account before you can claim it back) and you can spare a couple of hours a day then definitely give the survey's a try!

I'm not getting any kind of incentive from either 38 Degree's or Green Panthera, I just wanted to suggest it while I thought of it was all  😀

Supplements taken too

Taken me supplements and the multi is kicking in nice and quickly again.


Gonna walk and feed the pup now then settle in for the day's surveys and emails and stuff.

Virus scan and backups done

Forgot to set the virus scan going on Friday morning, so started it off yesterday instead.

Virus free and backed up for another week!

Saturday 7 October 2017

All sorted for birthday gifts this year

C's birthday gift has just arrived along with Steve's last birthday gift.  I know what I'm getting for Marie's birthday just after Christmas and Melanie's gift will be bought as soon as I've got the paper, along with me mum's 'cos they are the only two that need to be posted.

Got a list of all the other gifts to get, I've ordered loads of wrapping paper and I've got a variety of cards upstairs too, so I'm all set!

Just going to wrap up everything as it arrives and do it slowly over the next couple of months then I'll be able to relax and enjoy myself instead of getting stressed out like everyone else!

Supplements taken already

Only had 8.5 hours sleep last night so came down and took me supplements straight away.  Was going to give meself a couple of squirts of the oral B12 to wake me up too but don't need to yet 'cos the multi is already kicking in!  Maybe later on though  😁

Friday 6 October 2017

That's the Yule gifts planned out for this year

Got all the Yule gifts sorted and most of them are personalised to add that extra special touch.

Just gotta save up for them all during NaNo and invest in some wrapping paper and find some Yule cards, wrap everything up and we're sorted!

Supplements taken

Only just remembered to take me supplements!

Thursday 5 October 2017

That's the cards sorted too

Just ordered Steve and C's birthday cards too so that's it until the start of November now!

Impressive sorteroutering considering I is now middle aged!  lol

Just waiting for one more thing now

Other than the stuff I've just ordered, I'm just waiting for the second of Steve's birthday gifts now then just gotta find something for C's birthday and that's it until closer to Yule when I'll get the last 3 gifts et voila!  That's it then for another year!

Just ordered a personalised keyring too

Spotted a keyring that you can add boys and/or girls character dooberries and names to, so I've just ordered that too... gonna be good to have my twins on my keys every day now... the only time I take them off is when I go to bed or have a bath/shower so I'll have a ring with their names on and a keyring every day too so they will always be with me by the end of October!

Just ordered...

Just ordered a ring with my twins names engraved into it.  Expensive but hopefully worth it!

One of Steve's birthday gifts has just arrived

Steve's Yule gift and one of his birthday gifts has just arrived, so just waiting for the other two birthday gifts now.

Completely forgotten what I was going to get for C though!  😕

Just got to get a Yule gift for me mum and a birthday and Yule gift for C now!

Supplements taken

They all went down OKish and I reckon the calcium and iron in my body are pretty much back to how they should be and the multi is starting to kick in too, just not as quickly as the last couple of days so that's pretty much sorted too... just need to remember to keep taking them now!

It's my birfday today!

Happy birthday to me
squashed tomato's for tea
there's a nutter
in the gutter
and yes it was me!

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Supplements taken

There was a hint of immediate kicking in from the calcium then the iron but the multi was the quickest to kick in again.  I obviously need them to keep me going, just gotta remember to take them every morning so that I can get the benefit now!

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Supplements taken for the first time in a few days

It's been a few days since I last took me supplements, but I must have been low 'cos I started feeling the positive affects within seconds of taking them all... usually it's just the multi that kicks in so quickly, but the calcium and iron kicked in within seconds too today!

They are making me feel better so I've just gotta keep taking them now!

You watch me forget tomorrow!  lol

Monday 2 October 2017

Now I know why I wasn't awarded PIP

Apparently I saw a paramedic during my assessment and other than rewording the question on the form, he copied and pasted the rest of the paragraph for every single question.

Apparently I'm also on Quetiapine which I've never even heard of, let alone been on and I showed the box to the assessor who came out.

The paramedic and medical assessor had almost word for word answers to questions on their forms and apparently because I can struggle to walk to the front door I'm totally able to do everything else which is total bollox.

I'm going to ask C to write out how much he can see I do, how bad my memory is and whatever else he thinks is appropriate, then I'll ask him to put it into a sealed envelope for me to send off with my letter to the tribunal service to lodge a complaint at how obviously false it all is in the form from the assessor and the paramedic who didn't actually come out to see me.

I'm not taking this lying down now that I've seen the total cobblers that was so far from the truth that it's all pretty much opposite to the facts!

Sunday 1 October 2017

That's the recycling done and dusted

Just put our recycling box out ready for tomorrow... me knees and back are killing me now though!!  😞

Saturday 30 September 2017

Lunch today was...

Quorn nuggets, fries and mixed veggies.


Friday 29 September 2017

Just to carry on her naughtiness from this morning...

... took the pup out the back for a wee and a poo, she came in and rolled around a bit then poo'd in the kitchen!  Grrr!

21 years ago today...

21 years ago today, I lost my first twin, Angelah, to miscarriage.

Still hurts even now.

The pup wasn't a good girl on her walk this morning

She sniffed a cat under a car.

Wanted to play with it.

Kept yapping until the cat ran out.

She ran after it.

Almost pulled me over.

She's not usually like that, but then again she doesn't usually see cats on her walk either!

Thursday 28 September 2017

Drooling with yumminess

This sounds yummy scrummy and easy to make!  Can't wait to try it!

Mitzi's Vivadogs box has just arrived

There were a couple of things in it that are unbreakable, a glow-in-the-dark ball and a tin of food.

Our pup is on food from the vet so I'll put the food on Freegle so that it isn't wasted though!

That's the supplements taken

The Iron disintegrated within seconds but other than that, they all went down without a problem again.

Just taken the pup out for her morning stroll

Just got back from taking Mitzi out for her daily walk.

Her wee's are usually huge anyway, but this morning pretty much flooded the street... easily double her usual amount!

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Lunch today was...

Burger King stuff.

We used to have junk food for every meal but junk food tastes so much better when it's an occasional treat!

Just taken me supplements again

Just taken me 3 supplements and they were a PITA to swallow today 😔

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Dogs in hospitals

Just seen this article about a dog that was allowed a visit with their elderly owner who was on his last legs and seeing his dog was his final request.

The dog was there for minutes and after the visit, both the owner and dog improved after the visit.

Is it just me that thinks it should be seriously looked into for hospitals around the world?  It doesn't have to be a constant thing, just allowing pet owners to see their beloved pets once a week is all and it only needs to be for a little while but it could maybe improve the patients health if their pet was allowed to see them for just a few minutes once a week!

It would do the patient the world of good and the pet would be able to see their much-missed parent as well which could, potentially, heal the patient faster and they could be discharged sooner too!

If not all the patients had a pet, how about getting PAT dogs to visit each ward once a week too?  It's been medically proven that petting a cat or dog reduces pain and releases the feel-good hormone or something!

Yeah, yeah, I know about steralisation and germs and things like that, but surely the advantages would out-weigh potential germs and stuff... humans carry more germs than dogs and as long as the dog was up-to-date with vaccinations and stuff then surely there's a way to arrange it somehow?

First ever taste of cafetiere coffee

I'm very much a newbie novice coffee and tea drinker.

I'm a couple of weeks away from being 40 and only started drinking coffee for the first time in my life a few weeks ago.

Steve's just made a cafetiere of coffee 'cos I asked him what it tasted like after spotting the bag of coffee grounds or whatever they are first thing.

It's very, very strong but apparently you can get weaker/gentler cafetiere coffee which might be better for me for a while.

Put 1 sweetener in it which made it sweeter, just not quite sweet enough and 2 sweeteners might make it too sweet, so I'm wondering why manufacturers don't make half sweeteners.

I'm getting used to non-sweetened strong black tea and non-sweetened instant black coffee now, so maybe it'll just take me a while to get used to such a strong new flavour?

Bearing in mind that I only started drinking coffee and tea for the first time in my life very recently, hopefully it'll take just a bit of getting used to or something?

Just taken me supplements

Just taken me three supplements and they were reasonably easy to swallow today too.

Typically though, my supplement post yesterday only had one view after I said it was usually fifty by bedtime!  lol

Just got back from Mitzi's morning walk

I was happy with the normal length but the pup demanded an extra 50% this morning and I wasn't going to deny her that!

Bless her tiny senior puppy dog paws!

Monday 25 September 2017

For lunch today, we had...

... a home-made curry.  Yumsk!

It was spicier than I was expecting, but that's because it's been so long since our last one!

T'woz a Quorn chicken balti and it was very yummy... couldn't go any hotter than that without my eyes watering though!

Pup taken out for her walk

Our recycling boxes were right outside the door, so I had to bring the pup back in, take them through to the kitchen then take her out today.

We'd only gone a quarter of the walk when I spotted our blue bag around the other side of the bin too, so I brought that in and carried on with the pup's walk.

She was a very good girl today, when we eventually got out and about.  Usually she's eager to go out as soon as I come down in the morning, but not today.

I called her twice and she was having none of it so we watched The Bill and tried again.

She was eager that time, even though it's raining out there which usually stops her from even going out the back but she went out on her walk this morning with dribbles of rain so maybe it was hosing it down first thing or something?

Supplements taken again

The Calcium was reasonably easy to crunch up and swallow today.  The Iron and Multi went down easily so I'm happy with that.

I'm confused about the visitors to this blog though.  I'm so grateful for every single visitor, but my supplements posts like this one, get over 50 by bed time and 100 overnight.  The supplements are the only ones with that many readers though!  My other posts get maybe 5 or 6 readers which I'm so so grateful for, but who are the other 95 readers and how do they read the supplements posts only without reading the ones in between?

Whoever you are, thank you for reading!

Sunday 24 September 2017

Supplements taken

Back to being a PITA to take again this morning  😞

The Calcium took a quarter of a bottle, the Iron took 2 big mouthfuls of squash and the Multi took another couple  👎

They are worth it though, so that I can be sure my body has everything it needs!

Just bought me PPC

It starts from tomorrow and I've got the confirmation saved now, so hopefully it'll be here in a week's time, ready for a year's prescription payment thing without needing to worry about it.

Gotta remember to phone my GP tomorrow to ask about reducing the dose of AD as well.  It's all go!

Saturday 23 September 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and they went down reasonably easily again today.

Could get used to this!

Didn't start the virus scan until...

Had a really early night last night to try and catch up on the sleep I missed from going to bed at midnight on Thursday.

It was sorted when I came down this morning so I backed everything up and took the pup for her walk.

There was a cat on top of next door's bin but the pup didn't see it at all.  The cat was ready for a fight but the pup just carried on walking, thankfully!

Gonna take me supplements now!

Friday 22 September 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements again and while they weren't as easy to take as Wednesday, they certainly weren't the worst they've been!

Still got a few Calcium crumbs in my mouth, but other than that they went down fine!

The pup was a good girl this morning

Yesterday she was a PITA because there was a cat in the street.  Mitzi wanted to play with it but the cat didn't.

When we eventually got home, she was a PITA over her food too.

Not this morning though... she was a wonderful pup on her walk!  She was the same pup I've loved for the last 7 years!

Thursday 21 September 2017

Just got back from seeing C

Felt so good to talk to and hug him again... I've really missed him!

Meeting up with C soon! Yay!

C's getting the train over - it feels like forever since I last saw him!

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Supplements taken

Only had a small amount of squash left in the bottle so was thinking I'd need to open the next bottle too.


Each pill went down with one mouthful and there's still a tiny amount of squash left in the bottle too.

None of the pills caused even the slightest problem today, it took one mouthful of squash to get each one down - even the calcium went down easily today!!

So proud of myself!

Pup walked and fed, but apparently...

...she wee'd on the sofa after already going outside for a wee and a poo last night.

Steve squirted something on it and turned the cushion over but I'll now, eventually, be sitting in a wet patch all day!  *sigh*

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Pup walked, fed and watered

Apparently the pup didn't ask to go outside overnight, so she flooded the street on her walk this morning!

She's got a full bowl of food and another of water too, so she's set for the day now.

Monday 18 September 2017

A lot of poo from a little pup!

Not only did she poo on her walk, she poo'd overnight too!  She half filled up a carrier bag with her weekly poo clear-up too!

She's only small but she produces a lot of poo for a little pup!

Walked the pup and cleared up her poo

Took the pup for her walk and she poo'd, so, being a responsible dog owner I brought her back home and went to clear it up.

Don't like doing it, but it's all part of being owned by a dog!

Sunday 17 September 2017

Steve's watching the motor racing

I support Raikikikonen and Bottombottom and Kimi got pushed out on the first corner!  😞

Just asked Steve who he was supporting in this race and we are both supporting Bottombottom now... Steve reckons he'll be forced to let his team mate win for some daft reason, but we are both supporting the race now - as long as everyone is safe and alive, I'll be happy... but personally I don't see why the race even started in the heavy rain and middle of the night!!

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and I'm now digging in to a chocolate Swiss roll for me breahfast!


Walked, fed and watered the pup

Usual morning routine.  The pup was pondering on an extra 50% at the end of her walk but decided against it so we came in, I took her harness off then fed and watered her.

Not meeting up with C after all today 'cos there was a huge crash on the motorway and one way is going to be shut all day  😔

Saturday 16 September 2017

Walked, fed and watered the pup this morning

Mitzi was a wonderful girl on her walk this morning!

Friday 15 September 2017

Just taken me supplements

That's me sorted for the day now.

Steve sorted my squash for me so I've got 3 bottles of apple squash and one of berry now which will hopefully take me through to the start of next week now.  Yay!

Virus scan started too

Cleared the cache in both browsers and set it running again.

Pup walked and fed again

The pup was a good girl on her walk and met up with our neighbour and her little tail was wagging, bless her!

I've already fed her and washed me hands so now it's supplements time!

20 years, 50 weeks and 6 days

Watched Eastenders before I went to bed last night and one of the characters had lost a baby.

I was in tears.

Not only because it was such a hard story, but because it was 20 years, 50 weeks and 6 days since I lost my first twin to miscarriage too.

Even after almost 21 years it still hurts  😢

Thursday 14 September 2017

Pup walked, fed and watered

Normal morning routine.  The pup was a good girl on her walk and her dog food container has just turned up too, so I'm going to go and put her bag of food into the container and bin the box that it came in... it's good that she's got something to keep her food in now!

Gonna wash me hands and take me supplements next.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Taken me supplements too

Busy morning 'cos I've just taken me supplements too, so I'm just waiting for Mitzi's food bin to arrive hopefully tomorrow then that's it done and dusted until Monday evening when the shopping will be delivered!

The pup was sorted at 8.30am

Took the pup for her morning walk first thing, then came home, fed and watered her.

Normal routine for us now!

Prescription delivered

Just 4 working days and they are in my hands!

Gonna order my next lot on a Monday so that, in theory, it'll be here on Thursday.

I know that it works now though, so it's one less thing for me to worry about now!

Blimey! That's a bit good then!

Just phoned the pharmacy and my prescriptions are ready to be delivered when the driver comes on his shift!

That's 4 working days and I can leave it an extra few days next month before I order it.  I'm thinking that instead of ordering it on Friday, I'll order it on Monday kinda thing?

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Tomorrow, I've gotta remember to...

Gotta phone the pharmacy tomorrow to see how long it takes to go from me ordering it online which I did on Friday morning, to when I get it delivered.

I've got 8 nights left so I'm not in a hurry for it yet, I'm just wondering is all  👍

Next week's shopping

Done some adding up and with the rest of this month's bills taken into account, next week's shopping can come to £61 all in then I'll be able to move the week after's money into B so that I'm not tempted to spend it.

I can so do this!!  👍

30 hours

Knew it wouldn't last.

The side has now been messed up again and I can bet I'll be expected to tidy it up again!!

I know Steve too well with things like that  👎 😒

Monday 11 September 2017

It's definitely autumn now

Yeah, yeah, I know there are still 11 days until it's official, but I've worn my cardigan for the last 2 days and the pup's nose is cold too... Steve's still wearing t-shirt and shorts though so the heating won't be going on any time soon  lol

Extra 50% this morning

Took the pup for her normal morning walk but only managed half of it before she refused to go any further.

Literally a minute later we tried again and did the full length of her walk.  I would have been happy to do the second half, but the pup carried on walking so I followed her!

Sunday 10 September 2017

Lunch today was...

Had a bowl full of veggie ravioli for me lunch today... yummy!

Just got out of the shower too - having my hair cut tomorrow so wanted clean hair... just hope that my FIL doesn't mind stopping by the cashpoint for me to get some money out to pay for it!

That's the side cleared off in the kitchen

Put my pasta machine on the side and just need to put the food processor and whisk on the side now then it's all sorted.

I give it 3 days before it's messed up again  😞

I've got no problem doing housework if Steve was working, but neither of us have got a job so surely we should be sharing the housework?  Steve cooks for us twice a week but I do everything else  👎

Supplements taken

All three of 'em went down without a problem today!  Yay!

Such a good pup!

Not only have I walked, fed and watered the pup but I've cut something sticky out of her fur too and the pup let me do it without making a fuss too!

Such a spectacular little girl!

Saturday 9 September 2017

Hash browns and baked beans for lunch today

Vegetarian ravioli for lunch tomorrow... definitely prefer home-prepared meals to take aways by a looong way!

It's taken 14 years, but...

I'm this →  ← close to being down to size 12 which means I've got just over 1 clothes left to drop before I'm down to being the right size for my height!

I went in to hospital on Christmas Day 2002 with size 6 clothes being held up by my hip bones because I couldn't stop throwing up... couldn't even keep water down.

I came out mid March 2003 a size 28.

I'm not on a fad diet or anything, I'm just eating sensibly now with realistic portion sizes and the only exercise I do is taking the pup for her morning walk every day.

It helped to take the Acai Berry pills when I first came out of hospital to shrink my stomach internally so that I just couldn't physically eat too much but that's the closest I've come to a diet!

I'm so close now!

Supplements taken

Just taken my three supplement pills so I've just got to plan out more of my NaNo novel now after having a few days off.

Already achieved a lot this morning!

Backed up my hard drive as soon as I came downstairs.
Walked the pup as well as feeding and watering her.
Cooled me laptop's battery down while I was doing that.
Checked my bank balance.
Finished off the grocery shopping.
Booted me laptop up again.
Gonna take me supplements and plan out more of my NaNo novel now... only been awake a couple of hours!

Friday 8 September 2017

Bought a container for Mitzi's food on eBay at lunchtime

She's got a bag of Pooch and Mutt food that is totally open with no way to close it, so I've invested in a container to keep it in which will hopefully stop it going off.

It was totally free 'cos I used 3000 Nectar points for it so instead of paying £15 it was totally free!

It's things like that which makes me glad I'm with reward sites for just an extra couple of clicks every time I buy something!

Supplements taken

They all went down fine this time, thankfully!

Virus scan started

Cleared the cache on both browsers and started the virus scan, so it'll be done overnight ready for me to shut down before I take the pup out for her walk in the morning just to give the battery a chance to cool down before I boot up again to back everything up.

Pup walked and fed this morning

The pup was a good girl on her walk and she's got a full bowl of food in the kitchen for her to have whenever she wants it.

Thursday 7 September 2017

Mitzi is insured again now

Her previous insurance was £51 a month.

Her new insurance is £16 a month for pretty much identical cover.  It was nice and easy to set up and she's covered as of now, unless something new happens in the next 14 days which won't be covered.

Just by changing insurance companies for Patrick and Mitzi, I'm paying less than a third of the monthly price for very similar cover!

Just gotta remember Mitzi's insurance coming out of B every month now!

Review: Ebay vintage opal ring

I ordered a vintage opal ring on Ebay the same day that I bought the opal ring from Etsy.

The Ebay ring has just arrived, 2 days earlier than I was expecting?

The packaging was way too excessive... an A4 bag that was bursting at the seams then loads of bubble wrap and the ring was right in the middle of that.

It's a beautiful ring, but the packaging was waaaay too excessive!

It's on my little finger now and I'm loving it!

If you're looking for a ring, definitely go with Ebay, just expect there to be a lot of packaging and bubble wrap for small things that could easily have been bubble-wrapped a couple of times and put into a paper envelope that would have fitted through the letter box!

It's a great ring though and I'll wear it every day with all my other rings!

Supplements taken

The calcium and iron went down fine this morning but the multi wasn't going anywhere so I had to crunch it up... yuckerama!

Gonna plan more of my NaNo novel now... hoping to get it up to chapter 33 by the end of the day so that it's half way planned out.  Wish me luck!

Pup walked, fed and watered this morning

Took the pup out for her walk first thing then fed and watered her.

She was a good girl, hungry before we even left the house but I finished off her first bag of vet food when we got back, so we'll be starting the second bag tomorrow.

Gotta take me supplements now though... keep forgetting!

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements.  They went down OK today 'cos the iron stayed whole and I only needed 2 gulps of squash to get the calcium down.  It's a pain in the bum that I have to take 3 pills every morning, but at least I know I'm not allergic to any of the ingredients in them like I am with the single pill.

Gonna work on more planning today... I'm not even a third of the way through after working out the maths last night.  Ho hum.

Mitzi's been walked, fed and watered again

She was a spectacular pup on her walk and went out for a huge poo as soon as we got back.  I fed and watered her then came in here and turned me laptop on.

Need to take me supplements now and spend the rest of the day planning my NaNo novel.

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Supplements taken

The calcium was OKish but the iron crumbled into bits before I could swallow it.  😞

Mitzi's just been walked and fed

Bit later than normal because it was hosing it down with rain for the first hour, but it's done now so I'm gonna pop me supplements then get on with the planning of my NaNo novel!

Monday 4 September 2017

Supplements taken

The calcium took 3 mouthfuls of squash to go down completely (I crunch it up) but other than that, everything was fine this morning.

Pup walked and fed

She said hello to a couple of people today... one was on his way to work and the other was putting their recycling out.

Think the pup will want to go out for a poo soon though 'cos she was waddling and her tail was straight up which usually means she needs a poo, so we'll see.

Sunday 3 September 2017

Andrew is a star

He's just gone and apparently he took my PIP appeal letter with him to post.  Total star!

Apparently the grand prix was disappointing because there wasn't much overtaking or something?  I'm happy with all the drivers finishing safely personally!