Wednesday 6 December 2017

Live in the UK? Appreciate our NHS?

Dear blog reader

Have a look at this:

Our NHS is being pushed to the brink. NHS bosses say it simply can’t meet the promises to patients that are written into its constitution - that’s the legal guarantee that says what care we’re all entitled to. It could mean waiting months for treatment you need, all because the NHS has been starved of cash.

The bombshell is splashed all over the papers. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will be keeping a close eye to what happens next. If there’s no public backlash, he’ll think he can get away with underfunding our NHS. A huge petition will prove otherwise: together we can show that we won’t let him break our NHS.

Will you sign the petition and demand that Jeremy Hunt gives the NHS the money it needs to meet its promises?

Thank you so much!

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