Thursday 28 December 2017

My in-house geek has decided to...

Steve is my in-house geek and he hasn't been able to use his laptop since about March and has just been using his Surface to do geeky things since then.

He decided this afternoon would be a good time to try and fix his laptop and he's been messing around with it for about 45 minutes so far.  He totally blatted everything he had on it and reinstalled Windows or something.

Whatever he did has worked 'cos he can now use his laptop again... just gotta download and install the 3GB cumulative Windows update or something.

Apparently whatever it was that had screwed up his laptop has gone now and he's back into his machine now and just reinstalling everything now.

Totally beyond me, but Steve is relieved and happily playing with a bigger screen, hard drive and memory now, so he's just gotta be patient with the updates and stuff then he can go back to using his laptop again!

I just hope he doesn't accidentally kick it off the table while he's asleep is all... expensive mistake if he does!!

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