Wednesday 29 September 2010

Our little girl is brilliant!

I didn't write anything in August or most of September but this is going to be about our little girl again!

Since I last wrote about her she's run out of the open front door even though I'd told her to "stay" which she had done until then so Steven and I have been holding onto her collar when the door has been open since then!

This isn't about that though... last night the electricity went off and Mitzi woke both Steven and I so that we could turn it back on - it might have been the shock of the room suddenly going black or the "pop" as the switch flicked but our little girl knew that she had to wake us and she did... thank you Mitzi!

She's also off all her medicine and doesn't have to see the vet any more too! We've just got to remember to ask about getting our little girl spayed next time we go over there! We've still got to shampoo our little girl every couple of weeks but she lets us know when she's ready for a bath by licking her front paws... she's an amazing little dog!

We've only had her for a few months but she's such a huge part of our life already!