Friday 26 February 2010

Love is a wonderful thing!!!

Me again!

This post is going to be about love and my wonderful husband so if you think it would make you feel bad or unhappy then please do *not* read this!!

OK, I met Steven at the grand old age of 19 in a penpals newsgroup. We sent 50 emails a day to each other... I sent mine from work (oops) and Steven replied when he got home from work!!

Soon we were meeting up most days of the week and the days we didn't meet up we would spend literally hours talking on the phone and running up huuuuuge phone bills!!

I would come to Gloucester on a Saturday evening after work and go back to Oxford on Sunday evenings!

Steven knew that I had a boyfriend so we stayed friends and nothing more until I split up with Jeff (sorry Jeff) and Steven became my second boyfriend and I became Steven's first girlfriend! A few months later we got engaged then I moved to Gloucester with Steven on 23rd December 1998 and I've been here ever since!

On 29th June 2002 I became Steven's wife and I plan on staying married to him for the rest of my life... everyone should have what we have!!!

Sorry,just feeling really loved up right now!

Sunday 21 February 2010


There are 2 things that have just become apparent and wanted you all to know what they are before I forget!

The first is that Steven thinks my hair looks like Bart Simpsons because it is sticking up all over the place today!! Cheeky git!!

The second is that apparently I'm not the only Amanda George out there in the world because someone has just got me confused with someone else in WORD! They thought I was already a member but I only applied to join last night!! There was me thinking I had an original name!! lol Maybe I should change my name again or go back to my maiden name or something!!

Thursday 18 February 2010

Not only but also!

I appear to be ace!!

Yesterday I installed some javascript on my site that means just changing 1 navigation page instead of every single page and I did it all by myself which is a big thing in itself and I've just set up something in my style sheet on my site that has got 3 fonts for the browser to choose from and it looks wonderful now!!

Steven had to give me the stylesheet line for the fonts but other than that I did everything myself!

I'm feeling really proud of myself now... can you tell? :-)

Monday 15 February 2010

Valentine's Day 2010 - the day after

Belated happy valentine's day everyone! I realise that not everyone has someone to celebrate the day with and many of those people find it hard to get through the day when everyone is expressing love but why not celebrate friends on valentine's day? You care about your friends so why not use 14th Feb to let your friends know you care??

I can now tell you what I got for Steven for valentine's day... I got him an adopt an animal thing and some sort of cartoon book which he was really pleased with as, apparently, the cartoons are no longer being drawn!

He got me a £50 Amazon voucher which was spent on 3 books and a blu-ray disc! I took advantage of the free delivery thing so hopefully they will be with me in time for next weekend! Steven said it was the 21st centuary flowers from a garage gift but I don't see it like that at all! He got me something that I could use to buy things I really want which is better than guessing and maybe getting it wrong!

I'm almost £900 overdrawn at the bank after buying all the Christmas pressies for both families and getting Steven's valentines pressies but Steven is getting the birthday pressies for Andrew (Steven's brother) and Jonathan (my brother) so I haven't got to worry about buying anything until June so that's 4 months away so I'll be sorted by then easily... I've just got to sit on my hands and not buy anything for a couple of months!!

I think I'm a shopaholic... yes, totally serious!! lol

Until next time folks!

Saturday 13 February 2010

My very first post in my very first blog!!

Hello everyone

Welcome to my first blogg!!

I haven't got a clue what to do or say in here so expect to be bored to tears!! lol

Today is 13th Feb 2010... the day before Valentine's Day and I hope Steven likes what I've got him!

I started this blogg with the idea of declaring my undying love for my wonderful husband so that he publically knows how much I appreciate everything he does for me every day but I figured that would get boring and repetitive so be prepared for anything to appear in future!!

I've got to try and remember to ask Steven to show me more advanced style sheets so that I don't have... ooooh! Just a sec! Nope that won't work :-(

When Steven gets home from the railway I'll have to ask him to show me how to do more advanced style sheet stuff so that I can have my navigation page in the style sheet without having to worry about updating loads of pages every time I want to add a link!

Until next time, world!!


Steven's just got home and I asked him about the CSS and he said stylesheets were for the look of the site more than the navigation - drat! He's going to write some Javascript for me to do what I want my site to do so be on the look-out for it to be up and running soonish!