Thursday, 14 November 2019

Thursday 14th November 2019

Morning all.

Was awake at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep 😞  Gonna do my emails, take me pills then take the puppy for her stroll when it lightens up out there.  Need to charge up my Fitbit and phone today too, as well as the CAB lady coming to help with the PIP mandatory reconsideration this afternoon too, so it's gonna be another busy day today❗

Just taken me pills and almost threw them up.  The Subway cookie made me feel incredibly sick, so that's something else I can't have now  😟.  Hope this isn't the start of me throwing up constantly again❗  😟

Walked the puppy 🐶 and we are both soaking wet ☔ now.  She poo'd 💩 so I cleared it up like is a legal requirement and I abide by the law - far from pleasant, but legally necessary.

Got a few photo's of the soggy puppy now, so I'll put them up in a bit after I've re-sized them and coded the page.

The puppy has had a big bowl of milk 🥛 so that Steve could finish off last week's 2 pints and means he can start on this week's milk now 🤣

More photo's up on my homepage now... current count is 9 today and it's only 1pm 🤣

Got the CAB lady coming in just over an hour and I can't even remember the points I wanted to make❗  Oops❗

The CAB lady has just gone and she's taken Steve's and my comments with her, along with a letter and leaflet from my GP that says how my physical stuff and mobility affects me and she's hoping to get it sent off tomorrow then post the original documents back to me.  I'm gonna fight this all the way.

You and me head-on, DWP❗

Goin' to bed now... nite nite orl❗  Sea ewe in the morning❗

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Morning all.

How are you all doing❓

Virus scan has started, so I won't check my email until it's finished, and if it's anything like last week 🤞, it'll be finished by lunchtime so that I can have a solid lunch for a change 👍.

Gonna take me pills 💊 now then start planning out the last half of my JanNo novel.

OK, that's my morning pills down the hatch now.  Amazingly easily this morning, thankfully❗  Gonna get straight on with the planning now.  The puppy is coming home at some point today and will stay with us until she goes back at the start of next week too❗  Thank you so so much, Helen❗


She's now, officially, on mature food and no longer the obesity food for the first time in about 7 years❗❗❗

We've got to weigh out 100g of food a day for her and she's going to be weighed again next week to find out how heavy she is now and therefore how much food she needs a day.  So proud of you, puppy dog❗

Not even 11.30am yet and the virus scan has already finished❗  I'm gonna do the backups now, then I can put it away and clear the table off, ready for my lunch.  Only took about 3 hours, so not checking my email definitely shaved off a good 2 or 3 hours, which is awesome.  Gonna sort out the backups now while I remember 🤣

Backups have started and we're having a Subway sarnie each for lunch.  I'm going with the foot-long veggie delite for a change (I usually have the 6 inch one) so that I can have half for lunch and the other half for tea... need to remember to put it in the Fitbit app when it gets here 🤣

Virus scan and backups finito in the time it usually takes just for the virus scan to finish if I check my emails at the same time, so it's definitely worth not checking my emails until after the virus scan has finished and it's highly unlikely that any email can't wait just for four hours, no matter how urgent it is❗

That's me sorted for another week, so time to sort out the first photo of the day of the puppy now.

I can download my Fitbit data in an Excel spreadsheet again... at last❗  It took them getting on for a month to sort it, but it's back up to getting a 3 star review from me again in January, rather than the single star it was getting yesterday.  It's good to be able to track so much, but to take so many weeks (definitely three, or maybe four... can't remember for sure now) to get it fixed even after 30 people reported the issue is just waaay too long.

Had me tea and pills, so I'm heading to bed for an early night now.  Nite nite orl❗ 💤

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Tuesday 12th November 2019

Mornin' all.

So I'm gonna take my pills nice and early today, so that I'll hopefully be able to take the Calcium at lunchtime, instead of waiting until like 3pm again.

Wanna try to plan out my JanNoWriMo novel today... I'm thinking it'll be another YYA with a cross-dressing twin.  Wish me luck!  Gonna aim to NOT include bullying in this one, just for a change 🤣

Just taken my Calcium pill and we're having our Tuesday burgers for lunch, so I'm gonna put my laptop on the floor in a bit and, assuming I remember not to open my email as soon as I log on, hopefully I'll be able to have a solid lunch tomorrow too❗

Fresh potato bits for lunch tomorrow... yummy scrummy in my tummy❗  For the rest of today though, I'm gonna work on planning out my JanNo novel.

That's me last pills of the day taken and I'm up to chapter 21 planned out, so as soon as I'm finished with planning chapter 25 I'll shut down and head to bed... hopefully before 9pm tonight❗  Only another 4 chapters left to go then that's me half way through and I'll hopefully finish it tomorrow.

That's chapter 25 sorted and me cuppa is going cold, so I'm gonna publish this then shut down, finish my cuppa and head to bed.

Sea ewe orl in the morning/afternoon/evening... nite nite!  💤💤

Monday, 11 November 2019

Monday 11th November 2019

Mornin' all.

Taken four photo's of the puppy so I'll put them up when I've walked her, then take me pills and carry on with the first Monday sans NaNo.

So proud of the puppy... we walked forever this morning❗   Not the longest ever but not far off and I was aching and shaking and weak so didn't want to risk going any further in case my legs gave way underneath me.

Thank you for gently pushing me this morning though, puppy❗

Time for me morning pills and putting the photo's up now.

That's the pills down the hatch, so I can work on coding and uploading the photo's now.  They weren't too bad to take today, thankfully.

Photo's are up, so time to sort out my email now.

Fitbit stuff sorted.  I've done all my Monday stuff now and have already walked over 3,000 steps so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself now.  I can relax for the rest of the day now.

1,029 steps over target already and it's only 1pm!  Hoping I'll get to over 4,000 by the time I head to bed - I'd love to get over 5,000 steps, but that's maybe pushing it a bit far, so my aim for today is 4,000 steps.  Keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 for me that I can do it❗

225 steps to go before I reach 4,000 steps.  It's only 3.30pm so I will hopefully smash that and hopefully get to 4,500 steps if not 5,000 by the time I go to bed tonight, which is so totally awesome❗❗

Not even 5pm yet and it's pitch black outside❗  I am, however, only 144 steps off 4,000 today... yaaaaay❗  👍

Just been for a wee and I've only got 72 steps left to go to reach 4,000 steps today which is totally awesome❗❗

4040 steps now... yaaay❗❗❗  New target for this evening is 4500 steps by the time I climb into bed - fingers crossed 🤞 that I achieve it❗

The puppy is going to Helen's tonight instead of tomorrow 😢  She's coming back on Wednesday instead of Thursday though 😁.  Tomorrow is gonna be weird without her here to take out for her walk tomorrow morning though 😕

The puppy's just gone  😢  Dunno that I'll be able to sleep tonight, knowing that she's not down here snoring away tonight  😢  I'm missing her already and she's only been gone for a couple of minutes  😢

Gonna head to bed now but bet I won't be able to sleep for hours.

Sea ewe orl tomorrow.

Nite nite.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Sunday 10th November 2019

Mornin' all

Back to single blog posts a day now.

Let's start off by saying that the puppy walked me a bit longer than normal today, so the spreadsheet is at a nice round number which has made my OCD happy.  Need to code and upload it to my homepage now.  BRB.

That's the spreadsheet sorted, so time for my pills now... veeery late today, so I'll have to take the Calcium at 3pm instead of 1pm, that's OK though - just need to remember is all❗

That's the recycling sorted and my pills taken now.  It's almost 11am, so I'm not gonna take the Calcium at all today 'cos there won't be enough time lapsed when I take my second OAB pill this evening.  That's OK though, a missed dose of the Calcium every now and then is OK I reckon.

Lunch was particularly yummy today - vegan spag bol... there's still some left too, so one of us will have that for either tea tonight or lunch tomorrow.  Totally yumsk.

Got 4 photo's of the puppy to put up on my site... hold on❗

OK, done  👍

Got 212 steps left to go today to meet my target which should be pretty achievable I reckon, unlike yesterday 😄

Done it❗  Not even 4.45pm yet and I'm already over my target number of steps❗  Yay me❗

Steve reckons he's gonna call the council about removing our toilets from the back yard tomorrow.  I'm gonna give him until 3pm to do it or I'll do it myself.  If they agree, I'm gonna try and remember to be cheeky and ask them to take the pouffe and fan too❗  😀  Got nothing to lose by asking, and potentially a clear back yard and disposal of the fan to gain❗ 🤣

Very nearly 8pm and I'm gonna head to bed now and have a well-deserved early night.

Nite nite orl❗  Sea ewe in the morning (or evening by the time I publish the post 🤣

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Don't read this if there are little eyes about!

NaNo is officially...

...finished for another year!!!

I'm gonna do individual blog posts for the rest of today, but starting tomorrow morning I'll go back to the longer post, once a day.

It's sorted for another year now though, just need to plan out my JanNo novel before the start of December then that's my muse relaxing again.

So unbelievably proud of myself right now!

Thursday, 7 November 2019

The puppy's home again!!!

I've missed her so much and now that she's back, my motivation to keep writing has gone through the roof, unlike yesterday when she wasn't here so I struggled to get going and didn't get the five chapters written until like 9 o'clock at night.  I'm so much more motivated already though, so I'll hopefully get the necessary chapters written nice and early so that I can have an early night tonight.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

2x virus scans and 1x backup in the time...

...that it normally just takes the virus scan to finish!

Means that starting from next week, I won't open my email programme until after lunch so that I can get the virus scan and backups finished and still be able to have a solid lunch too.

Gonna carry on with the writing now.  2½ chapters left to write this afternoon to stay on target for finishing on Saturday, then I can have an early night for a change 🤣

Not sure if I'll write another blog post before I head to bed, but we shall see.  Time to get back into my creative writing headspace again now though❗

The weekly virus scan has...

...finished already!!  Under 2 hours this time, so I'm suspicious that it wasn't the deep scan that usually happens, so I'm running it again.  If it *was* the entire machine scan then that's even more impressive than last week and I can seriously consider doing it every day instead of once a week.

Steve's just said it might have been because my email wasn't running (because of NaNo) so, in theory, it'll still take most of the day next week, but that's totally fine by me 'cos it means I don't need to keep my laptop on overnight then and the backups can be done 10 hours after the virus scan starts.

I could get used to this 🤣

Gonna get back on with my writing now.  Assuming I can write 5 chapters a day I'll be allowed a J2O every day and it'll be entirely finished on the 9th instead of the 13th too, which is so totally awesome and smashes my previous best of two weeks to smithereens❗

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Sunday 3rd November 2019

After a veeeery slow start (as in 1 chapter in 3½ hours) I managed to reach my target of 4 chapters so I'm celebrating with my J2O, I've taken the last 3 pills of the day and I'm gonna read my emails now, while I wait for me pills to kick in then I'll head to bed for an early night.

Gonna publish this then shut down my browser to concentrate on my emails for a while.

See you all when I see you next.

Sunday 3rd November 2019

Another quick blog post, 'cos I'm still doing NaNo, but hoping to get to over a third (chapter 17) of it written today and hopefully another 6 chapters today and 6 tomorrow so that I'm another day ahead of my own personal target.

I've walked the puppy, Steve's given her her pill, I fed her then we took the recycling out and cleared up her poo from the back yard, all with no arguments or even slightly raised voices at all!  Definitely a great week for that... gonna hold on to it for as long as I can 'cos they don't happen very often!

Time to take my morning pills then get on with today's writing.  I'm expecting a delivery from Amazon today, 'cos the charging lead for my phone is starting to come apart so I'd prefer not to use it any more so bought myself a new one last night.

Gonna check on where the delivery is then get started on my writing for the day.

Be back tomorrow prolly.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Saturday 2nd November 2019

Another short one this morning.

I managed to write just over 8,000 words yesterday so I'm a day ahead of myself already.  I'm hoping to write 6,000 words to day so that it's easier maffs for me.  I rewarded myself with 2xJ2O's yesterday for reaching the target twice and assuming I write at least 4,000 words a day, I'll be having my annual reward every day for the next 10 days.

I walked the puppy even though it is hosing it down with rain out there and I've taken a couple of photo's of her this morning too, so I'm gonna put those up then start writing again.

Talk to you again soon... not sure when exactly, but as soon as I can  😁

Friday, 1 November 2019

And so it begins...

It's 3am, I've woken up and can't get back to sleep, so I'm gonna start on NaNo now.  My blog posts will be a lot shorter/non-existant until it's finished... nowt to worry about, I'll just be in my writing headspace is all.

See you on the other side of this!