Tuesday 30 June 2015

5 years ago today...

Five years ago today, my mum phoned me to let me know my father had died of cancer.

I've just told Steve and he said it's flown by.

Five years ago on Saturday we went to the Dogs Trust and said we wanted our pup.

Five years ago on Monday we went to my dad's funeral.

Two weeks after that, we brought Mitzi home!

She's definitely helped with my grief over the last 5 years!

Mitzi made friends with...

..our neighbours this morning!

The door was open the first time so the cheeky pup stuck her nose in then carried on walking.

The second time we walked past, they came out and introduced themselves so I introduced me and the pup and she got oneheckuva fuss off them then they all got in their car and drove off.

Apparently they'll only be there temporarily but it was good to meet them and Mitzi enjoyed the attention she got off them.

They are a nice family and I hope we see them again!

It's too hot out there right now so I only walked Mitzi 5 times up and down the road, I'll do the other 5 later on when it's cooled down a bit.  The heatwave has started already!

Monday 29 June 2015

Happy anniversary to us!

Today was our 13th wedding anniversary.

I can't believe we made it this far... a lot has happened in those 13 years and we're still together.

Here's to the next 13 years!

Sunday 28 June 2015

Don't laugh too hard!

I've just put yesterday's drawings through the scanner... don't laugh too hard at them!

Saturday 27 June 2015


I've just spent the last hour or so slowly working through one of the sketching books I got from Amazon and drawn loads of pictures using the prompts in it.

One thing I'm proud of is that, for the first time in my life, I've worked out how to do shading with a pencil and I'm addicted to it now!  lol

I'll never be an artist but it's OK to draw messy pictures sometimes and it's OK to not draw realistic pictures too.

I still want to draw my twins, but I'm going to slowly work up to it instead of jumping in over my head to start with... with time, patience and lots of practice I'll get there eventually.  I enjoyed working on the book that I've got and it's definitely the start of a new hobby, I've just got to take things a lot slower and not expect miracles without practicing for months or even years... I'll get there eventually, I've just got to be more patient!

I is bloated now!

Me and 'im had a weirdly timed meal - too late for lunch but too early for tea... a sort of afternoon brunch type meal?

It was yummy, but neither of us were very hungry so I'm bloated, Steve's struggling and there is still a tub-ful left for me to have for lunch tomorrow!

You don't know until you try, I suppose!

That was so funny! lol

We've just had a phone call from someone apparently from Microsoft.

Steve picked up the phone and it was so good to listen to Steve's side of the conversation.

The Microsoft bloke asked Steve was sitting in front of his computer.

Steve asked which one.

The bloke said your personal computer.

Steve said, totally honestly, that he's got 3.

The bloke started getting flustered and said the one that's running Windows.

Steve said they all do.

The poor bloke asked which version of Windows Steve's computer was running.

Steve said, totally honestly, Windows 10.

The poor bloke said that he couldn't have 10, it wasn't out yet.

Steve said he's using the preview version of it like millions of others and that he didn't know why a Microsoft employee didn't know that.

The bloke on the other end of the phone then admitted he wasn't from Microsoft, why did Steve think that.

Steve said the bloke had said it at the start of the call.

The poor bloke hung up on him.

I don't know how Steve kept a straight face and didn't laugh throughout the call!

Too good!  ROFL

My heart goes out to...

...the people of Tunisia, France and Kuwait and the people who were on holiday over there.

I've never understood terrorists or terrorism and what the point is in killing so many innocent people.

If you know anyone in Tunisia, France or Kuwait, I hope that you get good news today, saying they are alive and well but if you don't, you'll be in my thoughts, prayers and heart.

Friday 26 June 2015

I hope...

...that the server is working now so that I can upload a couple of pages to my Stories4Children site!

Mitzi had a great walk this morning, there were no cars in the street so I could move past the bags of building rubble and put my cane on the road on the way up and I could hold on to the walls on the way back instead of squeezing between the rubble and cars and almost falling over each time we walked past them!  *sigh*

Gotta phone the council too and ask them to send out a fourth form to get our bins emptied instead of giving us another one!  I'll do that now while I remember.

Thursday 25 June 2015

That was so cool! lol

Someone's just come to the door to see if I want to regularly donate to the NDCS.  When I said I already did he gave me a high five and asked what the charity did (just to check I wasn't telling fibs) and when I told him, I got another high five.  He asked how much I donated each month and when I told him he looked impressed and gave me another high five!  So cool!  lol

I also got my drawing stuff from Amazon today that I'm going to keep down here and the stuff I've already got upstairs... here's to a new hobby getting improved enough for me to be able to draw my twins as 17 year olds!

Mitzi went for her quarterly spa day this morning too and she's been asleep pretty much the whole time she's been home as well as puffing and panting so I don't know what she does at the vets but she's knackered now, bless her little furry paws!

Wednesday 24 June 2015

30 to go

I'm about to take me pills, but just wanted to count down while I remembered!

Drawings by me...

I've never been an artist and prolly never will be 'cos the message from my head to my hand gets muddled up somewhere but I would love to have just one sketch of my twins that I've done myself.

My most prized possession is a sketch a friend did for me over a decade ago and means the world to me.  The sketch is of my twins at 5 years old.  They would be 17 now so they would have changed a lot by now and want to pour my heart into a sketch  so that I've got something to remember them as older teens as well as children.

So, I'm going to post my progress as it happens, hopefully I'll upload a drawing every week in my blog.  Gentle encouragement would be very appreciated!  If you're nasty to me you obviously lead a very disappointing life and I feel sorry for you!

So, this is what I draw like now...

... this is the base I'm starting from... wish me luck and artistic inspiration!

My pills don't send me to sleep for as long as the previous ones!

I take an anti-psychotic (AP) pill every night and the previous, more expensive, brand name one made me sleep for 12 hours every night and I felt tired and groggy the next day.

The AP I take now is a generic version and it's so much better!  I sleep until around 8am no matter what time I took it the night before, I've got a clear head and it stops the psychosis!

Sometimes generic pills are better than brand name ones even though they aren't as expensive!

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Do me a favour? Please?

I would love to give blood but I'm not allowed to for health reasons so could you do me a regular favour and give blood regularly on my behalf?  You can help up to 3 people with every donation and you really can save someone's life!  Literally!

The first step is to phone the blood donation bods in your country, they will answer all your questions, set you up with your appointment, you donate your blood, et voila!  All done!

Please?  For me?

Monday 22 June 2015

Just spoken to me mum on the phone and...

... it doesn't sound like she's a very well bunny atm!

My brother can drive and has got a car.

Steve can drive but hasn't got a car.

I can't drive and haven't got a car.  Same with me mum.

My mum lives in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere and she's just told me that the terrible bus service to and from the village into Banbury and Oxford is even worse now 'cos there's a shuttle bus between her village and Deddington then a second bus trip to Oxford or Banbury then the same back.

My mum's GP is in Deddington.

She has to see her GP at least annually for a review of her health.

The shuttle is only running for 6 months then that's it.  No more transport to anywhere that isn't within walking distance of her home.

If she moved to Gloucester, she would be within easy reach of the hospital and dentist and pharmacy, she would have a choice of not only which GP she wanted, but which surgery she wanted too.  She would have a bus to Cheltenham every 10 minutes and she'd be able to get into Gloucester whenever she wanted to!  Not to mention the train station is within walking distance too!

Steve's just said to me that if we cleared the stuff out of the spare room, she could move in with us.  I don't know how serious he was about it, but it would be brilliant if he meant it.  She would have a choice of GP surgeries, there's a dentist literally up a hill and across a road, the hospital is literally behind us and there is an incredible bus service between here and Cheltenham... we have more buses on a weekday morning than she has in an entire week right now!

My brother doesn't seem to give a fig about his mum, so if Steve's serious about her moving over here then I'll suggest it next time I talk to her.  She could get an amazing house with easy access to whatever she wanted or needed and really enjoy her golden years!  All without the worry of catching the one and only bus and being left stranded!

I just don't want to pressurise Steve and make him change his mind!

Sunday 21 June 2015

6 rings

I've got 6 rings that I love wearing.

Three opal rings, a wedding ring, a Pagan ring and a Claddagh ring (or whatever it's called - a crowned heart, held by a hand each side).

I need to get a new Claddagh ring at some point 'cos the one I've got is almost 20 years old!  It's fading and showing it's age now!  lol

In an arsey mood today for some reason!

I don't know why, but for some reason everything is getting on my nerves and putting me in a foul mood this morning!  :-(

Saturday 20 June 2015

Impressive speed by Photobox!

I ordered some passport photo's from Photobox yesterday lunchtime.

The postie delivered them this morning... 20 hours after paying for them!  Most of that time would have been Royal Mail sorting out where it needed to go, putting it in a pile and arranging for it to be delivered to me!

The photo's of me are terrible but that's because I've never been photogenic  lol

The sheet with the photo's on are wonderful and exactly what I needed!  I'm so close to getting my provisional driving license now... I'm getting it as proof of who I am right now but I'll be able to have driving lessons again too when I've got Steve his car!

WTG Photobox!


I just wanted to wish all those who celebrate it, a blessed Litha today!

Friday 19 June 2015

There's only one thing I dislike about curries

Curry is my favourite food but I don't like the loud, smelly farts for 36 hours after having it!

I had a gorgeous curry for tea last night and I've been producing loud farts all day... I just hope I've stopped farting by tomorrow night so that I don't disgust Chris and Hannah on Sunday!  lol

That's the photo's ordered, but...

...the delivery was more expensive than the photos!

Ho hum!

It was £2.49 for the photos and £2.99 for the postage!!  They've got to make a profit and the convenience of it is what I paid for I suppose... I just hope the photo's are accepted by the DVLA now!  lol

Just gotta remember to...

... see if I can get my passport photo done online so that I can stop pestering Chris about it!  They are accepted in passport applications but are they accepted for provisional driving licenses?

Thursday 18 June 2015

Does anyone know where I can get...

...bright yellow (not blonde) temporary hair dye please?

I made a deal with one of my Deities that I would dye my hair bright yellow if they answered a prayer for me.

They answered the prayer several week's ago so it's pay-up time now!

Patrick is now covered for...

...another 2 years with both insurance and warranty, which I so wasn't expecting!

Even better is that I paid £306 for 2 years cover, but the letter that prompted the renewal was £289 just for 1 year so I've got about 9 months free!  Ace or what!  I got the PLUS cover and warranty for the 2 years starting when my current policy expires! 

Basically I don't need to worry about it for the next couple of years because I've got the highest policy and warranty under my belt now!  I can just concentrate on enjoying my independence again!

Patrick has given me confidence and independence and the policies give me peace of mind!

I've got a PPC for my prescriptions that is renewed every year so I don't need to worry about that either!

OK, so I know it's a lot of cash to fork out in advance, but my peace of mind is worth it and I've got private health insurance too that I pay for each month.  I know you may be thinking that I'm wasting my money for several just-in-case things, but surely it's worth it so that I don't have to worry?

Mitzi loves the sun!

Just got back from part 2 of Mitzi's walk and she's out the back sunbathing again now!

Patrick is now fixed so I just need to get my passport photo's done and signed then I can send off the form to get my provisional license!

I'm not meeting up with Chris today after all 'cos he needs to be at work so I'm going to write a bit more of my Toni trilogy today instead... it's only 750 words per chapter so it won't take long to finish it - hopefully!

Wednesday 17 June 2015

I'm freeeeeee!

Patrick is now fixed!

I can go out and about whenever I want to again!

Independence feels like a huge relief after being street-bound for the last 6 days... I can now go out and about again!  Yaaaay!

First trip will be to my secondary bank to get 5 pound coins ready for Chris to be with me while I get my passport photo done, sign the photo and form then I can send off a for a new provisional driving license as proof of my date of birth and stuff!

It was literally a 10 minute job and the engineer bloke was great about taking Patrick back into the kitchen for me too!  He replaced the punctured wheel, undid a bolt in the battery bracket, put the bracket back into place, did it up et voila!

Betterlife are great!  So is Homesense (the third party)!  I hope I don't need them again but I've got no hesitation recommending them to whoever needs them!

I've had a second reader overnight!

I still haven't got a clue who my readers are but I'm grateful that they read my ramblings!

Thank you both, whoever you are!

Just 2 more sizes to drop!

I came out of hospital in 2003 a size 28.

I'm now size 14 around my waist.

I want to get down to size 10 so I've only got 2 more clothes sizes to drop now!

I'm size 16 up top because of my huge and totally natural boobs so I'm just going by the size of my waist.

Patrick is hopefully going to be fixed this morning!

I've got someone coming out to fit a new battery bracket and inner tube to Patrick today... it's only been 6 days since I called them but being street bound again for those 6 days has been awful! 

I can't wait to have my independence back again!

Just being able to leave the street will be wonderful... I'll feel free and independent again, just gotta hope I've got enough muscles in my arms to pull the seat together when I've used it and want to put it back in the kitchen!  lol

49 and 50 to go to reach two big OCD numbers!

This is post number 950 so I've only got 49 to go to reach the first big OCD number and 50 to reach the magic 1,000 posts!

Tuesday 16 June 2015

The first of the 3 opals...

...has just turned up and it's gorgeous!  Really colourful and so worth the money!  That's my second non-jewellery opal and I love it!

I know it's unlucky to own an opal unless it's your birth stone, but the opal is mine and it's been far from unlucky for me so far!

They are pretty expensive for their size, but they are so worth it to me!  Each stone is unique and worth paying for!

In the last 24 hours, I've bought...

... 3 gorgeous opals from eBay but paid a grand total of less than £7 for 2 of them thanks to Nectar! 

The first one cost me £40 because I forgot to use the Nectar voucher to pay for it but it looks like a beautiful opal for the price!  Yesterday's opal was, in effect, free, because of the voucher from Nectar and today's opal was £6.50ish which was mostly the postal costs!

Can't wait to get my hands on them!

Almost fell backwards on Mitzi's walk this morning!

I took the pup out for her morning walk and must have been unsteadier than normal on my feet this morning because I almost fell backwards not once, but twice today!

I haven't got a clue why, but I sort of quickly went diagonally and the only thing that stopped me landing on the pavement was a house wall!

My stick definitely helped but the things that stopped me going backwards was a house wall... I've never been so glad to be paranoid!

If the walls hadn't been there, I would have had to literally crawl back to the house and ask Steve to help me back up... I'm just glad that the walls were there when I needed them!

Monday 15 June 2015

Steve's changed his mind...

... apparently it would be pointless for me to do a defrag now because as soon as I opened my email programme it would all be fragmented again!

I wish he'd make up his mind!  lol

Saturday 13 June 2015

OK, so...

I can be online, post to forums and my blog while my laptop is being analysed so if I can check my email too then I'll be able to carry on as normal next week, assuming that I can use my machine while it's being defragged like I can while it's being analysed!

Just testing

I'm doing a defrag of my laptop and just want to see if I can post while it's running is all!

Friday 12 June 2015


I'm wondering if my daily reader is the bloke at the end of the street... I've got no problem with it if he is, it's just something I'm pondering is all  :-)

If my regular reader is not the bloke at the end of the street, can you just leave me a quick comment in reply to this post - it doesn't need to be a huge comment, just "hi" or whatever is all to put my mind at rest  :-)

Thank you, whoever you are!

I feel sorry for...

... the bloke at the end of the road.


Because he followed through on his threat to call the RSPCA and for the 3rd time this week (Tuesday, yesterday and today), we've been reassured we're not doing anything wrong... all 3 people (the PCSO on Tuesday, the Council yesterday and the RSPCA today) have said that there's nothing wrong with what we are doing and to just ignore the bloke at the end of the street,which I am already doing but now that I've got 3 different bods on our side I'll just smile at him in the knowledge that he's played his final card and they are all on our side, not his!

Be interesting to see what he says next time we see him now!  lol

Thursday 11 June 2015

The bloke has just gone and...

... he wasn't a cop, he works for the council with the cops.  He filled out a form and said he'd go back to the office and have a chat with the police about it, but it sounded, to him, like it was a low risk hate crime!

I just want our neighbour to leave me and the pup alone!

If I don't post for a few days, don't worry, I'm just defragging my laptop  :-)

A huge 10 times this morning!

Just got back from walking the pup and she managed a huge 10 times up and down the street today!

I've worked out why the pup is reluctant to walk down the street without a lot of encouragement this morning too... I hold my stick in the same hand as her lead on the way down and she's worried about me clonking her beautiful head with it! 

Poor girl! 

I'm going to try holding the stick on the opposite side of me tomorrow to see what happens... hopefully she'll be happy to walk down the road then!

Bless her little tiny furry paws!

Wednesday 10 June 2015

7 times so far this morning, but...

We walked up and down the street 7 times this morning, but there was a ginger cat out at that time too.

I don't think it belongs to my neighbour but I don't want to risk it so I brought Mitzi home and we'll try again later on.


Tuesday 9 June 2015

Thursday at 12 noon

Just had someone on the phone who is going to come out to see me on Thursday about our neighbour and, from what the PCSO said, he's just going to have a chat about how he can help me and drop off some diary sheets for me to fill in each time our neighbour has a go at me from now on... wish me luck!

Good job I checked!

Just phoned the third party about when they were going to come to fix Patrick and it's next Wednesday not next Thursday... good job I checked otherwise they'd have caught me by surprise!  lol

9 times today, and...

I was ready to come home after 7 walks up and down the street, but the pup wanted to go up and down 9 times today!

Apparently she was squaring up to a lion on the telly this morning too!  lol

Monday 8 June 2015

I have a lot to thank my Higher Powers for today!

I've achieved so much today and it's all thanks to my Gods and Goddesses!

It's not even 7pm yet but I've walked Mitzi, cleared up her poo, carried on with the walk, checked in with my communities, phoned up about the wheelchair, done my invites, had lunch, brought the recycling boxes in, binned a black bag of rubbish, caught up with my forums, played Pet Rescue Saga on Facebook, answered the door to Marie and taken the shopping into the kitchen!

I didn't even ask for Their help to do it all, They just did it all for me!

They are so good to me!

Thursday 18th June

I've just called the third party about Patrick because the supplies have arrived and someone will be here between 8am and 1pm to get everything sorted so I'll have my freedom back next Thursday afternoon!  Yay!  I'm only street-bound for the next 11 days... it'll feel so good to go into Gloucester alone again if I want to!


7 times again this morning

Just got back from taking the pup for her walk and she managed 7 times up and down the street again today as well as a poo so I'm thinking 7 times is her limit atm.

I've been asking Steve to ask his dad to get another bag of Mitzi food since the end of last week and she's just had the last of her bag of vet food so I hope his dad can get it today ready for Marie to bring over tonight because she hasn't got any more vet food left.  Steve bought her 2 bags of food from Amazon a while ago and he keeps saying she can have that, but she's on food from the vet for a reason!

Sunday 7 June 2015

Elton John this evening!

Like with Madness a month or so back, Elton John is singing in Gloucester rugby stadium tonight and it’s starting off with ballads to ease everyone into it easily.

I hope he’s got a good audience enjoying it!

For some reason it's easier to hear at the back of the house than at the front though!

I wish Take That would play one night at smaller venues instead of several nights at big venues, Steve reckons it's because Take That's concerts need a bigger stage though?!

7 times this morning

When I took the pup for her morning walk today, she managed 7 times up and down the street straight away without wanting to come home!  I'm going to give it until lunchtime then take her for the other 3 et voila!


I'm almost down another clothes size (12 instead of 14) which means I've only got 1 more size to drop then I'm at the size I want to be (size 10) around my waist but still size 16 up top because of my huge, natural, boobs!  It also means that walking up and down the street 10 times every day with the pup reduces your belly... just got to find a way to reduce my thighs now!

As if that wasn't enough, it means I'm less than half the size I was when I came out of hospital in 2003 too!  Even better is that I haven't been on a diet or starving myself or anything and the only exercise I've done has been walking up and down the street every morning for the last 4.75 years!

I is ace!  I is ace!

Saturday 6 June 2015

3, 3, 4

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to split Mitzi's walk throughout the day 'cos she was struggling with walking any further after we had walked up and down the road 4 times first thing and 3 times just now.

So, instead of doing 10 times in one go and hurting the poor pup's legs or even 5 times twice, I'm going to take the pup as much as possible first of all, but at least 3 times, then another 3 at lunchtime and the final 4 in the afternoon to see how she copes with that.

I'll prolly forget tomorrow though!  lol

Mitzi was a great girl on part one of her walk this morning!

Just got back from taking Mitzi for half her walk and she was a fantastic little girl!  Her legs got tired after half the walk though so I brought her home and she jumped straight into her bed and fell asleep, bless her little furry paws!

Part two will be after Steve's carer has gone!  lol

Friday 5 June 2015

Knew it was too good to be true again!

I phoned Betterlife at lunchtime to find out about the third party not calling me yet and the lady I spoke to said that the third party will call when they know I've got the supplies ready for them.

Apparently the wheelchair bracket and inner tube will be with me on Monday then the third party will call me and arrange to come out and fit everything for me so I'm housebound for at least another 3 days before I even get the call... my independence has been snatched away again!  :-(

Waiting impatiently for the call

I called Betterlife at about 3.30 yesterday afternoon and was told that the third party would call me today because they have to call within 4 working hours which was 10.30 this morning and they haven't called yet  :-(

I'm going to give them until 2pm today then call Betterlife to see what's going on!


Thursday 4 June 2015

I was wrong!

Betterlife have just called me (less than an hour after I called them) and they are going to send out a new inner tube and battery bracket and a third party are going to call me within 4 working hours (probably tomorrow morning now) to arrange to come out and get everything fitted!

I was thinking it'd be the start of next week at the earliest before they called me but just over half an hour later is incredible!

Hopefully everything will be sorted before the weekend now!  Yay!

Just called Betterlife about the wheelchair

Just called customer services about the wheelchair and reported the puncture and broken battery brackets to them.

The woman I spoke to said she would pass it on to their technical department who would contact me as soon as possible.

I give it at least a week before I hear back from them!

It's a good job I didn't have an appointment anywhere or needed to drop off my prescription or whatever!


Knew it was too good to be true this morning!

Chris and Hannah came all the way over from Bristol so that I could get my photo taken and Chris could sign the form.

Everything was going well until they said the wheelchair had a puncture in one of it's front tyres, which is when it all started going wrong!

I came in and got the foot pump.

Chris pumped the tyre up but by the time he'd put the pump away again, the tyre was flat.

A supposedly solid tyre had a puncture.

So, I came and put the pump back in the living room while Chris and Hannah folded up the chair.

By the time I got outside again they'd given up... it was half folded and none of the three of us could get it to fold any more than half way.

So, 9 months after first getting the chair delivered, I've got to call the people I bought it from to see if it's still under warranty.  If it's not, I'll have to call my insurers to see if they can fix it or if I have to wait for a year after taking out the insurance before I can use it.

Not a happy bunny right now!

I'm not normal, am I!

In childhood I would choose fruit over sweets for no other reason than I loved the taste.

Other children would choose sweets over fruit in an instant.

It all changed when I started college.  I would grab a hot chocolate (I've never liked the taste of tea or coffee) or a bar of chocolate as a snack instead of fruit and it's continued like that ever since!

Now I would choose chocolate for the rest of my life if I could only have only chocolate or only fruit.

That's not normal is it?  lol

Wednesday 3 June 2015

I'm the only one awake atm!

Mitzi is in her bed, dreaming of hunky police dogs and Steve's asleep, sitting up and snoring away like a good 'un!

Police have just been and gone and...

...yet again they have said me an' the pup aren't doing anything wrong.

Apparently the man's issue was with the pup and his cat's.  That's fair enough.  If he had been polite and just said that to me there wouldn't have been a problem, I wouldn't have walked the pup down there and I wouldn't have got the police involved.  Sorted.

But nope, he decides to threaten me and be anti-social no matter what I did and the final straw was when he took photo's of me on Monday.

I know what the next step is now though and the cops have been to see him again so I'll keep walking the pup between numbers 3 and 9 and just stay out of his way as much as possible and as long as he does the same then there won't be any more issues for either of us.

If he decides that he's going to ignore the police again then I'll keep on reporting it every time he does it to me.  Now that I know what his issue is, I'll avoid the cats as much as possible and hopefully that will be the end of it!

I don't want to take it further, but at the same time I want to be able to walk our dog without hassle every morning too so the ball is in his court now.

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Cops are coming tomorrow morning, so...

... I'm gonna jump into the bath as soon as Steve comes out and send the 4 GoF gifts as soon as my email programme starts responding!

I've also had 2 readers in the last 8 hours... I still haven't got a clue who they are, but I'm grateful for their reading my posts - whoever you both are, thank you!

The time of my last post

I've just seen the time of my last post... 8am precisely!  Yay!

I think I've worked out...

...what my Gods and Goddesses want me to do before I die!

Go to court!

That's the only thing I can think of!

Monday 1 June 2015


I realised last night that I hadn't written anything in my blog all day yesterday and it's 5.20pm before I get around to writing anything!