Wednesday 24 June 2015

Drawings by me...

I've never been an artist and prolly never will be 'cos the message from my head to my hand gets muddled up somewhere but I would love to have just one sketch of my twins that I've done myself.

My most prized possession is a sketch a friend did for me over a decade ago and means the world to me.  The sketch is of my twins at 5 years old.  They would be 17 now so they would have changed a lot by now and want to pour my heart into a sketch  so that I've got something to remember them as older teens as well as children.

So, I'm going to post my progress as it happens, hopefully I'll upload a drawing every week in my blog.  Gentle encouragement would be very appreciated!  If you're nasty to me you obviously lead a very disappointing life and I feel sorry for you!

So, this is what I draw like now...

... this is the base I'm starting from... wish me luck and artistic inspiration!

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