Thursday 25 June 2015

That was so cool! lol

Someone's just come to the door to see if I want to regularly donate to the NDCS.  When I said I already did he gave me a high five and asked what the charity did (just to check I wasn't telling fibs) and when I told him, I got another high five.  He asked how much I donated each month and when I told him he looked impressed and gave me another high five!  So cool!  lol

I also got my drawing stuff from Amazon today that I'm going to keep down here and the stuff I've already got upstairs... here's to a new hobby getting improved enough for me to be able to draw my twins as 17 year olds!

Mitzi went for her quarterly spa day this morning too and she's been asleep pretty much the whole time she's been home as well as puffing and panting so I don't know what she does at the vets but she's knackered now, bless her little furry paws!

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