Monday 22 June 2015

Just spoken to me mum on the phone and...

... it doesn't sound like she's a very well bunny atm!

My brother can drive and has got a car.

Steve can drive but hasn't got a car.

I can't drive and haven't got a car.  Same with me mum.

My mum lives in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere and she's just told me that the terrible bus service to and from the village into Banbury and Oxford is even worse now 'cos there's a shuttle bus between her village and Deddington then a second bus trip to Oxford or Banbury then the same back.

My mum's GP is in Deddington.

She has to see her GP at least annually for a review of her health.

The shuttle is only running for 6 months then that's it.  No more transport to anywhere that isn't within walking distance of her home.

If she moved to Gloucester, she would be within easy reach of the hospital and dentist and pharmacy, she would have a choice of not only which GP she wanted, but which surgery she wanted too.  She would have a bus to Cheltenham every 10 minutes and she'd be able to get into Gloucester whenever she wanted to!  Not to mention the train station is within walking distance too!

Steve's just said to me that if we cleared the stuff out of the spare room, she could move in with us.  I don't know how serious he was about it, but it would be brilliant if he meant it.  She would have a choice of GP surgeries, there's a dentist literally up a hill and across a road, the hospital is literally behind us and there is an incredible bus service between here and Cheltenham... we have more buses on a weekday morning than she has in an entire week right now!

My brother doesn't seem to give a fig about his mum, so if Steve's serious about her moving over here then I'll suggest it next time I talk to her.  She could get an amazing house with easy access to whatever she wanted or needed and really enjoy her golden years!  All without the worry of catching the one and only bus and being left stranded!

I just don't want to pressurise Steve and make him change his mind!

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