Wednesday 17 June 2015

I'm freeeeeee!

Patrick is now fixed!

I can go out and about whenever I want to again!

Independence feels like a huge relief after being street-bound for the last 6 days... I can now go out and about again!  Yaaaay!

First trip will be to my secondary bank to get 5 pound coins ready for Chris to be with me while I get my passport photo done, sign the photo and form then I can send off a for a new provisional driving license as proof of my date of birth and stuff!

It was literally a 10 minute job and the engineer bloke was great about taking Patrick back into the kitchen for me too!  He replaced the punctured wheel, undid a bolt in the battery bracket, put the bracket back into place, did it up et voila!

Betterlife are great!  So is Homesense (the third party)!  I hope I don't need them again but I've got no hesitation recommending them to whoever needs them!

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