Thursday 4 June 2015

Knew it was too good to be true this morning!

Chris and Hannah came all the way over from Bristol so that I could get my photo taken and Chris could sign the form.

Everything was going well until they said the wheelchair had a puncture in one of it's front tyres, which is when it all started going wrong!

I came in and got the foot pump.

Chris pumped the tyre up but by the time he'd put the pump away again, the tyre was flat.

A supposedly solid tyre had a puncture.

So, I came and put the pump back in the living room while Chris and Hannah folded up the chair.

By the time I got outside again they'd given up... it was half folded and none of the three of us could get it to fold any more than half way.

So, 9 months after first getting the chair delivered, I've got to call the people I bought it from to see if it's still under warranty.  If it's not, I'll have to call my insurers to see if they can fix it or if I have to wait for a year after taking out the insurance before I can use it.

Not a happy bunny right now!

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