Saturday 27 June 2015

That was so funny! lol

We've just had a phone call from someone apparently from Microsoft.

Steve picked up the phone and it was so good to listen to Steve's side of the conversation.

The Microsoft bloke asked Steve was sitting in front of his computer.

Steve asked which one.

The bloke said your personal computer.

Steve said, totally honestly, that he's got 3.

The bloke started getting flustered and said the one that's running Windows.

Steve said they all do.

The poor bloke asked which version of Windows Steve's computer was running.

Steve said, totally honestly, Windows 10.

The poor bloke said that he couldn't have 10, it wasn't out yet.

Steve said he's using the preview version of it like millions of others and that he didn't know why a Microsoft employee didn't know that.

The bloke on the other end of the phone then admitted he wasn't from Microsoft, why did Steve think that.

Steve said the bloke had said it at the start of the call.

The poor bloke hung up on him.

I don't know how Steve kept a straight face and didn't laugh throughout the call!

Too good!  ROFL

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