Saturday 27 June 2015


I've just spent the last hour or so slowly working through one of the sketching books I got from Amazon and drawn loads of pictures using the prompts in it.

One thing I'm proud of is that, for the first time in my life, I've worked out how to do shading with a pencil and I'm addicted to it now!  lol

I'll never be an artist but it's OK to draw messy pictures sometimes and it's OK to not draw realistic pictures too.

I still want to draw my twins, but I'm going to slowly work up to it instead of jumping in over my head to start with... with time, patience and lots of practice I'll get there eventually.  I enjoyed working on the book that I've got and it's definitely the start of a new hobby, I've just got to take things a lot slower and not expect miracles without practicing for months or even years... I'll get there eventually, I've just got to be more patient!

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