Friday, 7 August 2020

Quick! Before Amazon change their minds!

I've been having a bit more of an explore and it's usually only a 30 day free trial, so they are feeling particularly generous atm by tripling it to 90 days free❗❗  


You get unlimited ultra HD access to literally millions of songs that are available as soon as they are released and you get to hear it exactly how the music artist intended it and there are no ads either, so it's better than the radio❗

It's free for the first 90 days then it's a recurring subscription of £7.99 a month after that - sounds like an amazing offer to me - sign up here before Amazon change their minds❗❗

Free music for 90 days!!

If you're an Amazon UK customer who loves listening to music (I certainly do - it lets me zone out and escape for a while), they are currently offering a 90 day free trial of Amazon Music that you can get by following this link.  It's a recurring subscription after that, but if you cancel within the 90 day free trial then you won't be charged a penny.

I reckon you should at least give it a try❗


The free trial option is only available until 18th August 2020, so you've got 11 days... go on, you know you want to❗

Brave Baby Bumble Bee

I've just been into the bathroom and heard an increasingly loud buzzing in the bath.  When I followed the sound, I spotted Baby Bumble Bee 💖 in there and my heart went out to him/her again.

I opened the bathroom window while I was washing my hands then closed it again when the buzzing had stopped.

Either Baby Bumble Bee's sense of direction is waaaay off or s/he's getting increasingly braver.  Maybe it's weird to say, but I'm starting to care more and more for that little soul!

I will always help an animal in distress, especially if it's something quick and easy like the sugar water or opening a window... they are all alive and deserve to live, just because they are smaller than me is even more reason for me to do what I can for them!

Could my physical cruddiness be because... blood sugar is too low first thing❓

I've felt significantly better this week than I did last time I had to stop taking my supplements for two weeks and the only thing that has changed is that I'm having breakfast with a reasonable amount of white sugar every morning now and I wasn't last time... literally everything else is the same.  Might be something to ask my doc/nurse about next time I see them❓

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Hectic day today!

I've been a busy bee today.

Did my first laps as soon as I came down when I woke up and been doing them every other hour since then.  Steve made our breakfast and lunch so that's it as far as food goes for the rest of the day now.  We'll be having sarnies and cake for our lunch tomorrow 'cos it'll be so blisteringly hot outside so Steve won't feel up to cooking for us. 

My legs are shocked at suddenly being used for the first time since the weekend so I'm not gonna do any more laps now... especially now that I've spotted Baby Bumble Bee needing another drink.  I've put 3 sugar waters out in foil trays then they are in a plastic tray so it'll hopefully be more stable too.

I've gotta return the replacement Fitbit that didn't work so Marie's gonna take it back with her tomorrow evening apparently.  Thank you Marie❗

Time for me to take my nightly pills now, then I'm gonna head to bed for the night, so I'll say nite nite orl now... sea ewe at some point tomorrow.  💤

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Virus scan, back-ups and...

...system restore point sorted for another week, which means I can check my emails for the first time today now.

Got the dreaded... screen of death while I was printing off the letter for my GP, so things have been veeerrrrryyy sllloooowww to start back up and I'm having to restart my weekly back-ups from scratch again.

Steve's got the fan on now 'cos he's hot and I'm starting to regret taking my cosy warm cardi back upstairs now.

Busy morning so far!

There are a few videos of the puppy dog up on my site now and I've managed to do the much-needed moving around of July's photo's and videos so that there is more space on the first page of my site now for August's photo's and video's.

I've also had my porridge and first caffeinated drink of the week today and I really do feel much more human, despite not taking any of my supplements for 3 days, so maybe I just need a sugar fix and caffeine to keep me going every day 😉  I'll hopefully get my sugar fix every morning, as long as Steve keeps making us porrige but I'm only allowed 2-3 doses of caffeine a week according to the doc.

I've also left some feedback on the Freegle site about what I've been able to get rid of via them.  I definitely recommend you join them if you want to give and receive things locally and for free... it's sooo worth it and saves money and waste and tip space❗

71 hours without my supplements now

I haven't taken any supplements for the last 71 hours and my body is starting to struggle now.

It took me a good 5 minutes before I felt able to get up after I woke up, I'm exhausted, no energy, no motivation, no concentration, I'm achey all over, my head is starting to get fuzzy... if it's like this after only 3 days then I dread to think what I'll be like at the weekend, let alone in 11 days time❗

I've taken my prescribed morning pills, so that's it now until tonight.

It's Wednesday, so time to kick off the weekly virus scan and not check my email until that and the backups have finished.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

49 hours without my supplements and now...

...I'm cold as well as tired and having no energy... not happy at all.

Monday, 3 August 2020

I've done prescisely no activity today, so why... I feel more knackered than I did yesterday❓

Answer:  I didn't take any of my supplements that my body still needs.  If I'm struggling after 36 hours then I dread to think what I'll be like after 2 weeks❗  I've gotta take all my pills into the hospital with me, so I'm seriously hoping that I'll be able to take all my supplements as soon as I wake up from the anaesthetic, otherwise I won't even be able to get off the ward, let alone home safely❗❗

I'm gonna head to bed now... I need all the sleep I can get to let my body recover from not being given what it's been desperate for today.  Nite nite orl 💤.

I'm already not looking forward to it!

It's been 26 hours since my last dose of supplements and my body is already feeling the first missed dose.  If I'm already this badly affected after only a few hours without them, then I'm really not looking forward to the next 14 days without them!

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Yes, I'm a liar

When I say "I'm fine" or "I'm OK" I'm lying 'cos I know that the only time you contact me is when you want/need to talk about something.

When you receive a gift that you like, thank Steve.  If you don't like your gift, blame me 'cos I know that if I tell the truth then I "must have forgotten.  Again" to put Steve's name on the tag, even though he didn't even know I'd bought the gifts until literally five minutes before we left the house.

It doesn't matter what I think or feel, as long as I agree with you.

My depression is psychosomatic and magically resolved when I came off the ADs, even though in reality it was because the new recipe had an allergen in it.

My psychosis is fake 'cos I am reducing the dosage of the AP without any negative affects, because I don't talk about what's really going on in my head.

I'm selfish and demanding and frustrating and you give up with me, yet you can't tell me how I'm feeling right now or yesterday or last week or last month, let alone longer ago than that.

I'm a liar about everything and anything you don't like is my fault instead of yours.

So, as well as no longer trusting anyone, I will keep lying too because that's what you all want.  You want a meek, shy, forgiving, trustworthy friend who is there for you at the drop of a hat, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so that's exactly what you'll get until I die.  Then you'll wonder why I didn't confide in you about how badly I was feeling.  Well this blog post will hopefully provide you with the answers.  I don't have any debts any more, so assuming I make it until the end of October this year, Steve will get my full life insurance and the mortgage will be paid off, so he'll only have the groceries and electricity and TV and internet and other ongoing bills to deal with and he can use my life insurance to pay off his debts so that he doesn't have to remortgage the house without my knowledge again.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

I've got Chrome back at last!

I was forced, by something going wrong somewhere, to use Firefox for web browsing instead of Chrome.  I had an update to AVG or Windows or summat a few days ago and figured I'd see if Chrome was working again yet - it was last night and still working when I came back down this morning too, so I'm back to using it as my main browser now... yaaaay❗

I've taken my pills (a few hours later than I like and was already starting to feel the affects after only 27 hours, so being forced to go without them for two weeks again will be awful❗

Both of my fitness trackers are currently charging up and I've achieved all the blobs so far this morning in my FitBit app, so I just need to put them back on before I do the next hours worth of laps 😁

We're having burgers for lunch today.  The rolls are way too small for my veggie burger patties, so Steve's gonna have all six rolls with his meaty burgers again... I'm hoping there will be chips and veggies to go with mine, to fill me up a bit more, so keep your fingers crossed 🤞 that it actually happens.

Gonna carry on reading the book now... I'll hopefully be able to read a chapter before my next set of laps are due.