Monday 31 August 2020

Cake for lunch and puppy walked, so I'm ready for bed now!

 Evenin' all.

We had cakes for lunch, then the puppy had her lunch and slept the afternoon away in her bed.  I took her for her second walk of the day and she went straight back into her bed again... today has really taken it out of her, poor thing.  She was fine when she got going and enjoyed our strolls, but by the time I took her harness off, it really seemed to catch up with her and she got in her bed to sleep it off and recover.  It's only once a week and she didn't have any walks at all during my 2 week self-isolation, so maybe her body just needs to get back into it again.

I'm gonna have a really early night tonight and hope that my body can manage the extra 30 seconds on top of my usual nightly exercises... we shall see❗

I'm exhausted after this morning's 10 squats!

My body is kinda going "WTF are you doing, woman?" now that I've started squatting too, so the planks are gonna be even more of a shock tonight 😄

We're having a reeeeeally unhealthy lunch today 'cos Steve doesn't fancy cooking, so it's cake, cake and more cake today.  Hopefully that'll push my calorie count through the roof which'll help me to gain weight though.

The puppy has just got into her bed, so maybe not lol

Just as I was about to stand up to go and get her harness, she came back into the living room and climbed into her bed, so maybe she's not feeling up to walking as much as I was thinking this morning.  I'm still gonna take her out, but I'll take my lead from her and not force her if she really doesn't feel up to it.


She's just walked out of the living room again, so I'm gonna use the opportunity to take her while I can.  BBS.


That's me morning pills swallowed and...

...a new box of Folic Acid ordered, so time to take the puppy for her stroll now.  She seems more willing to move this morning, so hopefully we'll do the morning stroll in one go instead of splitting it over two like sometimes happens.


I was wrong in my previous post

Just been out to check where the rubbish bods are and they've already been and gone, so I bought the rubbish sack back in and I'm about to take my morning pills then I'll take the puppy out for the first time today.


Mornin' all

My Fitbit didn't record my exercises or sleep again last night, so I've re-paired it again and it'll hopefully work for longer than 3 days this time.


I've put the exercise spreadsheet and last week's Fitbit spreadsheet up on my site now and the rubbish vehicle has gone down the street, so I'll take my morning pills now then take the puppy out for her marathon Monday stroll when it's gone back up.

Sunday 30 August 2020

Taken my last two pills of the day, so... soon as my Fitbit has finished charging up, I'm gonna put it back around my ankle 🦶 and head up to bed 🛌 for an early-ish night.  Gonna say nite nite to you all now though, and I'll sea ewe orl in the morning.

My Fitbit STEPtember targets

It's taken me 11 months to build up the confidence in myself enough to take part in a Fitbit challenge with mainly able-bodied peeps from all over the globe.  We set our own targets for the coming month, so these are mine for STEPtember:


My STEPtember targets are:

10k steps once a week  -/4

7k steps every day  -/30

150 sit-ups every day  -/30

100 leg raises every day  -/30

10 squats a day -/30

10 seconds of front planks a day -/30

10 seconds of left side planks a day -/30

10 seconds of right side planks a day -/30


Could someone hold me accountable for doing this every day pretty please❓  Encouragement works better for me than nagging, but if I miss more than one day without a very good reason, then feel free to nag me.


I wanna put my daily achievements on this blog every night (assuming I remember of course lol) and on the Fitbit community as soon as I come down the next morning.  It doesn't start until 1st September, so tomorrow will be the last day of freedom before I start pushing myself.  Keep your fingers crossed 🤞 for me pretty please❓❗


Jiggled the navigation around a tiny bit

Just moved a page in the navigation bit from the "physical illness" drop-down bit to the "pets" bit 'cos they are walks with the puppy as opposed to anything to do with how I'm feeling and I could never remember which bit it was in even though I coded the flippin' thing, so my visitors stood no chance❗  Bookmarks and stuff will still work, it's literally one line of code that's in a different place now is all.


It's inspired me to hopefully work on the next new page of my site now that I've seen what I'd planned to put in 😆


Walked and fed the puppy for the last time today

The puppy dog was a lot more eager to go on her evening walk than she was this morning... I could barely get her out of her bed this morning, but she was out of her bed and ready to go for her walk before I'd even finished calling "walkies" this evening.  She seemed to cope with the walk a lot better and hopefully enjoyed it more this evening too... maybe her body just takes a while to get going in the mornings now that she's an old lady❓


I must have been really stingy with her lunch 'cos there was getting on for half a bowl of food left for her tea... sorry puppy❗


Had my lunch of...

...omlette (sp?) and waffles, updated D's site for her and my Fitbit is now charging up again.  If you wanna get fitter but don't want to pay more than £40 for a brand-name tracker, you can get the same Fitbit as I've got for £30 off right now... just use the link up there 🠉🠉🠉 before it goes back to its normal price is all - it's been soo worth the money for me.

Achieved a lot this morning too


  1. submitted a manuscript to a publisher, 
  2. taken my pills (including the Calcium),
  3. started the daily virus scan,
  4. taken the puppy for her first walk of the day, 
  5. fed and watered her, 
  6. cleared up her poo 💩 and 
  7. taken the rubbish and recycling out ready for tomorrow morning's collection. 

It's so hot that I said to put the fan on after less than a third of the puppy's walk this morning and it's been on ever since too. 

We're also getting rid of one of our bags of bags to Steve's mum when we go to get our hairs cut again on Thursday.  Usually it's her getting stuff for us, so it feels good to be able to repay her.

Saturday 29 August 2020

That's next week's grocery order placed

Just put in an order for next week... Wednesday this time to see what that's like, but if that's OK (and Steve gets his full order of meat 😄) then I'll be investing in a mid-week delivery pass ready for the week after... I prefer buying things like that in advance 'cos it's one less thing to remember and at only £10 for 3 months it's sooo worth it too.


Had me lunch now

Just had my lunch... just over half of what I usually have and I'm genuinely not hungry any more.  We usually have 4 burgers each a week, but I could only manage 2½ of mine today❗❗  I've put lettuce and tomato's onto next weeks shop and discovered that if we had our groceries delivered mid-week instead of on a Friday or even a Monday, the delivery charge is half price - £1.50 instead of £3❗


I've also got a wobbly tooth as well as a chipped one, so I wish I'd had them both taken out while I was under the general anaesthetic last week 'cos I really can't afford to see a dentist right now.  Ho hum 😟

Achieved quite a lot already this morning

 Mornin' all.

I've taken my morning pills and the Calcium, sorted out a new spreadsheet for exercises that I'm gonna start on Monday, checked my emails and now I'm gonna walk and feed the puppy dog.

This afternoon I'm hoping to study a course or maybe update my websites or something like that... I'm literally so cold that I'm shivering but Steve won't turn the heater on because "it's not Winter yet and I'm sat here in a t-shirt and shorts!" which is pretty much his standard selfishness.  I'm gonna put on a third layer when we get home to try and warm up enough to stop shivering.

Friday 28 August 2020

Soggy weather out there, but the puppy has been...

...walked and fed for the final time today.

I managed to get my Fitbit issues sorted by unpairing it and then rebooting.  It's working again now, so I just need to remember that next time it happens and I could have got it sorted yesterday instead of today then❗

Frustrating morning so far

My Fitbit decided to stop logging everything at 3.33pm yesterday, so I've lost all of everything that's happened since then.  Again.


I've walked and fed the puppy and done my marketing for an author on Facebook.  Had my breakfast and unpaired my Fitbit but my laptop won't let me reconnect it again 👎  Gonna reboot and give it one last chance.


Thursday 27 August 2020

Pills taken, so I'm off to beddy-byes

Absolutely cream crackered, so I'm heading to bed for a reeeeally early night tonight... nitey nite nite orl.


Slllloooowwww afternoon today

I've taken the puppy for her second stroll of the day, answered a Dogs Trust survey as a follow up on one I did last year, completed a Nectar survey and checked Facebook... gonna take my last two pills of the day and have another early night I reckon.


The puppy has been walked and fed now

She's fast asleep, next to me on the sofa now, bless 'er little heart.  The first few times were slow going, but when her legs started working properly it was fine after that.


The puppy really isn't feeling like going for her walk yet

Our tiny little senior rescue puppy is curled up in her bed, so maybe yesterday's walk took more out of her than normal❓  I'll give it an hour or so then try again I reckon.  Maybe a lunchtime walk instead of a morning one today instead❓


Pills taken, virus scan and coffee finished, so time to...

I've taken all my pills until this evening now, the daily smart virus scan has finished and my mug is empty, so time to walk the puppy now.


Wednesday 26 August 2020

Taken my last two pills of the day and now I'm gonna...

...finish looking through the boots on Amazon and then hopefully have an early night.


Puppy has been walked for the last time and totally...

...collapsed between Steve's feet pretty much instantly that her harness was taken off her, poor senior rescue puppy.  I'm not gonna take her out any more today, other than if she needs a wee, but today's walks have taken it out of her even more than our stroll on Monday.  Poor baby girl.

I'm charging up my Fitbit now and Amazon have reduced the price even more since this morning... almost half price now, so grab it while you can before they change the price again❗

One of the two backups has finished and the other one says...

...that the estimated time left is an hour and ten minutes, so I'm gonna go for a wee then try and persuade the puppy to go on her second/final walk of the day.  If she's this tired after only 3 days then what's she gonna be like at the end of the week❓❗ 🙄

Haven't had any nausea after this morning

Haven't had any negative affects from this morning's supplements going into an empty stomach, so I reckon the nausea was just the anaesthetic and I can go back to dosing myself up as soon as I get downstairs and before I take the puppy out for her morning stroll now.  My body is still replenishing its backup supply after those two weeks without them, but it will hopefully be back to normal again soon... it's only every 5 years so that ain't such a bad thing I suppose.

Calcium crunched up and swallowed

Taken my Calcium and spoken to my mum, the virus scan has finished so I've just started the backups.  When they have finished I'll be able to check my email for the first time today.  Had toast for our lunch which has sent my consumed calories through the roof 'cos of the dairy-free spread, but that's OK 'cos I doubt I'll eat anything else for the rest of the day now.


First walk of the day, completed

 Just got back with the puppy dog and she had a very social walk this morning 'cos she got stroked and talked to by a builder and the children next door were at their window for the first time since I started my self-isolation and there have been a couple of birthdays in their family since then too.  The puppy was starting to struggle towards the end of her walk and she's flaked out between Steve's feet now, bless 'er.

We're having toast for lunch today, 'cos Steve forgot to take the soup out of the freezer overnight.  That's OK though, it'll send my calories through the roof again which will hopefully go a small way to helping me to put on more weight so that I don't have to see a Dietician and leave the spot open for someone who really needs the appointment more than I do.

Just taken my morning pills on an empty stomach

Morning all.


I've just taken my morning pills on an empty stomach to see if the initial nausea when I came out of hospital was because of the anaesthetic, as long as I don't feel sick this morning, I'll keep taking them on an empty stomach 'cos that's what I prefer doing.


Running the weekly virus scan atm, so can't check my emails until it's finished, but that's OK 'cos it's only once a week.  It'll be the deep, monthly virus scan in a couple of days so I really can't check my emails then and my machine will be on overnight too so the battery is gonna get really hot unless I remember to click that checkbox in AVG to shut my machine down when it's finished.

Tuesday 25 August 2020

I've taken my last two pills of the day and they are already kicking in, so...

...I'm off to bed.  Nite nite orl, sea ewe 2morrow morning.

Third walkies of the day done and dusted...

...very very windy out there and the puppy poo'd, so I picked most of it up but had to get Steve to pick the last bit up 'cos it just wasn't safe for me.  Fair do's, he did it, but now he hopefully understands why I ask him to not go for a poo or get washed and keep his legs down while I'm out with her. He doesn't usually believe me, but hopefully he will from now on... I'll believe it when I see it though.  It's only a total of about 70 minutes a day, out of 24 hours which I don't think is too much to ask, do you❓


Got a second, slightly longer video on my homepage now

Just taken a slightly longer video of our puppy dog, so there are 2 video's of the puppy dog on my homepage now.  She's slouched back into her bed now, so I think she's had enough of being a media star for one day now, so I'll leave her be now.

The puppy was happy to go out to complete this mornings walk at...

...just gone mid-day, so we're back on track for the last walk of the day at about 4pm-ish again now.


I've taken a video of the puppy dog but stopped the recording, accidentally, before I was ready... oops!  It's currently uploading and I'll put it on my site when it's done and dusted.


Back home after less than half the distance this morning!

Mornin' all.


I've taken my pills and paid for my prescription PPC for the next 3 months (it runs out on Christmas Eve 🤣) so that's my pills paid for now.  I've gotta try and remember to do it for another 3 months in November, which'll take me through to March, then I'll do it for a year at a time again.


I've taken the puppy out for a short walk... she was feeling her age again, so I didn't force her, but I'll take her out for the other half of this morning's walk at lunchtime and back to normal again this evening.  She's an old lady now, so I'm not gonna force her to do more than she feels able to... maybe I should make it 3 walks a day as standard though❓❓  I'm gonna take my lead from the puppy today though - if she doesn't want to do any more lengths at all then that's OK and I won't force her.


Monday 24 August 2020

Second stroll of the day completed now

Came back from the second 'marathon Monday' stroll and the puppy has barely moved since we got back... I'm not going to be going further than the bathroom before bedtime either.


I asked about re-starting my sit-ups and leg raises and the consensus seems to be that it's OK to still do them while I'm trying to put on weight, so I'll re-start that tonight but not do any laps until I've got permission from the nurse.  I hadn't lost any more weight when I was weighed at the hospital last week, so that's good news, I just wanna get back to reducing the size of my belly and thighs again is all.


Might have a mega early night tonight, so that my body can recover from today's walk with the puppy and the sudden shock of the sudden exercises again.


Nite nite orl.


Our first 'marathon Monday' stroll for 3 weeks and...

...we're both totally done in now.  


The puppy is already asleep between Steve's feet and my legs are sorta going "what the..." so that's it for both of us until like 🕓 4 o'clock this afternoon.  I'm not gonna move far from the sofa, and I can almost guarantee that the only time the puppy will move will be to go for a wee and have her lunch.

Talking of food, apparently I'll be having my first ever chip butty for lunch, hopefully with the spread so that my calories can go through the roof again, to help me put on more weight.


I've taken my morning pills and phoned the pharmacy to chase up my prescriptions being delivered, the lady said it'll be "at some point today" so I hope she's right, 'cos I'm running very low on my pills... talking of which, they've just arrived 😀  Still only got 28 of the 2.5 so I hope the CPN can prescribe, like Brad could otherwise I might have to go down to 5mg instead of 7.5mg 🙄

Sunday 23 August 2020

That's the puppy walked and fed as well as...

...the weekly walkies spreadsheet up on my homepage for the first time in 2 weeks (or is it 3❓❓).  Tomorrow is gonna be the real challenge 'cos it's the first 'marathon Monday' stroll for 3 weeks so I'm thinking I won't be moving far from the sofa when we get back❗


As of right now...

...I officially only have clothes that fit me in the house and those clothes are all size 12, for the first time in getting on for two decades.  Just need to lose my belly then I'll be buying size 10 clothes and getting rid of the 12's 👌 👍 

It's all free and saves money and waste in the landfill when the things are still very useable.  Our house is only small and it's another way to save the environment, which I'm all up for doing.

If you're in the UK (not sure about anywhere else in the world, sorry) and you're getting rid of still-usable stuff then definitely join Freegle and offer it on there instead.  Time for our lunch now 🤤

Busy day again today

The rubbish and recycling have gone out, I've walked and fed the puppy, had my breakfast, taken my morning and afternoon pills, refilled my weekly pill organiser, charged up my Fitbit and the size 14 clothes are being collected at mid-day.  We're having a "crisps and cake lunch today" 'cos Steve wants to have a break from cooking today, which is fair enoughski.  I haven't got any plans for today, so I'm just gonna relax and veg out.

Saturday 22 August 2020

There are now, officially... more size 16 clothes left in the house.  I've got 2 bags of size 14 clothes to get rid of next, so I'm gonna offer those now, before I forget.


Feeling considerably better now, thankfully

Dunno what happened this morning with the nausea, but it eventually subsided enough to be able to walk our senior puppy and hasn't come back, thankfully.


The clothes are definitely going this afternoon... any time from now, hopefully.  I've gotta remember to get a new tub of biscuits for the puppy dog on Monday 'cos we've eventually used up the 1.6kg tub so we'll need to get more when I can afford it.  Need to get a new order of supplements in too, thankfully I should just about be able to afford it though, especially as I've got almost 3 months to save up for the supplements, it's just a big order that'll set me back about £75 but it's only once a year so that's OK.



Feel sick now :-(

I've had my breakfast (4 doughnuts 🍩 🤣) and taken most of my morning pills, but I'm feeling sick so didn't want to risk the Calcium.  Gonna wait until lunchtime to walk the puppy now, so that I can let my stomach calm down and give the two bags of clothes to the Freegle lady.  The puppy is fast asleep in her bed atm, so I don't think she'll mind waiting for a few hours for her walk 😉 

Friday 21 August 2020

Achieved a lot since my last post

 I've had me lunch, re-done the walkies spreadsheet, caught up on my emails, queried another agent, taken my last two prescriptions of the day and now I'm off to bed.

The Freegle lady couldn't come before 3.30pm 🕞 so the clothes are going as we originally arranged, tomorrow morning.

I'm off to bed now.  Nite nite orl, see you tomorrow.

Puppy's been walked and fed now... we're right back on track with the walkies and food.

Talking of food, I'm having potato waffles 🧇 for me lunch today and the lady who wants my clothes is potentially coming today instead of tomorrow.  I've given her until 3.30pm 🕞 to come and get them today 'cos I'm totally busy all afternoon and evening after that until the groceries have been and gone.

The puppy really didn't feel like...

...doing our normal lengths of walks today, so I didn't force her... she must really be feeling her age today or something, so I'm gonna take my lead from her today.  Wanna try and do a lunchtime walk with her to take us to the right number of morning lengths, but if she really doesn't want to then I won't force her.

The puppy is fast asleep, so...

...I'm not going to force her to go for her morning stroll for half an hour or so, then I'll try again.


We've got our groceries coming this evening and I've gotta finish off reading and reviewing a book today too.


Poor puppy has just woken up with a start, bless her.  I hope she didn't have a nightmare or anything.  I just want her to be healthy and happy.


Thursday 20 August 2020

Busy day today!

That's the puppy dog walked and fed now...

It was really good this morning.  The puppy didn't poo like she has done on her last two walks since I came out of self-isolation so I didn't feel anxious and she'll be getting a biscuit when she poo's in the back yard.  I've taken my morning pills and the survey I was supposed to be doing this morning has been postponed until tomorrow now... thank you Gaia and Green Man❗  Means that I can stop being anxious about the interview and the fire alarms clashing now.

Apparently the bread is 4 days out of date and it'll be too close to lunchtime to have porridge when the fire alarm checks have been done, so I'm hoping for a biiig lunch today instead.  Pasta, meatballs and sauce 🍴 for lunch today, apparently 🤤

Mornin' all

I've just had my breakfast (angel cake) so that I could take my morning pills.  They all went down pretty easily this morning, thankfully, so hopefully that means today is gonna be a good day 🤞.


We've got someone coming out to check our fire alarms at 10am 🕙 and I've got a survey to do at some point today that'll reward me with a £35 Amazon voucher if I complete it❗ 👍 😌  Just hope it's not at 10am 🕙 🤣.


Gonna go and walk the puppy now 🐕

Wednesday 19 August 2020

Puppy's been walked and fed, so...

...I'm off to beddy-byes now.  Nite nite orl.

Virus scan finished, Calcium taken and...

...backups finished for another week.


Time to start querying children's book agents for the first time this year now... keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 for me pretty please❓❗

Apparently... CPN left his job at the surgery 3 months ago❗


I've got a telephone appointment with the new CPN on 11th September so I hope he can prescribe as well 'cos I'll be totally out of the 2.5mg by then.  If he can't prescribe, then I'll be forced to go down to 5mg a day instead of the 7.5mg that I need right now.  Maybe that's not such a bad thing though❓

Puppy walked and fed, so...

...time to call my doctors surgery for an appointment with my CPN now, before I forget.

Pills taken for the morning

Had 3 biscuits just before taking my 5 morning pills and I haven't felt nauseous at all, so maybe that's what my body needs until it's fully recovered❓  Still got the Calcium to take at lunchtime, then my two APs this evening.  Gotta phone my doctors surgery in a bit to try and get an appointment with my CPN 'cos the pharmacist did something with my prescription that means the doctor will only prescribe 28 pills instead of the 56 that I need and my CPN prescribed❗❗  The nurse has agreed with me twice, as has a doctor and my CPN too, so what gives the pharmacist the right to go against the medical opinion of 3 different medical professionals❓❓



Tuesday 18 August 2020

Book Review: "Are You in Love?" by Onyekachi T Nwosu

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

So far so good with this book.  About to start reading page 13 but I'm wondering why there are only 50 pages and if it's a fiction or non-fiction book?

Up to page 42 now, and other than a few spelling and grammar mistakes that should have been picked up before the book was published, it still reads well and the author is well into their stride... still can't tell if it's supposed to be a fiction or non-fiction book though lol.

A very very quick read (about 5 hours) and mostly worth it.

One long or multiple short?

I'm thinking that I'll go back to the once a day blog posts as soon as I've totally recovered from the anaestethic I had yesterday... what would you all prefer though?  Multiple shorter posts a day or one longer one a day?

My body is starting to recover already

I took my supplements this morning and my body is already processing and making use of them after 14 days without them.  Does it sound weird to say that they are reducing my pain levels too?  I had to ask for paracetamol as soon as I woke up in Recovery yesterday and it barely touched the pain, but since taking my supplements this morning and a single paracetamol a couple of hours ago, I'm totally pain free now!


For the first time in 15 days...

...I've just taken my supplements and my body is kinda going "what the... oooooh!  At last!"  It'll take a few days to get the supplies back up to where they should be, but my body has started to get everything it needs again now.


Spent the majority of yesterday in hospital

Got to the hospital at 7.15am and got home at gone 5pm 🕔 then had a light meal of chips (fries in America) and lashings of tomato ketchup and went to bed before 9pm 🕘 then asleep at just gone 10pm 🕙 according to Fitbit.

I've taken my supplements so I'm gonna walk the puppy 🐕 soon, for the first time in 15 days.  Might wait until 7.45am though, so that I can make sure I feel OK and can get 2 blobs in the app instead of just a single one lol

Sunday 16 August 2020

Just taken my last pills of the day

I've taken my evening prescriptions, Steve wants to show me something on YouTube, I'll do my laps then head straight to bed I reckon.

Just to show the hospital my complete lack of... sense and colour co-ordination, I shall be wearing a bright white bra, dark purple knickers, dark grey top, dark blue ¾ length trousers, multi-coloured socks and grey shoes tomorrow - I don't think the colours could have clashed more if I'd tried 😄  That's just who I am though, if I ever wear anything that co-ordinates it's pure blind luck❗ 🤣

Just seen this on Facebook


Rubbish and recycling sorted and managed to...

...get some photos of our beautiful puppy that I've just uploaded to my homepage.

Laps done, pill taken, puppy fed, tracker charging

Woke up relatively late this morning at just gone 6am 🕕 (for the last little while, I've been down here before 5.30am 🕠 most mornings) so did my laps, took my morning pill, fed the puppy and noticed that my FitBit needed charging up... it's at 75% full, but I won't have time to charge it up tomorrow and I don't want it to run out of charge while I'm in hospital, so just for a change I'm charging it up before it hits 50%.

This is, hopefully, my last day without supplements 'cos I'm hoping I'll be able to take them as soon as I wake up from the anaesthetic tomorrow, while I'm waiting to be discharged... my body is crying out for them and is really struggling to function without them, so the sooner I'm allowed to take them again, the better.

Saturday 15 August 2020

Just finished doing the final set of laps... I'm rewarding myself and my body with an early night.  I'll be back again tomorrow at some point though, my body is just seriously struggling after 12 days since the last dose of vitamins and minerals is all.


Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe 2morro 💤😴


Absolutely cream crackered again, sooo...

...I'm gonna head straight to bed as soon as I've done my 7pm laps again.  Maybe the last couple of days have been my body saying "enough is enough without the supplements that I'm so desperate for" and it's really scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep me going each day now❓

I'm hopefully gonna remember to ask if I can take my supplements as soon as I wake up from the GA on Monday morning so that my body can start to recover and replenish it's stocks of everything again.  It's every 5 years so it's not too bad I s'pose.  I just hope my recovery is speedy 'cos I've got an online survey on Thursday to do over the phone and a marketing job to do for someone's book on the 28th, then the court thing on 2nd September and hopefully my final blood pressure check on the 10th so I've gotta make the most of the time I've got to recover from being put under.  It's all go from tomorrow onwards for a couple of weeks and I've gotta persuade Steve to help me sort the kitchen stuff out for the Freegle lady when I've recovered too.  I'm gonna take things reeeeaaallly easy after that though... my body has got to heal after going through so much for the next fortnight 😩

Morning pill taken, daily virus scan started

Just taken my first pill of the day and I'm feeling a lot more like myself again now, thankfully... no more fuzzy ears or anything.  I'm gonna order my next prescription and try and remember to ask for an appointment with Brad to get the prescription changed on the 2.5mg one.  Again.  This is the third time I've had to do this and it's starting to piss me off now.


The money for the bills hasn't come out yet, but that's OK 'cos it's Saturday and not even 9am 🕘 yet 🙄🤣


Does anyone have a personal blog that I can go and read and maybe subscribe/follow pretty please❓  Especially if you regularly read this one❗  Just leave me a quick reply to this email with the URL(s) in and I'll go and have a read of 'em.

Time to order my prescriptions then I'm all set for the day I reckon.

Friday 14 August 2020

Pills taken, so I'm heading to bed

All the anxiety of the last few days has smashed into me like a brick, so I'm heading to bed for a very early night now.  I'll be back again tomorrow, hopefully feeling more like myself again by then, but for now I'm gonna say nite nite to you all.  💤


Back now...

...and while it was bad and I gagged, that was only 'cos the swab went down my throat as well as my nose.  Fortunately it was nowhere near as bad as I was dreading and it's done now, so I'm having a Chocochino (only half way through the bag of 50 pods I ordered in late December 2018) (we've got a Dolce Gusto machine that's currently less than half the price) as a reward.


I'm currently arguing with Steve about our lunch.  Yesterday afternoon he promised curry, by the evening it had changed to s'getti and vegan meatballs but that changed again just now to "eggs and something" so I threw a mini strop and we're back to the s'getti now, thankfully.  It's been so long since we last had spaghetti that I can't remember how to twist it around the fork❗  🤣



Pills taken, anxiety through the roof

I've taken me two morning pills now and as each minute passes and it gets closer to the Covid test, the more anxious I feel.  I'm sure it'll be fine, but that doesn't stop my nerves, it'll be the same when I'm wheeled down for the anaesthetic on Monday too.

Thursday 13 August 2020

Been an easy afternoon today, so why... I so bleedin' wiped out❓❓

I've taken me pills so I'm gonna have a really early night methinks.  Nite nite orl 💤.

Laps done twice, bath had, lunch eaten

Achieved a lot since I shut down... done two sets of laps, had a bath, got dressed into clean clothes and had my lunch.  I'm squeaky clean, full and ready to take on the afternoon now.  


Steve gave me a bit of a shock about why I might have had the BSoD last night... Chrome (my favourite and main browser) was running on his machine at over 80℃ but Firefox and Edge were only in the 60's❗  I decided to try to remember to use Edge instead of Chrome while the virus scan was running to see if that helps to cut off the problems with it shutting down unexpectedly.  It's only once a week after all 👌

Backups and restore point sorted, soooo...

 ...time to carry on with my day now.

That's the 7am laps done and dusted

 Just done my first set of laps of the day and one of the back-ups have finished and the last one is 80% complete, so hopefully it'll finish up soon.

Woke up at 4.30am...

...and couldn't get back to sleep.  Could do with that happening on Monday so that I can take my pills before going in to hospital.


I've taken me Thursday morning pill now and the backups are under way so I just need to create a restore point then that's it for the day.  Gonna go and do my laps while I'm waiting... hopefully I'll finish my first set of laps just before the back-ups finish 🤞

Wednesday 12 August 2020

We have rain!!

Just as I finished my laps I felt literally a single drop of rain on my head... half an hour later and it's heavy hail and rain which will hopefully break the overwhelming heat a bit and make the temperature slightly cooler tomorrow.

My backups are under way and I'm doing both my documents and everything else at the same time this time.  Haven't been able to check my email all day, so I hope that's not an indication of what'll happen every week from now on.

Just had a reminder come up on my phone to take y prescription, so I'll do that now, while I remember.

OK, pills taken, so I'm gonna publish this looooong blog post now.

First (and possibly only) course...

...of the day finished with a final score of 90%.  I've updated my navigation page and the completed courses pages with the certificate, just in time to do my (just gone) 4pm laps.

Oh boy!

The morning started off fine and dandy, it was just when I started fiddling around with the form I created yesterday that the problems started.  They seem to be fixed now though and I've had my breakfast, so hopefully the rest of the day will go better than this morning did.


I've taken my two morning prescriptions and had me breakfast so that's that done for another morning.  Time to work out which course to study this morning now.  I'm pondering on doing the Key Account Management Certificate to start the day off with.

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Off to beddy-byes now

My pills are starting to kick in, so I'm gonna do my last laps of the day and head to bed.  Gonna shut down now though, so I'll say nite nite orl.


Got 1 question wrong on that course

Just done the Emergency Procedures in the Workplace and got my first question wrong all afternoon, but that's still good going considering I answered 49 out of the 50 right this afternoon, which is 98% right so that's definitely something to be proud of I reckon.


That's me done with the studying for today though, so I'm gonna take my evening pills and head to bed for a well-deserved early night I reckon.


I'm on a roll!

 Four courses in about 5 hours and I've achieved 100% on every one of 'em... even the maffs one❗

Emergency procedures in the workplace course next mefinks.  It's a single module course, so hopefully I'll remember all the answers for the assessment at the end of it 🤞

That's 3 courses completed this afternoon

Another 100% in the bag.  Gonna do the Budgeting Basics course after I've had me tea... maffs has never been easy for me so I doubt I'll get 100% on the end of course assessment for that one, but that's OK 'cos it's good to stretch yourself occasionally... it keeps my brain ticking over and I might find a way to handle my money better❗

Just finished my second course of the afternoon...

...and scored a huge 100% on each of them❗  😁


Fitbit page updated with...

...last week's email report.  You can see it here if you want to❓

Time to get on with the studying for the first time today now... the childminding certificate first, methinks.

Laps done and I've heard back from my doc...

...I need to go down to the surgery with photo ID to fix the problem, so I'm hoping that Marie can take me down there after the Covid test on Friday.


I've also got 2 hours in the bank for today now 'cos I've obviously done a lot of walking that haven't been laps 'cos I've got 5 blobs instead of 3 in the Fitbit app now 🤣 

My optician sent me a letter, saying...

...that my sight test is overdue, so I've just phoned them and they said to call again at the end of August for routine tests, which is a huge relief 'cos I can't afford to have it done yet 🤣


I'm gonna save up every penny between now and then so that I can afford to have it done... I haven't noticed any changes, so that's reassuring, but I didn't get the lenses changed last time, so I'll need to this time which means it'll be an expensive visit 🙄


Laps done, morning pill taken...

 ...accidentally did two hours of laps instead of one, so I've got one in the bank so far today, just in case my doctors call to help me with their website.

Monday 10 August 2020

Not gonna do laps or studying today

I've taken my two Monday morning pills and lent Steve the money for his mobile phone bill... bet I won't see it again though, just like with everything else.  I'm gonna give my body a rest today - no laps or studying at all, just a total rest day.  I wanna put a form up on my writing site using the things I learnt at the weekend today, so I'm gonna do that now before I forget 🤣


Sunday 9 August 2020

Final course of the day finished

 Just finished the last course in the bundle and scored an awesome 100% on it, so I had some coffee cake to celebrate and I'm off to bed for the night now.  Nite nite orl.

Been a busy bunny!

 Since finishing the last course, I've done my final laps of the day, taken my evening pills, put my fitness watch (the one that does heart rate and blood pressure readings as opposed to the Fitbit) on to charge, scrubbed out my mug and the puppy's food bowl and now I'm gonna study my last course of the day then head to bed, hopefully for an early night.

Third one done and dusted

Just finished my third course of the day.  Got two more left to go before I complete a bundle course and I'm gonna spend tomorrow learning about programming.  I'm not gonna let myself get stressed out or angry or frustrated or disappointed or anything like that, I'm gonna take notes and aim to do one in the morning and one in the evening tomorrow.  I'm gonna try doing a programming course every other day then spend the rest of the time learning about things that I've chosen instead of the courses I've got for Steve and have been given them too... I'll take all the freebies I can get 😃

Second course of the day...

...finito, appropriate pages updated and I'm in the studying headspace again now, so gonna get straight on with my next course now.

It's taken the majority of the day, but...

...I've just finished studying the first course of the day with an end of course score of 90% which ain't too bad.  Gonna be studying a course on building resiliance after I've done me 5pm 🕔 laps. 

My internet connection disappeared so...

 ...I had to reboot to get it back then I had email problems to sort out and lunch will be ready soon, so it's been a bit of a disasterous morning this morning.

Gonna have my lunch then start the studying again, with hopefully more success this afternoon❗ 🙄


About to start on the first course of the day

I've done 2 sets of laps and had my breakfast 🍴 so I can concentrate on studying until 11am 🕚 now.

Saturday 8 August 2020

Just completed my last set of laps, sooo...

...I'm gonna shut down now and go and sort my clothes out, ready for Freegleing when I've recovered from the procedure that I'm having in 9 days time.

I was wrong...

I've done four courses today, not three, according to my emails - the two HTML/CSS ones, the safeguarding vulnerable adults one and the speech therapy introduction.


Gonna go and do my laps then head to bed now... nite nite orl. 


Third course eventually passed

Just taken the introduction to speech therapy course.  Got 100% on the first test, but it took 3 attempts to pass the second test.  It's all done and dusted now though and I'm not gonna study any more.  Just got one more set of laps to do at 8pm 🕗 then I'm gonna head off to bed 🛌.

Second course of the day...

...completed and I just about scraped through the pass.  If I'd got one single question more wrong then I would have failed.


Got several single module courses ready and waiting for me to take to ease myself out of the website creation head-space, so I'm gonna study one of those then I'm gonna do my 6pm laps, then a couple more courses before heading to bed for hopefully an early night - bet I'll still be awake at 10pm 🕙 though 🙄 😄

That's the first course of the day finished, sooo...'s now time to do this hours laps then start on my next course.

Busy morning so far

I've taken my morning pills, fed the puppy, done one set of laps and started studying a course on HTML 5 and CSS.  Thankfully the modules have been really short and I've known about everything that has been covered so far, which is reassuring, so hopefully I'll get the entire course finished by the time we have our lunch.  Keep your fingers crossed that I manage to pass the end of course assessment please!

Friday 7 August 2020

Quick! Before Amazon change their minds!

I've been having a bit more of an explore and it's usually only a 30 day free trial, so they are feeling particularly generous atm by tripling it to 90 days free❗❗  


You get unlimited ultra HD access to literally millions of songs that are available as soon as they are released and you get to hear it exactly how the music artist intended it and there are no ads either, so it's better than the radio❗

It's free for the first 90 days then it's a recurring subscription of £7.99 a month after that - sounds like an amazing offer to me - sign up here before Amazon change their minds❗❗

Free music for 90 days!!

If you're an Amazon UK customer who loves listening to music (I certainly do - it lets me zone out and escape for a while), they are currently offering a 90 day free trial of Amazon Music that you can get by following this link.  It's a recurring subscription after that, but if you cancel within the 90 day free trial then you won't be charged a penny.

I reckon you should at least give it a try❗


The free trial option is only available until 18th August 2020, so you've got 11 days... go on, you know you want to❗

Brave Baby Bumble Bee

I've just been into the bathroom and heard an increasingly loud buzzing in the bath.  When I followed the sound, I spotted Baby Bumble Bee 💖 in there and my heart went out to him/her again.

I opened the bathroom window while I was washing my hands then closed it again when the buzzing had stopped.

Either Baby Bumble Bee's sense of direction is waaaay off or s/he's getting increasingly braver.  Maybe it's weird to say, but I'm starting to care more and more for that little soul!

I will always help an animal in distress, especially if it's something quick and easy like the sugar water or opening a window... they are all alive and deserve to live, just because they are smaller than me is even more reason for me to do what I can for them!

Could my physical cruddiness be because... blood sugar is too low first thing❓

I've felt significantly better this week than I did last time I had to stop taking my supplements for two weeks and the only thing that has changed is that I'm having breakfast with a reasonable amount of white sugar every morning now and I wasn't last time... literally everything else is the same.  Might be something to ask my doc/nurse about next time I see them❓

Thursday 6 August 2020

Hectic day today!

I've been a busy bee today.

Did my first laps as soon as I came down when I woke up and been doing them every other hour since then.  Steve made our breakfast and lunch so that's it as far as food goes for the rest of the day now.  We'll be having sarnies and cake for our lunch tomorrow 'cos it'll be so blisteringly hot outside so Steve won't feel up to cooking for us. 

My legs are shocked at suddenly being used for the first time since the weekend so I'm not gonna do any more laps now... especially now that I've spotted Baby Bumble Bee needing another drink.  I've put 3 sugar waters out in foil trays then they are in a plastic tray so it'll hopefully be more stable too.

I've gotta return the replacement Fitbit that didn't work so Marie's gonna take it back with her tomorrow evening apparently.  Thank you Marie❗

Time for me to take my nightly pills now, then I'm gonna head to bed for the night, so I'll say nite nite orl now... sea ewe at some point tomorrow.  💤

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Virus scan, back-ups and...

...system restore point sorted for another week, which means I can check my emails for the first time today now.

Got the dreaded... screen of death while I was printing off the letter for my GP, so things have been veeerrrrryyy sllloooowww to start back up and I'm having to restart my weekly back-ups from scratch again.

Steve's got the fan on now 'cos he's hot and I'm starting to regret taking my cosy warm cardi back upstairs now.

Busy morning so far!

There are a few videos of the puppy dog up on my site now and I've managed to do the much-needed moving around of July's photo's and videos so that there is more space on the first page of my site now for August's photo's and video's.

I've also had my porridge and first caffeinated drink of the week today and I really do feel much more human, despite not taking any of my supplements for 3 days, so maybe I just need a sugar fix and caffeine to keep me going every day 😉  I'll hopefully get my sugar fix every morning, as long as Steve keeps making us porrige but I'm only allowed 2-3 doses of caffeine a week according to the doc.

I've also left some feedback on the Freegle site about what I've been able to get rid of via them.  I definitely recommend you join them if you want to give and receive things locally and for free... it's sooo worth it and saves money and waste and tip space❗

71 hours without my supplements now

I haven't taken any supplements for the last 71 hours and my body is starting to struggle now.

It took me a good 5 minutes before I felt able to get up after I woke up, I'm exhausted, no energy, no motivation, no concentration, I'm achey all over, my head is starting to get fuzzy... if it's like this after only 3 days then I dread to think what I'll be like at the weekend, let alone in 11 days time❗

I've taken my prescribed morning pills, so that's it now until tonight.

It's Wednesday, so time to kick off the weekly virus scan and not check my email until that and the backups have finished.

Tuesday 4 August 2020

49 hours without my supplements and now...

...I'm cold as well as tired and having no energy... not happy at all.

Monday 3 August 2020

I've done prescisely no activity today, so why... I feel more knackered than I did yesterday❓

Answer:  I didn't take any of my supplements that my body still needs.  If I'm struggling after 36 hours then I dread to think what I'll be like after 2 weeks❗  I've gotta take all my pills into the hospital with me, so I'm seriously hoping that I'll be able to take all my supplements as soon as I wake up from the anaesthetic, otherwise I won't even be able to get off the ward, let alone home safely❗❗

I'm gonna head to bed now... I need all the sleep I can get to let my body recover from not being given what it's been desperate for today.  Nite nite orl 💤.

I'm already not looking forward to it!

It's been 26 hours since my last dose of supplements and my body is already feeling the first missed dose.  If I'm already this badly affected after only a few hours without them, then I'm really not looking forward to the next 14 days without them!

Sunday 2 August 2020

Yes, I'm a liar

When I say "I'm fine" or "I'm OK" I'm lying 'cos I know that the only time you contact me is when you want/need to talk about something.

When you receive a gift that you like, thank Steve.  If you don't like your gift, blame me 'cos I know that if I tell the truth then I "must have forgotten.  Again" to put Steve's name on the tag, even though he didn't even know I'd bought the gifts until literally five minutes before we left the house.

It doesn't matter what I think or feel, as long as I agree with you.

My depression is psychosomatic and magically resolved when I came off the ADs, even though in reality it was because the new recipe had an allergen in it.

My psychosis is fake 'cos I am reducing the dosage of the AP without any negative affects, because I don't talk about what's really going on in my head.

I'm selfish and demanding and frustrating and you give up with me, yet you can't tell me how I'm feeling right now or yesterday or last week or last month, let alone longer ago than that.

I'm a liar about everything and anything you don't like is my fault instead of yours.

So, as well as no longer trusting anyone, I will keep lying too because that's what you all want.  You want a meek, shy, forgiving, trustworthy friend who is there for you at the drop of a hat, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so that's exactly what you'll get until I die.  Then you'll wonder why I didn't confide in you about how badly I was feeling.  Well this blog post will hopefully provide you with the answers.  I don't have any debts any more, so assuming I make it until the end of October this year, Steve will get my full life insurance and the mortgage will be paid off, so he'll only have the groceries and electricity and TV and internet and other ongoing bills to deal with and he can use my life insurance to pay off his debts so that he doesn't have to remortgage the house without my knowledge again.

Saturday 1 August 2020

I've got Chrome back at last!

I was forced, by something going wrong somewhere, to use Firefox for web browsing instead of Chrome.  I had an update to AVG or Windows or summat a few days ago and figured I'd see if Chrome was working again yet - it was last night and still working when I came back down this morning too, so I'm back to using it as my main browser now... yaaaay❗

I've taken my pills (a few hours later than I like and was already starting to feel the affects after only 27 hours, so being forced to go without them for two weeks again will be awful❗

Both of my fitness trackers are currently charging up and I've achieved all the blobs so far this morning in my FitBit app, so I just need to put them back on before I do the next hours worth of laps 😁

We're having burgers for lunch today.  The rolls are way too small for my veggie burger patties, so Steve's gonna have all six rolls with his meaty burgers again... I'm hoping there will be chips and veggies to go with mine, to fill me up a bit more, so keep your fingers crossed 🤞 that it actually happens.

Gonna carry on reading the book now... I'll hopefully be able to read a chapter before my next set of laps are due.