Saturday 15 August 2020

Absolutely cream crackered again, sooo...

...I'm gonna head straight to bed as soon as I've done my 7pm laps again.  Maybe the last couple of days have been my body saying "enough is enough without the supplements that I'm so desperate for" and it's really scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep me going each day now❓

I'm hopefully gonna remember to ask if I can take my supplements as soon as I wake up from the GA on Monday morning so that my body can start to recover and replenish it's stocks of everything again.  It's every 5 years so it's not too bad I s'pose.  I just hope my recovery is speedy 'cos I've got an online survey on Thursday to do over the phone and a marketing job to do for someone's book on the 28th, then the court thing on 2nd September and hopefully my final blood pressure check on the 10th so I've gotta make the most of the time I've got to recover from being put under.  It's all go from tomorrow onwards for a couple of weeks and I've gotta persuade Steve to help me sort the kitchen stuff out for the Freegle lady when I've recovered too.  I'm gonna take things reeeeaaallly easy after that though... my body has got to heal after going through so much for the next fortnight 😩

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