Sunday 30 August 2020

My Fitbit STEPtember targets

It's taken me 11 months to build up the confidence in myself enough to take part in a Fitbit challenge with mainly able-bodied peeps from all over the globe.  We set our own targets for the coming month, so these are mine for STEPtember:


My STEPtember targets are:

10k steps once a week  -/4

7k steps every day  -/30

150 sit-ups every day  -/30

100 leg raises every day  -/30

10 squats a day -/30

10 seconds of front planks a day -/30

10 seconds of left side planks a day -/30

10 seconds of right side planks a day -/30


Could someone hold me accountable for doing this every day pretty please❓  Encouragement works better for me than nagging, but if I miss more than one day without a very good reason, then feel free to nag me.


I wanna put my daily achievements on this blog every night (assuming I remember of course lol) and on the Fitbit community as soon as I come down the next morning.  It doesn't start until 1st September, so tomorrow will be the last day of freedom before I start pushing myself.  Keep your fingers crossed 🤞 for me pretty please❓❗


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