Monday 24 August 2020

Second stroll of the day completed now

Came back from the second 'marathon Monday' stroll and the puppy has barely moved since we got back... I'm not going to be going further than the bathroom before bedtime either.


I asked about re-starting my sit-ups and leg raises and the consensus seems to be that it's OK to still do them while I'm trying to put on weight, so I'll re-start that tonight but not do any laps until I've got permission from the nurse.  I hadn't lost any more weight when I was weighed at the hospital last week, so that's good news, I just wanna get back to reducing the size of my belly and thighs again is all.


Might have a mega early night tonight, so that my body can recover from today's walk with the puppy and the sudden shock of the sudden exercises again.


Nite nite orl.


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