Friday 14 August 2020

Back now...

...and while it was bad and I gagged, that was only 'cos the swab went down my throat as well as my nose.  Fortunately it was nowhere near as bad as I was dreading and it's done now, so I'm having a Chocochino (only half way through the bag of 50 pods I ordered in late December 2018) (we've got a Dolce Gusto machine that's currently less than half the price) as a reward.


I'm currently arguing with Steve about our lunch.  Yesterday afternoon he promised curry, by the evening it had changed to s'getti and vegan meatballs but that changed again just now to "eggs and something" so I threw a mini strop and we're back to the s'getti now, thankfully.  It's been so long since we last had spaghetti that I can't remember how to twist it around the fork❗  🤣



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