Thursday 31 March 2022

Nite nite orl

I'm off to bed for the night now... behave yourselves and stay safe and legal.

See you tomorrow morning.

Nite nite orl.

Does anyone have...

...any very simple recipes for easy, quick, sugar-free, vegan puds that don't require much preparation and ideally no cooking.

We've got very little room in our kitchen and literally an oven, a grill, a toaster, a bread maker, a slow cooker and a kettle.  We've got a sandwich toaster and air fryer, but they haven't even been taken out of their boxes yet and I wanna leave them there until I'm more confident in my cooking abilities.

We've got 3 saucepans, 2 frying pans, a hand held blender, 2 round cake tins, 2 baking sheet things and a set of scales.  We've got 4kg of white rice and a bit of pasta and 4 weeks menus already planned out, but we'd both like to try something new to us soon but we're both out of ideas.  The cheaper and easier the recipe is, the better.

Our minds are pretty open, we just need quick and easy recipes that sound yummy and are done and dusted within half an hour from start to finish.

I'd love to have a read of your recipes if you wanna leave them in the comments under this blog post?  Please?


Today's (31st March 2022) afternoon snack photo

After so much accidental black pepper for lunch, I decided my mouth/tastebuds needed a bit of sweet relief, so Steve got me 3 vegan chocolate cookies with his lunch and they are sooo good.


Taken my afternoon pill and...

...Steve's decided to have a Subway meal for his lunch, so has asked if I want anything for later.  I'm gonna have a look but might just get cookies or something so that I can have them for a snack either this afternoon or tomorrow (or both lol)

Today's (31st March 2022) lunch photos

My hubby/carer made my lunch today - 6 fried eggs and two slices of multi-seeded brown bread.  Apparently the lid fell off the pepper mid-grinding so there was waaay too much pepper on them, but that's OK 'cos he's only human!

The two photos of my lunch are really blurry today, but at that point I was so hungry I didn't care lol


Thank you for doing my lunch today Steve!


Today's (31st March 2022) breakfast photo

Just my usual tropical fruits granola and a touch too much soya milk this morning.  I had to put the spoon into the bowl before I took the photo so that you could see that there really was some granola in there lol


That's two more...

...invoices paid for another year and I was amazed at how long I'd been using the products for - one was 2015 and the other was 2013!!

One less thing to worry about now for another year.

Mornin' all

I woke up almost 2 hours later than I usually do this morning, so my body obviously needed the extra time to recover from the last couple of very late nights.

I've taken my morning pills, started the virus scan and have just used the opportunity of my carer being awake to make myself my first caffeinated drink of the week, so I'll be rushing/stumbling backwards and forwards to the bathroom for the rest of the day now lol  It'll wake me up more than usual, so I can be more aware of what my carer wants/needs me to do.

The virus scan has just finished and my computer is still free of nasties, thankfully.

I got some moulds delivered yesterday, so I'll be trying them out for our lunch today - it'll just be the fried eggs today, which I bet my carer will complain about but I really don't care, considering he says that he "cooks all her meals for her" but hasn't actually done more than drain water and combine pasta 'n' sauce or curry 'n' rice since before NaNo!

Woops!  I was wrong!  I'm sorry for my mistake.  I've just checked the photos and Steve last made a meal for me on 10th February, so that's 1 month, 2 weeks and 4 days ago - I've made all the meals since then though and it's definitely not the "every meal" he claims that he makes.

Steve is supposed to be having a home visit from the district nurse either today or tomorrow, so I hope she doesn't turn up while I'm cooking or we're eating, but, knowing my luck, that's exactly what'll happen lol

Time to crack on with the news until my carer wakes up and I've drained my coffee I reckon.

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Nite nite orl

Steve's just woken up and decided to refill his pill box for the next 7 days, so I'm thinking that now would be a good time for me to head up to bed.

I've already worked 3 hours and 35 minutes overtime this week so it's gonna be another week of mucho care given and very little received I reckon.  85 hours should be pretty doable and I might even be able to approach 90 hours after last night's very late night.  I've had 1 hour 27 minutes of care from my carer so far this week and I've provided 38 hours and 35 minutes of care for him, so who's the carer judging by those numbers?  Answer:  not me apparently.

I'm sure you're all fed up of that particular rant by now, so I'm gonna say nite nite two ewe orl and I'll see you tomorrow.

Washing up done... and drink made for my carer, pills taken, support given (as opposed to received) online again and I'm just about done in for the day after such a late night of support last night (14 hours of care and I didn't get to bed until after 10pm) but I've gotta keep caring for my carer until he wakes up for long enough for me to say goodnight to him, then it all starts again tomorrow.

I've found one last bottle of orange juice in the fridge, so I've gotta remember to give that to my carer with his breakfast.  We're potentially having fried eggs for lunch again tomorrow, using the egg shapey things that got delivered today, so I stand a chance of being able to eat twice tomorrow instead of the once I've eaten today.  Thankfully the 3 hot chocolates have stopped my belly from rumbling and sent my calories through the roof today though.

That's the back-ups done...

...and Steve's had two lunches today as well as his breakfast, but I haven't eaten anything since I had anything since my breakfast (other than 3 very high calorie drinking chocolates) and my delivery is due any time now, so I won't be eating anything else yet again today, but Steve's eaten three times and had 3 hot drinks, so that's all that matters, right?  He'll want his tea in a few hours too, so he'll have eaten four times by the time I head to bed, compared to my once, but that doesn't seem to matter to anyone, as long as Steve eats, drinks and can claim credit for doing it (I've been called a liar when I've corrected him so I've learnt to keep my mouth shut now and just let him keep on lieing to his family and medical bods and anyone else who asks/assumes).  


I've got proof that he cares for me for under 2 hours a week and he's been keeping a spreadsheet that proves it too.  I've also got proof that I frequently care for him for over 85 hours a week but apparently I'm lieing about that too <shrug>

Basically he's recognised and paid as my carer for caring for me for under 10% of the 35 hours he claims he does and I'm unpaid, unrecognised and called a liar for caring for him for considerably more than double the required minimum <shrug>

Pills taken now, so...

...I'm gonna go and make part 2 of Steve's lunch, then wait for the deliveries then make a start on the product test - gonna be a busy bunny this afternoon by the looks of things lol  I've had to re-start the backups again 'cos they stopped at 92% and 93% so I'm hoping they'll get all the way through this time lol

Looks like... breakfast was my only meal again today then 'cos Steve just wanted the bread and spread for his lunch and my legs are feeling too wobbly to stand up for long enough to make myself my soup for lunch, so today's calories are coming from the granola, soya milk and 2 drinking chocolates today which have sent my calorie count through the roof but the granola is gonna be the only solid thing in my belly and I've gotta save the bread for Steve's tea tonight and his lunch and tea tomorrow, so he'll have got through 2 loaves of bread all bar the two slices I had last week, but as long as he's fed and doesn't go hungry or thirsty then that's all that matters seemingly.

I'm just grateful that the drinking chocolate is over 500 calories per mug so that I'm over budget without eating very much today.

When the delivery has turned up I'll go and make a start on the first part of the product test.  This one can be made public straight away, I've just gotta remember to put it onto my Instagram account with the appropriate hash tags and link to the appropriate pages I've put it on is all.

News on 30th March 2022

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30th March 2022

Toddler’s friendship with Publix grocer goes viral, inspires charity

Liverpool Festival Celebrates Ramadan

Today's (30th March 2022) breakfast photo

Just had my breakfast... a gorgeous and healthy bowl of tropical fruits granola and soya milk.

It's instant soup for lunch so I'll hopefully remember to put up a photo of that too.

We're not having juices any more 'cos they are so high in sugar, so it's hot drinks, smoothies, milkshakes and water for me from now on.  I'm not missing the orange juices as much as I thought I would, but I guess that's 'cos I didn't have them every morning like Steve did.  What other juices can we have that have got very little (if any) sugar in them please?

Here's today's breakfast photo:

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I had a very late-for-me morning this morning, but I've remembered not to open my email programmes, set the weekly scan running and taken my morning pills so far today.

Steve's considering cancelling his medical appointment yet again and he doesn't want a solid breakfast now so I'm just gonna have a milkshake and test out the product with just the mug and glass instead of caked onto the bowl cereal.  Mind you, I'll only be having soup for lunch so I need the extra calories from the granola this morning, so I'm gonna go and make myself a bowl after all.

I'm expecting a delivery from Amazon today and I've gotta charge up my FitBit too, so I'd best go and get breakfast sorted while I remember.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Just taken my pills...

...almost 2 hours later than usual, but I had a product testing package to wait for so didn't want to take my pills before it arrived and risk being too tired to answer the door to it.  I've taken the first photo of it and taken my last two pills of the day now though, so I'm just waiting for the side effects to kick in so that I can head off to beddy-byes.

I'm hoping I can upload progress reports as I increase the challenge I set for it, starting tomorrow and seeing how it copes by Sunday lol

That's the... on the counter documented and I've got a 4 page list of all our food (but no drinks, other than hot drink jars and boxes) and I'm hoping to keep a closer eye on it from now on.  The counter is already more organised and I can see and reach all the spices now and other than the fresh lemons, I'm all sorted for the cold season with the runny honey too.

There's a barely touched tub of chocolate milkshake powder that I rediscovered too, so I'll be able to make myself some soya chocolate milkshakes now as a difference that's cheaper and more appropriate to my tastes than the one I've been getting litre cartons of up to now - especially as I'm used to the strong flavour of soya milk now!

Gonna go and do the washing up then make myself half a litre of chocolate milkshake lol

Just done...

...a tiny bit of rearranging in the kitchen.

I moved the boxes with the Chocochino pods for our Dolce Gusto machine over to where the spice rack, jars of coffee and salt were, slid the spice rack into the new space and put the coffee and salt in front of it.  We're more likely to use the spices than the Dolce Gusto machine and I can now reach them and hopefully get inspired to use them more now.

Just a minor rearrangement, but it made sense to make use of the opportunity of having Steve's seat out of the way when I got the glasses out of the cupboard for us to have half a bottle of Lipton Peach ice tea each.  It tastes even better out of a glass rather than the plastic bottle lol

I'm inspired to list all the things on the counter on the "available food" document now too so that it's completely accurate and I can tidy up a bit more while I'm doing it too, now that I have a bit of motivation to do it!

Wish me luck!

Today's (29th March 2022) lunch photo

Just a simple but surprisingly filling lunch today - eggs and chips with plenty of pepper on the eggs and "chip seasoning" on the chips.

We've got a small fruit bread with today's grocery delivery, so we're hopefully gonna polish off a good chunk of it for tea along with soya spread to really send my calorie count through the roof, but that's OK 'cos I was pretty significantly under the calorie budget yesterday, so if I have a couple of slices of the fruit bread and a serving of the soya spread on each slice, that'll hopefully make up for the calories I was under yesterday... mind you, Steve's medical appointment is tomorrow instead of Thursday this week, so we are pondering on having it for lunch then either instead of or as well as the soup that's on the menu for tomorrow and Thursday.

Here's today's lunch photo a couple of hours late:

Today's (29th March 2022) breakfast photo

Our groceries turned up mid second mouthful, so I've only just been able to resize the photo and put it up here for you all.

T'was just my last Graze box of "Poppy Seed & Onion Bagel" but this time it was very poppy seedish and very little bagel lol


Washing up done, brushes and...

...JanNo rewards ordered, Steve's just said that his medical appointment is tomorrow instead of Thursday, so I'm predicting he'll have to go upstairs and the lift won't work so he'll use that as an excuse not to go.


We're not having breakfast or a hot drink this morning, because of the groceries coming in about half an hour, so the eggs and chips will go down our throats at a rate of knotts again lol


My belly is rumbling though, so I'm gonna have my last Graze punnet just to keep me going.


BBIAB with the photo.


Mornin' all

How are you all doing this cold, grey morning?

I'm doing OK-ish.  So far this morning I've taken my morning pills, rediscovered a months supply of 3 of them, adjusted the totals of yesterday's spreadsheet for the things I did after I'd shut down my laptop, started the virus scan and had the grocery substitution email - Steve's peppered steak slice is out of stock and has been replaced with a steak and Guiness slice again, but everything else is in stock today, so lets see what the grocery split is like, shall we?

My stuff:  £7.26
Steve's stuff:  £16.63
Joint stuff:  £23.42

So I'm very happy with today's totals and I hope it carries on like this!  We've got loads of freezer stuff this week which will be used up over the next 3 weeks so it's definitely helping to have a menu of each weeks food!


Steve's gone in to the bathroom, so I'm gonna go and do the washing up now, then make breakfast for both of us when he comes out. 


The virus scan has just finished and I'm still clear of nasties, thankfully, so I can surf the net safely in the knowledge that I won't be infecting anyone or hackers having easy access to my files.


Toodle-pip for now!


Monday 28 March 2022

Steve's tea made...

...last pills of the day taken, so just gotta do some admin on the spreadsheet then I can head to bed when the side effects kick in.


Admin done and I'm still wide awake, so I'll publish this now before I forget again lol  Managed over 11 hours of care for my carer today and he's only cared for me for half an hour while I was making our curry for lunch.  The shopping is due tomorrow morning, then we'll be finishing off the eggs along with a good helping of chips and I/we need to pepper my eggs otherwise I'll get constipated again and we've got chip seasoning to find and use too.  It'll be my first time adding seasonings to food that isn't already cooked, so I hope I use the right amount lol


Steve's enjoying the substituted seeded brown bread and I'd love to give it a go, but I'm predicting that I won't even get a single slice lol

OK, I'm yawning now, so I'm gonna publish this then head to bed I reckon.

Nite nite orl.

Today's (28 March 2022) lunch photo

Other than draining the water and dishing up (which I can't do with pans because of my height), I cooked the curry with Steve just sitting there giving me a bit of a confidence booster.

The flavour was almost too hot to handle, but we both ploughed through with runny noses and my ear pipes were burning too lol

It's fried eggs and chips tomorrow, so that'll be something new for me 'cos of the hob and oven going at the same time... I've only used both at the same time once before I think so I'm gonna need a huge amount of confidence boosting tomorrow, but I wanna push myself and try new things so that's starting tomorrow.  Wednesday and Thursday is just our normal instant soup day so I can do that easily on my own but that's getting off today's curry lol

I really enjoyed the cooking today and it's hopefully set us both up for cooking for the rest of the week too!  I realise that it's not the most fancy cooking in the world, but I only started doing it 6 months ago and I struggled with even a plate of oven chips back then, so I've made huuuuge strides in that time.

We've got "chip seasoning" to go on tomorrows chips, so that'll be another new thing for me to do 'cos I've never used any kind seasoning in my meals so far - we've just put pepper and sauce on after it's been dished up before now, so I know egg 'n' chips is an incredibly simple meal, but I'll be doing things I've got very little to no experience of tomorrow, so please just let me deal with it as best I can?  Please?

Just taken my lunchtime pill and...

...we're definitely having curry for lunch!!!  Yaaaaaaaay!

I was wrong this morning...

...and I'm sorry for my mistake.  I think I said in my first blog post of this morning that the monthly virus scan would take about 6 hours to complete but it's actually finished in about 4 hours so I've got 2 extra hours to sort out my emails now.

Today's Amazon delivery should be here any time around now too, so I'll be able to decant the rice and pasta into the boxes and hopefully be able to fit them in their new, permanent home so that they are off the floor and less likely to be appealing to mice.

We've got a spaghetti holder too that I'll fill with dry spaghetti (obviously) and that will have a permanent home too then.

Since doing most of the cooking now, I've become very tidy in the kitchen and everything needs to be put away in the right place lol

News on 28th March 2022

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28th March 2022

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BEST FRIENDS FOREVER How did Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl meet?


How are you all doing this cold but bright morning?

I'm doing OK, ta for asking.

So far this morning I've remembered not to open my email programmes, started the monthly virus scan, made a hot drink for me an' 'im, taken Steve's last minute rubbish and recycling outside, downloaded, coded and uploaded last weeks FitBit spreadsheet and talking of my FitBit reminded me that I needed to charge up my FitBit too.

Steve's only slept for 95 minutes so far this morning, which is weird for him 'cos he's usually asleep for the best part of 2 hours after I come downstairs.

It pays to be thankful to the rubbish and recycling bods 'cos I've just said good morning to the recycling bod and thanked him and I was the only one in the street who didn't have the recycling boxes, food caddy and paper/card bag thrown back at the house - he was a true gentleman who put everything back together and brought it to the front door for me... didn't cost me a penny and I got special treatment for my appreciation and gratitude 😊

Time to carry on charging up my FitBit, then I'll go and make breakfast when it's finished and the rubbish has been collected... if it's anything like usually happens it'll be gone in about half an hour to an hours time, by which time my FitBit should be pretty much full then I can put my laptop on the floor and go and make Steve's breakfast for him.

The monthly virus scan is currently at 27% which it's done in about an hour and a half, so I'm guessing it'll be done in about 6 hours or so today which is roughly 1.30pm when I'm hoping that we'll have last Tuesday's curry then I'll make today's lunch (tuna and mayonnaise sandwiches) for Steve's tea, so that everything is back on track with the menu again.


I've discovered a box already taking up a space on the kitchen worktop, so I'm hoping that the food boxes that are due today will be able to sit on top of that so that it's immediately obvious how much of each we've got left and might motivate us to use the food before it goes off too!


We've got a grey sugar caddy somewhere in the kitchen that I wanna use to put tomorrow's bag of sugar into so that that's out of the way and unavailble to ants too... gotta find it first though lol

Gonna publish this then take my morning pills and possibly make a start on the news while I'm waiting for the rubbish collectors.

My FitBit has finished charging up already and the virus scan is now at 30% but there's a white van parked right outside our living room window so I won't be able to see the rubbish collectors going down the road until the person walks past the window to take our rubbish, so I won't be able to thank them this week 😞


Sunday 27 March 2022

Nite nite orl

Not as late as I was thinking, but I've started yawning so I'm listening to my body and shutting down for the night now, so I'll see you all in the morning.

Nite nite orl.

Just done the sums and... carer is pretty much wide awake after his tea, so the final weekly caring totals of the quarter look like this:

Me caring for my carer:  90 hours 27 minutes
My carer caring for me:  0 hours 30 minutes

So I'm 2⅔ over the minimum required and my carer is 34½ hours short of the minimum yet again.

I've just just taken my pills but I'm not gonna head to bed just yet otherwise I'll be throwing up and wasting the chips and onion rings... it's gonna be another late night but that's OK 'cos I've officially clocked off for the night now.

Today's (27th March 2022) tea photos

Our plates didn't turn up in time (they are currently 1 stop away) to have curry for lunch and I've only just taken the bread out of the freezer for Steve's tuna mayonnaise sandwiches tomorrow, so we'll have the curry if the bread hasn't defrosted in time or stick to the menu... 


...the plates have literally just turned up and Steve's opening it even though it's addressed to me lol  It means that tomorrow lunch is now curry instead of the sandwiches/soup, so that's OK 'cos it's another thing out of the cupboard then... only 6 days late lol  I'll make the tuna mayo sandwiches for Steve's tea so that I can get rid of another can out of the fridge too and he won't go hungry.  We've got another 3 cans of the soup that's due on Tuesday, so assuming they are in stock there will be 4 cans which makes for easier sums (ie 2 meals instead of 1½ again) but I've got nothing to wait up for now... just gotta wait for as long as possible so that I don't feel too sick when I lay down after eating so late tonight.


Today's tea was delivered by a local Chinese take-away and I had chips and onion rings.

Here are the two photos of my tea:

It's taken all day, but...

...the news on all three sites is now online and I can finish my mug of instant lemon tea without having to concentrate on finding, reading, coding and uploading each bit.  I enjoy it when I get started, it's just the getting started that's the hard bit!

Steve's taken another £50 off what he owes me today, so the total is now under £1500 which is under half of what it was last year, so I'm trying to remain hopeful that the debt'll be cleared soon.

Now that the news has been done for the day, I'm gonna quickly check Facebook, then do the washing up while I wait for my delivery from Amazon.  I've got another one coming tomorrow too lol

Steve's just taken the washing up off my hands, so I've just gotta scrub the hob now.  While Steve was finishing up, I added it to his sheet and totted up the daily and weekly support totals so far:


Today's caring totals:

Me caring for my carer:  10 hours 5 minutes
My carer caring for me:  0 hours 10 minutes

Weekly caring totals:

Me caring for my carer:  90 hours 24 minutes !!!
My carer caring for me:  0 hours 30 minutes

Because my delivery is coming so late, Steve's decided against cooking for either of us, so has ordered a take-away... I bet the take-away and delivery will turn up pretty much together lol  I'm having chips for tea and onion rings for breakfast tomorrow (or tonight if they smell too good to resist) so it's gonna be another late night for me again, but not to worry eh Steve?

Can someone remind me to call my doctors surgery in the morning and book a really short appointment so that I can find out from a professional whether I should believe my clothes size or my eyes and if they say to believe my eyes, can you remind me to find out a safe way to lose the flab around my belly and thighs without losing weight please?  I tried sit-ups and squats before and they did help to get rid of a bit of the flab, but I also lost weight, so I wanna find out a safe way for me to lose the flab without losing weight again.

I've gotta remember that it's the monthly virus scan tomorrow too, so I need to stop myself from opening my email programmes, but the back-ups won't get done until Wednesday, same as normal.

I've only missed one afternoon pill this week, and have refilled the box ready for next week, so I'm all sorted for that... gotta sort the caring spreadsheet out ready for next week before I forget too.

OK, started the second quarter's spreadsheet and brought our tea in - I was wrong about our tea and the Amazon delivery turning up at the same time though 'cos I've already taken a photo of my tea and the delivery isn't even on the map yet!

I'm gonna wait until I've finished my chips before I put the photo up and I'm predicting that the delivery will turn up in the middle of me sorting that instead lol

Gonna go and scoff my tea now.  I'll BBL with the photo... TTFN!

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Just had the Amazon email and...

...the plates aren't due until 4.15pm - 7.15pm so my breakfast will be my only meal today and Steve will be able to have the curry all to himself for his tea.  Again.

We now have...

...the next 5 weeks' menu's sorted, printed and up in the kitchen.  I bet that we won't stick to them most of the time, but at least we can't dither too much about them and I can do most of the cooking of them, it's just the draining and dishing up that I might struggle with.  We are doing considerably better than we were before we started with the menu's though, and there's considerably less food waste now, which is always a good thing.

As long as we mostly stick to them, we'll only have to find £40's worth of groceries each week for things like pop and cheese and snacks and bread and stuff for breakfast.

Tuesday's order is the best part of £50 but there's a lot of freezer stuff on there in preparation for the weeks where we barely buy any groceries.  We figure that if we do it like that - 3 weeks stocking the freezer then using it all up during the next 3 weeks.

I could get used to this lol

Today's (27th March 2022) breakfast photo

Just my usual tropical fruits granola again this morning but I put waaaay too much soya milk on it, but that's OK 'cos I just slurped it up after I'd finished the granola.


It's supposed to be Tuesday's curry at last today, but my carer wants to wait until the delivery has been before he supervises me making it.  Amazon says it's due "before 10pm" and I try not to eat after 4pm 'cos it makes me nauseous when I go to bed, so this could, potentially, be my only meal again today.


If it *is* a late delivery and Steve decides against having any lunch, I'll try a Mango "Squishy" (mango chunks and water pulverised in my smoothie machine) 'cos I'm not sure if there is enough flavour in the mango to be noticeable above the soya milk!


That's the...

...carer fed and wild birds sorted.  I'm wondering if they are using the water to wash in as well as drink from, 'cos I always overfill the bowl of water after I've cleaned it out and the water level was at least a centimetre down from where I left it last time (and every time) and it'd explain why the water turns green so quickly when it hasn't been hot or raining.  Totally OK with me either way, I just wanna do my little bit to help the local wildlife is all!

Time to go and make my own breakfast now.


Mornin' all

How 3-are you all doing on this cold, grey morning?

I completely forgot that our clocks changed to BST so while I thought that I'd had half an hour's extra sleep I'd actually had more than that.  It'll mean that I get up at a more sensible time from now on though - 7.30am instead of 6.30am lol

I've already taken my morning pills and run the virus scan, which was still clear, thankfully.  I'm expecting a delivery of camping plates from Amazon today, so I potentially won't have any lunch again 'cos apparently we're not gonna eat lunch until they turn up, which could be 10pm which is 6 hours too late for me to eat, so I'm potentially gonna have a mango "squishie" for lunch if it's a late delivery slot and Steve can have the entire 2 cans of veggie curry and 2 packets of boil in the bag rice to himself.  Again.


I've gotta change the water in the wild birds' bowl today too, 'cos it's very green again and I don't wanna be responsible for hurting wildlife who just want a drink!


I came up with 3 menu's using the food that is on the next 3 grocery shops that I want Steve's approval of before I print them off and put them up in the kitchen.

I'm gonna go and make our breakfast now and hope that my carer is still awake when I bring it in for him.


Saturday 26 March 2022

Nite nite orl

Over 80 hours of care already this week, so 90 hours is pretty much guaranteed but will be more like 92 or 93 hours I reckon.

I'm off to beddy-byes now though, so I'll say nite nite two ewe orl and I'll see you bright but hopefully not too early tomorrow.

Nite nite orl.

Haven't achieved...

...a whole lot today, and certainly no exercising or even much movement, so why am I so exhaustapayted??

Gonna go and make Steve's tea in a bit, then take my pills so that I can hopefully have an early-ish night tonight.

Today's (26th March 2022) tea photo

I couldn't resist the Pure Heavenly (vegan friendly) bar of orange chocolate that was whispering in my ear lol  Even my hubby who is a total meat-freak is enjoying it.  It's only got 1% sugar in each 30g bar too, so that's diabetic friendly too, right?

Here's the photo:

Today's (26th March 2022) afternoon snack photo

After not having any lunch, I decided I'd best eat something else (besides my breakfast this morning) otherwise I'd end up losing weight when I really don't want or need to, so I'm having chilli rice crackers, Japanese rice crackers and seaweed coated peanuts that Steve got from Amazon yesterday - incredibly high calorie count at 723 calories, but I'd prefer that and have to do some laps next week, rather than losing weight and going hungry!

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It's a good job I had a big breakfast, because...

...we're having a make-do (ie crisps for Steve and nothing for me) lunch today "because we are getting those new plates tomorrow we can Christen them with the curry!" to which I asked "what if they don't come until the evening?" so Steve replied "then we'll have it for tea <shrug>" but it'll be too late for me to eat then, so I'll be going without my fifth lunch yet Steve's eaten 3 meals every day.

Assuming the plates come in time for Steve to have his tea, but too late for me to eat, I will have had a proper lunch (soup) on Tuesday and will have had 3 proper breakfasts (assuming I eat any tomorrow of course) so in 7 days I will have eaten 5 times and Steve will have eaten 21 times in the same 7 days.  I will have made all of his meals and he will have made none of mine.

Is it any wonder that I keep losing weight even though I don't want or need to?  If you're trying to lose weight, come and live with Steve for a week and only barely eat 5 times in those 7 days while you make all 21 of Steve's meals for him.

I've currently cared for my carer for over 72 hours this week and he's only managed 30 minutes in the last 6 days, so there's no possible way for him to make up the missing 34 hours and 30 minutes in the next 35 hours so yet again I'm predicting that I'll have less than an hour of care from him, despite being paid to care for me for 35 hours a week.  I reckon I'll have cared for him for getting on for 90 hours the week and I very much doubt he'll make an hour caring for me, which, considering he tells everyone that he "does everything for her" and that he cares for me for "well over the minimum" his own spreadsheet tells a very different story.

Time to take my lunchtime pill and make his lunch (soup) for him now.  "Why can't you make one for yourself too then?" I hear you ask.  I'm not stable enough on my feet to walk without leaning against walls, so need one of my hands free for that and it just wouldn't be safe enough to go back out and make one for myself too - my legs would give way underneath me and I'd end up on the floor, getting burnt by the soup in the mug and with no way or help to get up, so I'd just prefer not to risk it is all.

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