Monday 21 March 2022


...made my carers breakfast, weighed myself (put on 500g again, so that's OK by me), downloaded the spreadsheet (so I've just gotta code and upload it now) and made a mug of decaff coffee for both of us.  I can't have any breakfast this morning 'cos it just wouldn't be safe after making my carer's toast instead of cereal, so I'll just have to hope that I can motivate my carer to make lunch for us otherwise I'll lose weight instead of putting it on, which I really don't wanna do.

It's supposed to be home-made vegetable soup today, so I hope my carer knows where he's put the hand-held blender otherwise he'll refuse to eat it and expect me to make him a different meal again.  I've just asked him and he says he knows where it is, so we shall see at lunchtime.

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