Wednesday 23 March 2022

I was *seriously* wrong about being wrong lol

The back-ups are still chugging and whirring at 3.11pm!!

The appointment has finished now and I found it really interesting - I just hope that my feedback can help them in future.  It was another confidential thing so I can't say more than that but it was really interesting and I'm glad I was picked for it!

Lunch today is a chunk of mature cheese and maybe an instant soup, if I can find my mug to make it in lol  Steve's happy with just cheese and I'm not hungry any more (even though all I've eaten so far today is that chunk of cheese) but I really should eat *something* so that I don't get ill again... maybe I should have the soup after all?  Apparently we're definitely having yesterday's curry tomorrow which is already making me drool lol  I'm pondering on making myself a bowl of granola instead of the soup and cheese, but I dunno yet... what do you think I should do please?

I've also been approved to read and review a book on Net Galley, so I'll download it and start reading and reviewing it as soon as my backups have finished... it'll keep me out of trouble for a while at least and I hope I can award it more than a single star when I review it lol

Changed my mind about lunch again - a serving of dry roasted peanuts will hopefully see me through to bedtime, but if not, my Graze box came today too, so I can chomp my way through that as well!  Photo of the peanuts will hopefully be my next blog post lol


Only got 2 hours left, to hit my daily 10 hours of care for my carer and he has yet to put in 1 second of care today and the weekly total is still only 15 minutes from him helping to put the groceries away yesterday instead of the 10-15 hours it should be by now!


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