Tuesday 29 March 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this cold, grey morning?

I'm doing OK-ish.  So far this morning I've taken my morning pills, rediscovered a months supply of 3 of them, adjusted the totals of yesterday's spreadsheet for the things I did after I'd shut down my laptop, started the virus scan and had the grocery substitution email - Steve's peppered steak slice is out of stock and has been replaced with a steak and Guiness slice again, but everything else is in stock today, so lets see what the grocery split is like, shall we?

My stuff:  £7.26
Steve's stuff:  £16.63
Joint stuff:  £23.42

So I'm very happy with today's totals and I hope it carries on like this!  We've got loads of freezer stuff this week which will be used up over the next 3 weeks so it's definitely helping to have a menu of each weeks food!


Steve's gone in to the bathroom, so I'm gonna go and do the washing up now, then make breakfast for both of us when he comes out. 


The virus scan has just finished and I'm still clear of nasties, thankfully, so I can surf the net safely in the knowledge that I won't be infecting anyone or hackers having easy access to my files.


Toodle-pip for now!


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