Monday 28 March 2022

I was wrong this morning...

...and I'm sorry for my mistake.  I think I said in my first blog post of this morning that the monthly virus scan would take about 6 hours to complete but it's actually finished in about 4 hours so I've got 2 extra hours to sort out my emails now.

Today's Amazon delivery should be here any time around now too, so I'll be able to decant the rice and pasta into the boxes and hopefully be able to fit them in their new, permanent home so that they are off the floor and less likely to be appealing to mice.

We've got a spaghetti holder too that I'll fill with dry spaghetti (obviously) and that will have a permanent home too then.

Since doing most of the cooking now, I've become very tidy in the kitchen and everything needs to be put away in the right place lol

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