Sunday 27 March 2022

It's taken all day, but...

...the news on all three sites is now online and I can finish my mug of instant lemon tea without having to concentrate on finding, reading, coding and uploading each bit.  I enjoy it when I get started, it's just the getting started that's the hard bit!

Steve's taken another £50 off what he owes me today, so the total is now under £1500 which is under half of what it was last year, so I'm trying to remain hopeful that the debt'll be cleared soon.

Now that the news has been done for the day, I'm gonna quickly check Facebook, then do the washing up while I wait for my delivery from Amazon.  I've got another one coming tomorrow too lol

Steve's just taken the washing up off my hands, so I've just gotta scrub the hob now.  While Steve was finishing up, I added it to his sheet and totted up the daily and weekly support totals so far:


Today's caring totals:

Me caring for my carer:  10 hours 5 minutes
My carer caring for me:  0 hours 10 minutes

Weekly caring totals:

Me caring for my carer:  90 hours 24 minutes !!!
My carer caring for me:  0 hours 30 minutes

Because my delivery is coming so late, Steve's decided against cooking for either of us, so has ordered a take-away... I bet the take-away and delivery will turn up pretty much together lol  I'm having chips for tea and onion rings for breakfast tomorrow (or tonight if they smell too good to resist) so it's gonna be another late night for me again, but not to worry eh Steve?

Can someone remind me to call my doctors surgery in the morning and book a really short appointment so that I can find out from a professional whether I should believe my clothes size or my eyes and if they say to believe my eyes, can you remind me to find out a safe way to lose the flab around my belly and thighs without losing weight please?  I tried sit-ups and squats before and they did help to get rid of a bit of the flab, but I also lost weight, so I wanna find out a safe way for me to lose the flab without losing weight again.

I've gotta remember that it's the monthly virus scan tomorrow too, so I need to stop myself from opening my email programmes, but the back-ups won't get done until Wednesday, same as normal.

I've only missed one afternoon pill this week, and have refilled the box ready for next week, so I'm all sorted for that... gotta sort the caring spreadsheet out ready for next week before I forget too.

OK, started the second quarter's spreadsheet and brought our tea in - I was wrong about our tea and the Amazon delivery turning up at the same time though 'cos I've already taken a photo of my tea and the delivery isn't even on the map yet!

I'm gonna wait until I've finished my chips before I put the photo up and I'm predicting that the delivery will turn up in the middle of me sorting that instead lol

Gonna go and scoff my tea now.  I'll BBL with the photo... TTFN!

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