Sunday 27 March 2022

Today's (27th March 2022) breakfast photo

Just my usual tropical fruits granola again this morning but I put waaaay too much soya milk on it, but that's OK 'cos I just slurped it up after I'd finished the granola.


It's supposed to be Tuesday's curry at last today, but my carer wants to wait until the delivery has been before he supervises me making it.  Amazon says it's due "before 10pm" and I try not to eat after 4pm 'cos it makes me nauseous when I go to bed, so this could, potentially, be my only meal again today.


If it *is* a late delivery and Steve decides against having any lunch, I'll try a Mango "Squishy" (mango chunks and water pulverised in my smoothie machine) 'cos I'm not sure if there is enough flavour in the mango to be noticeable above the soya milk!


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