Sunday 27 March 2022

Mornin' all

How 3-are you all doing on this cold, grey morning?

I completely forgot that our clocks changed to BST so while I thought that I'd had half an hour's extra sleep I'd actually had more than that.  It'll mean that I get up at a more sensible time from now on though - 7.30am instead of 6.30am lol

I've already taken my morning pills and run the virus scan, which was still clear, thankfully.  I'm expecting a delivery of camping plates from Amazon today, so I potentially won't have any lunch again 'cos apparently we're not gonna eat lunch until they turn up, which could be 10pm which is 6 hours too late for me to eat, so I'm potentially gonna have a mango "squishie" for lunch if it's a late delivery slot and Steve can have the entire 2 cans of veggie curry and 2 packets of boil in the bag rice to himself.  Again.


I've gotta change the water in the wild birds' bowl today too, 'cos it's very green again and I don't wanna be responsible for hurting wildlife who just want a drink!


I came up with 3 menu's using the food that is on the next 3 grocery shops that I want Steve's approval of before I print them off and put them up in the kitchen.

I'm gonna go and make our breakfast now and hope that my carer is still awake when I bring it in for him.


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