Tuesday 29 March 2022

Today's (29th March 2022) lunch photo

Just a simple but surprisingly filling lunch today - eggs and chips with plenty of pepper on the eggs and "chip seasoning" on the chips.

We've got a small fruit bread with today's grocery delivery, so we're hopefully gonna polish off a good chunk of it for tea along with soya spread to really send my calorie count through the roof, but that's OK 'cos I was pretty significantly under the calorie budget yesterday, so if I have a couple of slices of the fruit bread and a serving of the soya spread on each slice, that'll hopefully make up for the calories I was under yesterday... mind you, Steve's medical appointment is tomorrow instead of Thursday this week, so we are pondering on having it for lunch then either instead of or as well as the soup that's on the menu for tomorrow and Thursday.

Here's today's lunch photo a couple of hours late:

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