Monday 28 March 2022


How are you all doing this cold but bright morning?

I'm doing OK, ta for asking.

So far this morning I've remembered not to open my email programmes, started the monthly virus scan, made a hot drink for me an' 'im, taken Steve's last minute rubbish and recycling outside, downloaded, coded and uploaded last weeks FitBit spreadsheet and talking of my FitBit reminded me that I needed to charge up my FitBit too.

Steve's only slept for 95 minutes so far this morning, which is weird for him 'cos he's usually asleep for the best part of 2 hours after I come downstairs.

It pays to be thankful to the rubbish and recycling bods 'cos I've just said good morning to the recycling bod and thanked him and I was the only one in the street who didn't have the recycling boxes, food caddy and paper/card bag thrown back at the house - he was a true gentleman who put everything back together and brought it to the front door for me... didn't cost me a penny and I got special treatment for my appreciation and gratitude 😊

Time to carry on charging up my FitBit, then I'll go and make breakfast when it's finished and the rubbish has been collected... if it's anything like usually happens it'll be gone in about half an hour to an hours time, by which time my FitBit should be pretty much full then I can put my laptop on the floor and go and make Steve's breakfast for him.

The monthly virus scan is currently at 27% which it's done in about an hour and a half, so I'm guessing it'll be done in about 6 hours or so today which is roughly 1.30pm when I'm hoping that we'll have last Tuesday's curry then I'll make today's lunch (tuna and mayonnaise sandwiches) for Steve's tea, so that everything is back on track with the menu again.


I've discovered a box already taking up a space on the kitchen worktop, so I'm hoping that the food boxes that are due today will be able to sit on top of that so that it's immediately obvious how much of each we've got left and might motivate us to use the food before it goes off too!


We've got a grey sugar caddy somewhere in the kitchen that I wanna use to put tomorrow's bag of sugar into so that that's out of the way and unavailble to ants too... gotta find it first though lol

Gonna publish this then take my morning pills and possibly make a start on the news while I'm waiting for the rubbish collectors.

My FitBit has finished charging up already and the virus scan is now at 30% but there's a white van parked right outside our living room window so I won't be able to see the rubbish collectors going down the road until the person walks past the window to take our rubbish, so I won't be able to thank them this week 😞


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