Saturday 19 March 2022

Mornin' all

Looks like I'm not having breakfast again today 'cos my carer has just said "you know that horrible, thick, brown, phlemy stuff I brought up the other day?" which has really put me off eating anything until at least lunchtime, so it looks like I'll be going hungry this morning and I may not be eating at lunchtime either if the sandwich toaster lid is too high for me to reach, so today is potentially a calorie free day today, unfortunately.

I've made myself a caffeinated coffee though, so hopefully I won't throw that up, but it could, potentially, be the only calories I have today.

Just popped my morning pills and am pondering on squirting the B12 spray already this morning, just to make sure I've got enough in my body to see me through the next few hours.  Do I need to though, considering I've just taken a multivitamin and a vitamin B complex pill that have both got oodles of B12 already in them??


Woops!  I wrote that up there ⮙⮙ 2 hours ago and obviously forgot to publish it.

In those two hours I've sorted out some admin on a forum, set up a new email address and made a start on the three sets of news I do every morning while waiting for my carer to wake up so that I can go and make his breakfast for him.

I'm gonna publish this now, before I forget again lol

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