Tuesday 29 March 2022

That's the...

...food on the counter documented and I've got a 4 page list of all our food (but no drinks, other than hot drink jars and boxes) and I'm hoping to keep a closer eye on it from now on.  The counter is already more organised and I can see and reach all the spices now and other than the fresh lemons, I'm all sorted for the cold season with the runny honey too.

There's a barely touched tub of chocolate milkshake powder that I rediscovered too, so I'll be able to make myself some soya chocolate milkshakes now as a difference that's cheaper and more appropriate to my tastes than the one I've been getting litre cartons of up to now - especially as I'm used to the strong flavour of soya milk now!

Gonna go and do the washing up then make myself half a litre of chocolate milkshake lol

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