Tuesday 22 March 2022

Today's (22nd March 2022) lunch photo

I know that you may not understand why I'm so proud of cooking a can of soup (2 is the actual number of cans I cooked) but I not only cooked it but I cautiously managed to slop it into the two bowls too!  I've never felt able to do that before (although apparently I did it with Steve's chicken curry the other day too) and it's boosted my confidence that I'll be able to do it again too!

It was Heinz plant protein chickpea soup and it was gorgeous!  Very very thick with huge chunks of vegetables in it and could have done with a heavily spreaded chunk of crusty bread to go with it - definitely a comfort food or something to have when you just can't be bothered to cook a proper meal and it had a kick of spice to it too, so maybe not wise to have after a heavy night at the pub but it'll be a regular thing on our grocery orders from now on!

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