Wednesday 30 March 2022

Looks like... breakfast was my only meal again today then 'cos Steve just wanted the bread and spread for his lunch and my legs are feeling too wobbly to stand up for long enough to make myself my soup for lunch, so today's calories are coming from the granola, soya milk and 2 drinking chocolates today which have sent my calorie count through the roof but the granola is gonna be the only solid thing in my belly and I've gotta save the bread for Steve's tea tonight and his lunch and tea tomorrow, so he'll have got through 2 loaves of bread all bar the two slices I had last week, but as long as he's fed and doesn't go hungry or thirsty then that's all that matters seemingly.

I'm just grateful that the drinking chocolate is over 500 calories per mug so that I'm over budget without eating very much today.

When the delivery has turned up I'll go and make a start on the first part of the product test.  This one can be made public straight away, I've just gotta remember to put it onto my Instagram account with the appropriate hash tags and link to the appropriate pages I've put it on is all.

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