Tuesday 22 March 2022

That's the...

...groceries been and gone, we can't fit any more into the fridge and I'm just waiting for my Amazon delivery to turn up with my spoons that are hopefully a better size for stirring my 500ml mug lol  The delivery is due between now and 2pm so we'll be having a late lunch today and I've got 3 ready-made pasta salads to keep me going on Sunday, when Steve has his chicken and mashed potato.

We'll be pretty much at the bottom of our big freezer if we can stick to our menu this week, so we can put in a bulk shop at Iceland to refill it 'cos Iceland do more frozen stuff in better sizes than Morrisons 'cos they concentrate mostly on frozen stuff whereas Morrisons do a bit of everything.

The menu's are definitely helping, now that I'm doing the cooking and it helps to know what we've got available too.  It annoys Steve that I update the list of available food every time we eat, but it's better that than overstocking the big freezer, fridge and cupboard with food that we forget about and then it goes out of date before we use it.

I've got enough milk now to make a pretty big dent in the granola this week and I'll be able to have a smoothie too when I've taken the mango chunks out of the freezer.

We're definitely eating a lot better than we did at the start of the year and we're using what we're buying too, thankfully, instead of buying it with good intentions then not doing anything with it in reality and relying on take-aways 5 days a week.

I'm enjoying doing the cooking - it's just the spitting fat from the garlic mushrooms and dishing up anything that isn't solely in the oven (I can do chips and onion rings and things like that, but I can't mix and dish up pasta and sauce for example).

We've got vegan spaghetti bolognaise on the 8th to finish up the bag of vegemince and we've got egg and chips at the start of next week so that we can finish off the eggs... there's a lot of liquid starting tomorrow though 'cos of the instant soups and OXO drinks lol

Steve's still up for doing the curry after my delivery has arrived, I just hope he can maintain that motivation for the next couple of hours is all.  I'm all up for doing the actual cooking again, it really is just the dishing up that I don't feel physically able to do yet 'cos of my height and lack of strength - it wasn't so long ago that I couldn't do any of it though, so I've just gotta take things slowly, carefully and safely is all.

It'll be time for my lunchtime pill soon and I'm predicting that my delivery will turn up as soon as I've popped the pill into my mouth and taken a gulp of my squash lol

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