Saturday 26 March 2022

It's a good job I had a big breakfast, because...

...we're having a make-do (ie crisps for Steve and nothing for me) lunch today "because we are getting those new plates tomorrow we can Christen them with the curry!" to which I asked "what if they don't come until the evening?" so Steve replied "then we'll have it for tea <shrug>" but it'll be too late for me to eat then, so I'll be going without my fifth lunch yet Steve's eaten 3 meals every day.

Assuming the plates come in time for Steve to have his tea, but too late for me to eat, I will have had a proper lunch (soup) on Tuesday and will have had 3 proper breakfasts (assuming I eat any tomorrow of course) so in 7 days I will have eaten 5 times and Steve will have eaten 21 times in the same 7 days.  I will have made all of his meals and he will have made none of mine.

Is it any wonder that I keep losing weight even though I don't want or need to?  If you're trying to lose weight, come and live with Steve for a week and only barely eat 5 times in those 7 days while you make all 21 of Steve's meals for him.

I've currently cared for my carer for over 72 hours this week and he's only managed 30 minutes in the last 6 days, so there's no possible way for him to make up the missing 34 hours and 30 minutes in the next 35 hours so yet again I'm predicting that I'll have less than an hour of care from him, despite being paid to care for me for 35 hours a week.  I reckon I'll have cared for him for getting on for 90 hours the week and I very much doubt he'll make an hour caring for me, which, considering he tells everyone that he "does everything for her" and that he cares for me for "well over the minimum" his own spreadsheet tells a very different story.

Time to take my lunchtime pill and make his lunch (soup) for him now.  "Why can't you make one for yourself too then?" I hear you ask.  I'm not stable enough on my feet to walk without leaning against walls, so need one of my hands free for that and it just wouldn't be safe enough to go back out and make one for myself too - my legs would give way underneath me and I'd end up on the floor, getting burnt by the soup in the mug and with no way or help to get up, so I'd just prefer not to risk it is all.

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