Wednesday 23 March 2022

Weekly virus scan...

...finished and 4 potential viruses found in OneDrive, so it has automatically quarantined them for me and I've already started the backups, so they've got 4 hours to run in before I need to ideally open my email programme.  No great shakes if it's still going then though, 'cos I can use the online version of the necessary programme instead of the installed one on my machine which is a relief.  I've already plugged my headphones in, I seem to need to do a quick tech check of my webcam and microphone before I use it, which is fair enough, I just need to be there a little bit before to check that it's all systems go is all.

I won't be saving any documents or opening any programmes before the backups have finished, so there potentially won't be any news today, depending on how long it takes the backups to finish off.

I've already guzzled my way through 1.5 litres of Diet Coke™ this morning and my throat is still parched, which Steve reckons is to do with the sweeteners in it instead of the caffeine, but that's OK 'cos it's not often I guzzle big brands like Coca-Cola™ and I've already got a 2 litre bottle of Morrisons own brand pop that I'm seriously loving the taste of... dare I say that I love it more than Cherryade and Dr Pepper™?

I'm gonna fill up my glass with the pop and make a start on the news and hope that I don't mess things up too badly if I finish the news ready for uploading before the backups have finished.  Fingers crossed 🤞 it just uses what I've already copied this morning, rather than what I'm saving after the backups have started.  I won't be saving the document until I'm ready to upload, just in case though!

As predicted, I finished off Steve's breakfast for him... he only left one slice and ate three though so he's well into the red with his calories already 'cos the spread I used is very nearly 700 calories each serving and he had 3 servings so that's already 2100 calories, plus the 3 slices of bread (at 95 calories each slice) takes his calorie count up to almost 2400 calories, and that's without the bottle of orange juice too!  Let's use the calories from the orange juice to account for the slight rounding up that I've already done, so 2400 calories before 9am and he's still got instant soup to have for his lunch and his tea to have too!  No wonder he's obese after eating so many calories and literally only leaving his chair to use the bathroom and occasionally supervise me cooking!

I need another wee myself now, so I'm gonna publish this then make a start on the news.


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