Wednesday 30 March 2022

That's the back-ups done...

...and Steve's had two lunches today as well as his breakfast, but I haven't eaten anything since I had anything since my breakfast (other than 3 very high calorie drinking chocolates) and my delivery is due any time now, so I won't be eating anything else yet again today, but Steve's eaten three times and had 3 hot drinks, so that's all that matters, right?  He'll want his tea in a few hours too, so he'll have eaten four times by the time I head to bed, compared to my once, but that doesn't seem to matter to anyone, as long as Steve eats, drinks and can claim credit for doing it (I've been called a liar when I've corrected him so I've learnt to keep my mouth shut now and just let him keep on lieing to his family and medical bods and anyone else who asks/assumes).  


I've got proof that he cares for me for under 2 hours a week and he's been keeping a spreadsheet that proves it too.  I've also got proof that I frequently care for him for over 85 hours a week but apparently I'm lieing about that too <shrug>

Basically he's recognised and paid as my carer for caring for me for under 10% of the 35 hours he claims he does and I'm unpaid, unrecognised and called a liar for caring for him for considerably more than double the required minimum <shrug>

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