Sunday 27 March 2022

We now have...

...the next 5 weeks' menu's sorted, printed and up in the kitchen.  I bet that we won't stick to them most of the time, but at least we can't dither too much about them and I can do most of the cooking of them, it's just the draining and dishing up that I might struggle with.  We are doing considerably better than we were before we started with the menu's though, and there's considerably less food waste now, which is always a good thing.

As long as we mostly stick to them, we'll only have to find £40's worth of groceries each week for things like pop and cheese and snacks and bread and stuff for breakfast.

Tuesday's order is the best part of £50 but there's a lot of freezer stuff on there in preparation for the weeks where we barely buy any groceries.  We figure that if we do it like that - 3 weeks stocking the freezer then using it all up during the next 3 weeks.

I could get used to this lol

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