Tuesday 29 March 2022

Just done...

...a tiny bit of rearranging in the kitchen.

I moved the boxes with the Chocochino pods for our Dolce Gusto machine over to where the spice rack, jars of coffee and salt were, slid the spice rack into the new space and put the coffee and salt in front of it.  We're more likely to use the spices than the Dolce Gusto machine and I can now reach them and hopefully get inspired to use them more now.

Just a minor rearrangement, but it made sense to make use of the opportunity of having Steve's seat out of the way when I got the glasses out of the cupboard for us to have half a bottle of Lipton Peach ice tea each.  It tastes even better out of a glass rather than the plastic bottle lol

I'm inspired to list all the things on the counter on the "available food" document now too so that it's completely accurate and I can tidy up a bit more while I'm doing it too, now that I have a bit of motivation to do it!

Wish me luck!

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