Friday 25 March 2022

Lunch was...

...absolutely disgusting!

I've been vegetarian since I was 11 years old (so 33 years) and I've just tried my first ever vegetarian OXO as a drink.

I literally had one sip and the flavour of meat (beef??) was so strong that I almost threw up.

Looks like todays calories are gonna come from this morning's granola then 'cos I won't be able to eat anything else today because of my body rebelling at the flavour and making me feel incredibly nauseous.  A very different kind of nausea to the allergen nausea, but I seriously hope I don't throw up otherwise I'll have the flavour of meat as well as spew in my mouth and I'll be even less willing to drink anything other than water then!

It's curry tomorrow (assuming I feel up to it by then of course) and Steve's got his breaded chicken fillet things on Sunday so if I'm still feeling too icky to eat tomorrow then I reckon I'll have lost rather than maintained my weight on Monday so I'll have to work even harder to gain weight next week.

That's another thing that I know I can't have now though, unfortunately.

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