Sunday 27 March 2022

Today's (27th March 2022) tea photos

Our plates didn't turn up in time (they are currently 1 stop away) to have curry for lunch and I've only just taken the bread out of the freezer for Steve's tuna mayonnaise sandwiches tomorrow, so we'll have the curry if the bread hasn't defrosted in time or stick to the menu... 


...the plates have literally just turned up and Steve's opening it even though it's addressed to me lol  It means that tomorrow lunch is now curry instead of the sandwiches/soup, so that's OK 'cos it's another thing out of the cupboard then... only 6 days late lol  I'll make the tuna mayo sandwiches for Steve's tea so that I can get rid of another can out of the fridge too and he won't go hungry.  We've got another 3 cans of the soup that's due on Tuesday, so assuming they are in stock there will be 4 cans which makes for easier sums (ie 2 meals instead of 1½ again) but I've got nothing to wait up for now... just gotta wait for as long as possible so that I don't feel too sick when I lay down after eating so late tonight.


Today's tea was delivered by a local Chinese take-away and I had chips and onion rings.

Here are the two photos of my tea:

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