Thursday 24 March 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

Yet again I was denied an early night 'cos my carer wanted his tea first, then fell asleep before he ate it, so I didn't get to bed until after 9pm last night and put in 13 hours and 47 minutes of care so I'm on track for going over 85 hours again this week and my carer has still only put in 15 minutes of care on Tuesday.  If he supervises me with the curry today then it'll take the total care by my carer to under an hour for the week and I doubt I'll hit 2 hours of care this week instead of the minimum required 35 hours.  


I've just remembered that he made a bottle of squash for me so it's currently 20 minutes of care this week, with 48 possible hours to go, so he'd have to care for me for over 8½ hours every day from now until bedtime on Sunday to get anywhere near the absolute minimum required, which just ain't gonna happen.  


Even if he makes a roast dinner and does the washing up and making 5 or 6 hot drinks for me every day will still only be a maximum of 3 hours a day and we ain't got any food in for a roast dinner, so it would be a maximum of half an hour for each meal and I don't eat in the evenings, so that's a maximum of an hour, twice a day, plus half an hour per drink (that only actually takes 6 or 7 minutes but I'm trying to increase his caring hours) so that's a total of 5½ hours a day, so he's still be 3 hours short and the reality is that he won't actually do anything for the rest of the week, except possibly one more bottle of squash and supervising me today if I'm lucky.

Dunno where that rant suddenly came from lol

He's putting his pills into his pill box now and commented "I've only done my anti-depressants and painkillers for the rest of the week and it's already wiped me out!" even though all he's done is sit in his chair and pop pills out of their packets!

Onto other things now though, I remembered to restart the backups and the daily virus scan has already finished, so time to pop my morning pills now.

While I was clearing out the spare room I found a few 90's VHS tapes that nobody wanted on Freegle so I put them on Olio instead and they've been on there for about 10 days but someone has said, overnight, they want them so I've just gotta arrange a time with her to pick them up now!  Fingers crossed they will be gone by the weekend and I can sort out a bit more of the spare room then!


OK, pills taken and the backups are past where they were yesterday, so I'm gonna wait until they've finished, put the external hard drive away, then go and make my carer's breakfast for him.  I'm gonna have breakfast too, today.  According to this week's menu we'll be having vegetable OXO drinks for lunch tomorrow and Saturday then on Sunday Steve's having chicken and mixed veg and I'm having nothing again, so might make myself an instant soup so that I can get at least a few calories into me.

The backups are at 96% and 98% with a couple of minutes to go, so hopefully they will be sorted soon after I've published this blog post, which is already waaay too long 😆

One of 'em has just finished and the other one has got under 3 minutes to go, so I'm gonna publish this then hopefully be able to put the external hard drive away so that I can go and make both of our breakfasts.


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