Monday 28 March 2022

Today's (28 March 2022) lunch photo

Other than draining the water and dishing up (which I can't do with pans because of my height), I cooked the curry with Steve just sitting there giving me a bit of a confidence booster.

The flavour was almost too hot to handle, but we both ploughed through with runny noses and my ear pipes were burning too lol

It's fried eggs and chips tomorrow, so that'll be something new for me 'cos of the hob and oven going at the same time... I've only used both at the same time once before I think so I'm gonna need a huge amount of confidence boosting tomorrow, but I wanna push myself and try new things so that's starting tomorrow.  Wednesday and Thursday is just our normal instant soup day so I can do that easily on my own but that's getting off today's curry lol

I really enjoyed the cooking today and it's hopefully set us both up for cooking for the rest of the week too!  I realise that it's not the most fancy cooking in the world, but I only started doing it 6 months ago and I struggled with even a plate of oven chips back then, so I've made huuuuge strides in that time.

We've got "chip seasoning" to go on tomorrows chips, so that'll be another new thing for me to do 'cos I've never used any kind seasoning in my meals so far - we've just put pepper and sauce on after it's been dished up before now, so I know egg 'n' chips is an incredibly simple meal, but I'll be doing things I've got very little to no experience of tomorrow, so please just let me deal with it as best I can?  Please?

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