Tuesday, 19 January 2021

From Facebook...

This is gonna be me this year - as of 1st January 2021 ('cos it was my New Years resolution) I'm gonna start saying "no" and finding out who my real friends are.

News for 19th January 2021

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19th January 2021

Celebrating 200 years of friendship
The Value of Female Friendships
The Rise & Fall Of Selena Gomez's Friendship With Demi Lovato

I've taken my pills, done the first news of the day and made an appointment...

...at my GP surgery for Thursday morning.  I've just put the emersion heater on and I hope beyond hope that Steve doesn't turn the hot tap on before I've had my bath, or it'll be tepid again.  Although, if Steve admits he has overnight, then I'll have a shower and wash my hair instead.  Maybe I should do that anyway though?  My hair is greasy and I won't need to shave tomorrow, so maybe I should have a shower instead of a bath anyway?


Monday, 18 January 2021

Sorry for the radio silence all day today...

...there just hasn't been much going on and I've only just finished with the news.  I've remembered to take all my pills and was going to study a couple of single module courses, but I think I deserve an early night so that I can recover and prepare for a busy day tomorrow.  Hopefully all the news will be sorted well before 7pm then 🙄 👍 🤣

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Decided which course to take this afternoon...

...the 'English for Career Development' one I reckon.


Steve's just put the eggs into the pan so there's, to quote Steve "about 5 minutes, I reckon" until lunch is ready, so I'm gonna publish this then put my laptop on the floor in preparation.

News sorted, exercise spreadsheet sorted, so now...

...the rest of the day is all mine to do what I want with.  I'm thinking that I'll start studying after we've eaten and I'll go from the top (oldest) down to the bottom (newest) courses... or maybe an Alison course so that I can get the silver medal this week❓

Taken my pills, invested in more courses, nothing interesting in the 2 sets of news so far...

...so just gotta see if there's any news for my navigation site now.  The virus scan has finished and I'm still free of nasties, thankfully.


The rubbish and recycling are out for this week so the rest of the day is mine when I've got the last set of news of the day coded and uploaded.  Might try and study again... dunno for sure yet though.


Had sugarry porride for brekkie and Steve reckons it'll be fried eggs and hash browns for lunch 👍

Saturday, 16 January 2021

That's the studying done for today...

...but I only just passed the end of course assessment - the passing score was 80% and I scored 80% 😌

Gonna take a few surveys, then it's time for my last pills of the day and then hopefully an early night.

Taken my pills, phoned up about the boxes and apparently...

...I was "a right mardy arse" on the phone because I was told that the boxes that Morrisons left here on Wednesday and the driver promised he would pick up later that day, but never returned so Steve phoned their Head Office yesterday and was promised that they would be picked up yesterday, but again they weren't, so I've just called them and was told it'd be Monday now, so I've taken the boxes outside and if they are stolen then it's not my fault.


Time to get the news sorted on my sites now and Steve's just said that our lunch'll be "not sausage rolls" again, instead of the lasagne, chips and veg he promised me yesterday.  When that's done, I'll start studying again... as long as it's not too late in the day.

Friday, 15 January 2021

I was wrong about lunch...

...we're not having lasagne's for lunch today after all, but we will be tomorrow along with chips and frozen veg (if we can find the bag in the freezer).  I'm gonna finish my drink that Steve's made then go and make myself a zoop and a few slices of bread and butter to go with it.


Had a gorgeously relaxing, hot, bubble bath and remembered to...

...thank Steve for not using up all the hot water this time.  We've agreed that when the hot water is on, I'll have my bath first then there will still be plenty of hot water left for Steve to wash with, instead of Steve washing and only leaving enough hot water in the emersion heater for a tepid bath for me.


It sounds like Steve's put the kettle on for a hot drink for us and I'm hoping we'll have the lasagne's for lunch 🤤  Gonna make a start on the news before then though  😉


Taken my pills, checked my emails and forum, sooo...

...just gotta do the news on each of the three sites, then I'll have a hopefully hot bath for the first time since the end of last year.  Keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 that the hot water is still hot and hasn't been used by Steve again overnight this time❗

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Achieved a lot today!

Despite not coming downstairs before 8am 🕗 I still managed to take all my pills, have my breakfast, do my exercises, sort out the news for two of the three sites (there wasn't any for the third site), had my lunch then spent the afternoon and evening studying  Managed to score 86% on the end of course test, with Steve's help.  


I've updated my navigation page with the certificate, pondering on an OpenLearn course tomorrow now that they've added so many new courses that I wanna take - haven't decided which one to start on yet though... which one do you reckon I should take tomorrow❓  Leave me a comment in reply to this blog post to let me know❓  Please❓


I've taken my last two pills, so I'm off to beddy-byes now... nite nite orl.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

That's the groceries delivered 2 hours early and the driver...

...couldn't have been less helpful if he'd tried.


Neither could Steve.


It's all sorted for another week now though and I've decided that as of now, Steve gets credit for everything and I get the blame without complaint or ranting or anything... Steve will be the golden boy who doesn't put a foot wrong and I'm always to blame for everything that goes wrong.


I've taken all my day-time pills and I've now just gotta stop shaking for long enough to go for a wee without my legs giving way underneath me.  Again.


Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Book Review: "Cuttle: a novel" by Chelsea Britain

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5


 I'm really enjoying this book so far... was worried that it'd be a bit nerdy after the first page, but I was sooo wrong.  Gonna keep reading with interest and hope it doesn't get nerdier, but it seems good so far!

Chapter 2 was almost entirely nerdy, so maybe I wasn't wrong after all?

Chapter 3 saved me knocking off a star... I loved reading this chapter,  but it's time for my pills and chapter 4 now - BBS.

Yep, chapter 4 guarantees the fifth star... for the moment at least!  I'm gonna read one more chapter then head to bed for the night, then re-start reading it when I come back down here at 5am while I'm waiting for the hubby to wake up lol

Had a late start this morning, but I'm back now and getting confused betweeen all of the characters... at least I know why the main character avoids fish now though!

Oooooh!  Now we're getting somewhere!  It's like the author has finally found their muse and they're enjoying writing the novel now.

I didn't see the end of chapter 16 coming at all!

So proud of you, Nora!  I'm wondering what'll happen in the last ten pages though lol

What a great way to end the book... not sure why the 'Discussion' part is there right at the end though - is it used as some kind of educational thing or something?  That would certainly explain the heavy use of fish throughout the book and especially in the early chapters!  All in all (other than that early chapter) a very very good read that richly deserves all five stars!

No news today, but...

...that means I can finish off reading the book from last night.  It was mostly really good yesterday, so I'm hoping that'll continue today and I'll have the review up on here and my homepage by the time I head to bed tonight.


Monday, 11 January 2021

90% right over 3 courses

Not too bad at all... got one question wrong on the first course, two wrong on the second but every single question right on the third course, so I reckon I'm gonna leave it there, so that I can end on a high note.

Catchup on my day so far...

Afternoon all.


I've run the daily virus scan, taken all my day-time pills, re-started my morning squats in the hall (gotta remember to re-start my sit-ups and leg raises again tonight), had me breakfast and lunch, done the three lots of news and now I'm gonna catch up on my emails and Facebook then spend the rest of the afternoon studying again.  


Gonna sort out our grocery order first though 'cos there's just not enough room in the freezer atm❗ 🙄🤣

News for 11th January 2021

Just a single but totally worth the read news article today:


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11th January 2021

What it's like to grow up on one of Birmingham's poorest council estates - Amanda's comment: What an amazing, feel-good story! If only more council estates were like this was, then there could be so much more achieved and so much less stigma surrounding it!

Friday, 8 January 2021

My Facebook rant this evening

 Steve has said to take the following rant off of Facebook and put it on here, so here goes:

As of now, I'm determined to be less nieve (sp?) and trusting. I will treat you how you treated me the previous year and if you don't like the way that I'm treating you, maybe you should look at how you treated me the previous year.

I'm happy to lend you money, but I'm not going to go into debt and I won't lend you a penny until you've paid back what I've already lent you.

I'm also happy to support you when you need it... but only if you've also supported me.

I'm still happy to talk to those who are suicidal at 3am and who have woken me up because they can't cope any more - but only if they have previously done that for me. I was suicidal numerous times last year, but not one single person realised or seemed to care.

I will never break your trust in me, even though you have broken mine in you, often several times. Your secrets will always be safe with me, even though mine aren't safe with you.

I will only be getting gifts for those who have got me gifts the previous year and I will use the gifts you get me for myself instead of for the house from now on. I appreciate every gift I receive, but not when I spend many hundreds of pounds on gifts for people throughout the year only for them to thank my husband or not even say thank you at all.

My 2 Yule gifts in 2020 were Amazon vouchers thanks to Chris and my mum. I spent Chris' voucher on things for Steve to use in the kitchen and because my mum addressed the other voucher to Steve and he couldn't buy gift vouchers with a voucher, I got a £10 ring and he took the credit for it even though he used my mum's voucher for it... the rest of it went on things for him (60 packets of crisps, family sized bars of dark chocolate that he knows I don't like, a box of batteries for his remote controls and a set of mixing bowls).

"Please" and "thank you" are free, as are requesting things... don't just assume that I'm willing to do something because I've done it in the past. Don't just send me an email with a deadline to do it for you by... I'm doing you a favour and I will do it when *I'm* able to do it, not by your deadline. Don't promise that I'll do something for someone else before you've even asked me if I'm willing to do it for you and them.

If I get you a gift, pay close attention to the tag - if my name is the only one it's from then I'm the only one who is responsible for it and it has come out of my money and was me thinking of you. In 2019 and again last year, Steve was thanked for every gift given to his family, but he only had input into one of them, so I gave him credit on that gift, but none of the others - your gift was as much of a surprise to him as it was to you. The only exception to that is our nephews - I put Steve's name on them to save Andrew and Jacki the uncomfortable explanation about why "Uncle Steve" isn't on there too.

I pay for the groceries and electric, but Steve gets credit for it.

I'm fed up of putting myself last and it's going to stop as of now. I'm not going to live like I'm worthless any more because I'm not and it stops right now. If you don't like that then block or unfriend me, but if you don't and don't like how I treat you this year, then maybe you should ask yourself why I'm treating you that way, then re-read this post.

Mornin' all!

I've taken my pills, caught up with emails and the forum, about to have a read through Facebook then I'll get on with the first news of 2021 and be able to, in theory, have my first solid meal of the year for lunch too, if the mixing bowls that Steve ordered yesterday turn up in time.


He used the voucher that my mum sent for both of us to get things just for him so far and I used C's voucher for kitchen things that he's been using ever since... the last thing I bought for myself was a bra (that was under a tenner, including delivery) at the start of October and literally everything else has been for Steve, yet he's had no problem spending the entire voucher that my mum sent for both of us totally on himself.  I'm totally fed up of him being so selfish, but there's nothing I can do about it without being sighed at and accused of being "arsey".  


It's the same with groceries and the electricity and hot water too.  I pay Steve for the electricity every month, yet he gets the credit for it because the account is in his name.  I've told him so many times that the groceries "can't be a penny over £45 a week otherwise I'll go overdrawn" yet it frequently is and the majority of it is his stuff (on average £38 of the £45 is meat and dairy that I can't have) and all that is mine is 8 bottles of pop and a couple of boxes of instant soup a week in November and January, but he still expects me to take things off my very limited groceries each week, so that he can add more of his own stuff.

I'm paying for the electricity so turn off things that aren't being used, yet Steve's got an electric chair and leaves his laptop on 24/7 even when he's asleep or out of the house.  I leave my laptop for longer than 12 hours a day once a month when I run the deep virus scan.

Then there's the water.  It's an emersion heater that apparently uses up a significant amount of electricity to heat the water, so it's turned off now.  I turned it on, with Steve's full knowledge, on 23rd December so that I could have a hot bath on 24th December in preparation for going over to see his family on Christmas Day.  I eagerly ran the bath and got in, but the water was barely tepid for some reason, so I shivered through a very quick, rapidly cooling bath, then got out and got dressed.  Steve commented on the speed of it and asked if I'd had a good bath.  I explained that the water was barely tepid for some reason and he admitted that he'd done the washing up with hot water at 4am but had assumed that it would have heated up by the time I came to have my bath.

He's got a delivery coming today but seems to assume I'll answer the door when it comes, yet he's my registered carer, not the other way around.

I'm so fuckin' fed up of it, I really am.


I'm gonna lable each ranty blog post from now on so that you can avoid them if you want to, or read them with interest if you're nosey 😜.

Thursday, 7 January 2021

That's JanNo over with for another year.

I've written Mitzi's biography this year, so it's not a novel so doesn't really count, but it was something I needed to do for me this year and I'm not gonna make it public, just send it to those who knew Mitzi IRL and want to have a read is all.  It was a personal project that will never be seen by Jo Public.  I'm hoping to write the 50k words in 30 days later on in the year, I need to plan it out first though and that one will be written with the intention of getting it published... I need to be selfish until then though.

As of tomorrow, I'll be back to daily posts and news and studying and stuff... gonna spend the rest of today catching up on the last week that I've ignored.